Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 368

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Nowadays, the war situation is becoming more and more unfavorable for the monster race. If Monster Saint Qian Qu still has no Possession, Emperor Xinghe is afraid that it will be crushed into powder, just look at it has become Possession into ‘3 Heavenly Layer centipede Monster King’ Rage.

“Reporting to Emperor.” Monster Saint Qian Qu respects 10000 points, “Karmic Blood Curse, in addition to having a profound knowledge in causal lineage, it also needs at least 5th-layer monster strength to perform. I now just Possession into 3rd-layer Monster King, blindly entering Human World, can’t play any role. Instead, he sneaks in from the World Gate, which is easy to expose and may be intercepted by humans. So I thought, first cultivate to the threshold near the ‘4th-layer Monster King’, and then sneak into Human World, as soon as you enter, you can immediately revert to the body of the 4th-layer Monster King. With the body of the 4th-layer Monster King … and my own realm, I can also play the strength of the titled King Daemon, so it is safer to sneak in. “

Emperor Xinghe slightly nodded.

Although Monster Saint Qian Qu is afraid of death, Emperor Xinghe can agree with this statement.

“When can I go to Human World?” Emperor Xinghe asked.

“Subordinate can cultivating to 4th-layer Monster King within one year. You will immediately enter Human World when you approach the threshold. After that, I believe that you can revert to 5th-layer within 5 years.” Monster Saint Qian Qu said .

“Too slow.”

Emperor Xinghe frowned.

“This is, after all, Possession’s new fleshly body, and primordial spirit needs to adapt gradually.” Monster Saint Qian Qu whispered, haste brings no success, although it would be good if I wanted to reach 5th-layer tomorrow, but I had to eat a bite.

“This bottle of ‘Yuan Spiritual Blood and Qi’ is for you.” Emperor Xinghe flipped out his hand and took out a black jade bottle. The jade bottle flew out and flew to Monster Saint Qian Qu.

Monster Saint Qian Qu overjoyed.

Yuan Spiritual Blood and Qi?

After Possession, the process of strength recovery is actually a process where primordial spirit and fleshly body fit together.

Constantly cultivating fleshly body makes the fleshly body and primordial spirit more consistent, and the strength will continue to increase. It can be restored to the level of Monster Saint. The general fit is more than 99%. You can achieve an absolute fit of “ten percent”. Hope for Tribulation Realm Supreme is much lower. Like Human World, Tribulation Realm Supreme, which was born in history, can be counted on one’s fingers.

There has never been a person who can perfectly match primordial spirit fleshly body after Possession.

Yuan Spiritual Blood and Qi, which is a supplement to the cultivation after Possession, can promote the fit of fleshly body and primordial spirit. At least until the fit reaches ‘95% ‘, the help is very obvious. It is beneficial to Possession and quickly pass the ‘weak period’.

“Thank you Emperor, within half a year of subordinate, it will become 4th-layer. Within 2 years, it will become 5th-layer.” Monster Saint Qian Qu said.

“Go to Human World as soon as possible to find out the identity of mysterious Daemon.” Emperor Xinghe coldly said, “As long as he is identified, he has a way to kill him.”

They are ready for a lot of means.

Daemon must be beheaded.

That mysterious Daemon is the biggest obstacle for 1000000 Monster King to wreak havoc on Human World.

“As long as the subordinate reaches 5th-layer, cast Karmic Blood Curse on the Monster King.” Monster Saint Qian Qu self-channel, “The mysterious Daemon, unless he does not do it, as long as he continues to be the Slaughter Monster King. I can follow Karmic Blood Curse … easily detect his identity. “

“Okay.” Emperor Xinghe nodded, “In addition to the” Monster Star Scroll “and body protection treasures previously given, if you can successfully complete the mission, I will have a reward. I will be the Emperor-level weapon of my monster race treasure trove. Pick one. “

“Yes.” Monster Saint Qian Qu was overjoyed.

The silhouette of Emperor Xinghe is gone.

The joy disappeared from Monster Saint Qian Qu’s face, calmly looking at the jade bottle with ‘Yuan Spiritual Blood and Qi’ in his hand, silently said: “My lifespan is very long, the cause and effect lineage is more cultivation to the point of Paradise Realm peak. This is also the Emperor generation Promising. But you are forced to Possession and cut off the cultivation path. Hum, I know, you are for the treasure of human Fleshly Body Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme ‘Cang Yuan Founder’. “

Monster Saint Qian Qu has no choice but to endure.

Emperor Xinghe also understand that Monster Saint Qian Qu can’t reach their palms for a long time.


Almost a year and a half after Meng Chuan was assassinated, Monster Saint Qian Qu also sneaked into Human World late in the night.

It is an unremarkable World Gate in the vast sea area.

Too far from human land! The human 3 big sect just sent a bird monster servant to secretly stare, it was difficult to arrange enough power to intercept. Unless large-scale Monster King enters, sporadic Monster King enters … human can only be seen.


Monster Saint Qian Qu flew in from the World Gate, standing above the vast sea, breathing Human World aura.

“In Human World, Deducing Heaven’s Mystery is the future. The ultimate winner is not me.” Monster Saint Qian Qu instantly entered the vast sea, and at the moment of entering, the fleshly body was changing and quickly moving towards 4th- layer Monster King level transformation.

Breakthrough to 4th-layer, for the usual Monster King, it needs to close spare no effort and not to be disturbed.

But if it is realm high …

Like Meng Chuan became titled Marquis Daemon, it is an emergency breakthrough during life and death battle.

Monster Saint Qian Qu is originally Monster Saint, and this breakthrough is as simple as breathing for it.


Monster Saint Qian Qu sneaked into Human World’s 1 month later, it was March of Yangchun, at noon, sun shone brightly.

Meng Chuan’s flight at high altitude also ended today’s underground exploration.

Today, he only probes for 3 hours every day. He will simply go underground in the territories of three great dynasties and in the ocean area. It is really inefficient today. Even if he kills with all his strength, the monster Capital killed in a year and the monster race Sent in every year. Monster Kings are hiding away from the land again, unless the ‘Monster King strikes the city’ once every two months. Normally, Monster King of Human World is almost rarely seen. Meng Chuan naturally devotes more time to cultivation.

Grinding the blade does not cut the woodworker by mistake.

Only by reaching Blood Drop Realm can the 1000000 Monster King threat be completely resolved.

“My dad’s day is also leisure now.” Meng Chuan passes the patrolling area where the father is located at the high altitude Path.

That’s the nameless mountain peak, and there is an unremarkable wood house among the trees.

Meng Dajiang lives here, accompanied by a tree monster monster servant. Now Monster King hunting mortal is very rare, only 2 Monster Kings are found in each area every month, Monster King is weak, the bird servant is directly solved. It was Meng Dajiang’s turn to take action, only once every two months. It’s really laid back.


Meng Chuan did not disturb the father, and another Path flew back to Jiang Prefecture City.

His wife Liu Qiyue is preparing lunch happily. Meng Chuan only probes for 3 hours a day. He rushes back at noon and the couple spend more time together.

“En?” Meng Chuan landed in the yard, looking at his wife who was busy in the kitchen, blinking her eyes, a little unbelievable.

Liu Qiyue walked out of the kitchen carrying a wooden plate with a plate of dishes on it. She smiled and looked at Meng Chuan, actively releasing the fluctuation of primordial spirit.

“Primordial Spirit 3rd-layer?” Meng Chuan looked at his wife excitedly.

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