Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 369

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Liu Qiyue also smiled brightly and nodded: “Breakthrough when practicing the arrow secret technique this morning.”

“Very good.” Meng Chuan was overjoyed. “I’ll go to Primeval Mountain in a few moments to get the breakthrough necessary. You must be careful before breaking into the titled King Daemon.”

His wife is one year younger than herself.

However, because of Phoenix Nirvana several times, her life force has begun to decline slowly from the peak, of course, it has only started to decline for more than 2 years, and the life force has remained at a very high level. The hope of becoming a titled King Daemon is at least ‘98% ‘ . With this probability, almost every titled Marquis Daemon will choose to break through.

“En.” Liu Qiyue felt her husband care, nodded said with a smile, “Okay, let ’s have lunch first.”


The hope of his wife Cheng King Daemon is not ten percent after all, Meng Chuan is naturally very attentive, came to Primeval Mountain that afternoon.

“Venerable, my wife Liu Qiyue is ready to break through to the titled King Daemon after 3 days.” Meng Chuan first reported to Venerable Li Guan.

“Liu Qiyue is about to break through?” Li Guan exulted. “This is a major occasion of my Primeval Mountain.”

Phoenix Divine Body’s “titled King Daemon”, the deterrent is much stronger than the general titled King Daemon.

“Disciple first to change some treasure needed for breakthrough.” Meng Chuan said.

“Relax, after 3 days, I Primordial Spirit Avatar went to guard in Jiang Prefecture City to prevent the monster race from disturbing.” Li Guan smiled brightly.

“Disciple retire.”

Meng Chuan arched his hands and left to start preparing for a suitable treasure.

Sou sou.

The illusory shadow of Qin Wu and Luo Tang also came here soon.

“Tell you two good news, Liu Qiyue will break through to the titled King Daemon in 3 days.” Li Guan said with a smile.

“Oh?” Luo Tang said joyfully said, “She is Phoenix Divine Body, after becoming a titled King Daemon, if it is Phoenix Nirvana, its strength will soar to Manifestation Venerable level. If it reaches the” peak titled King level “in the future, once Phoenix Nirvana Will skyrocket to Manifestation Realm peak. The bow of Manifestation Realm peak powerhouse … the deterrent is stronger than Qin Wu. “

The divine archer is the strongest offensive at the same level.

“The higher her realm, the closer Phoenix Nirvana is to the real ‘Phoenix’, and the more lifespan it burns.” Qin Wu said, “So it can only be used as a forbidden move, not easily used.”

“This is of course.” Luo Tang nodded, “But when it matters, she is a Manifestation battle strength, you use the last Phoenix feather on her, and now it seems really worth it.”

Qin Wu said with a smile: “It’s Meng Chuan. Meng Chuan has accumulated a lot of credit for not much of it, but spent a lot on Liu Qiyue, and changed many benefits that are beneficial to Phoenix Divine Body. More than 6 100000000 million credits for the change. “

“Meng Chuan’s credit is more than 60 100000000 million.” Li Guan said with a smile, “It’s only used a little. We have already calculated a lot less.”

World Gap’s source treasure, and Three Absolutes Formation, etc., have less credit.

If you arrive at Manifestation Venerable, there is no need to talk about credit.


3 days later.

Venerable Li Guan’s ‘Primordial Spirit Avatar’ came to the residence of Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue, sitting there and drinking and chatting with Meng Chuan, but Meng Chuan’s thoughts were all on the retired wife.

“Liu Qiyue’s life force has only dropped by 2 or 3 years from its peak. With the treasure you prepared for her breakthrough, it can also make up for some of the shortcomings in the life force. This time, it will definitely succeed in one fell swoop.” Venerable Li Guan Primordial Spirit Avatar persuades that from his own perspective, he is also eager for the appearance of a “Phoenix Divine Body” titled King Daemon.

“En.” Meng Chuan answered, and his eyes often fell on the door of the house in the distance, and the interior of the house led to the hidden quiet room.

“Breakthrough is also related to the will of the mind. A strong mind will also increase the success rate of breakthrough. Daemons of our time have experienced war, and the mind will generally exceed the normal level of the past.” Venerable Li Guan continued.

“En.” Meng Chuan said again, only knowing to take a sip of wine occasionally, paying attention to the house.

“I knew the answer.”

Venerable Li Guan is helpless and comforts himself. This Meng Chuan still has a soul, so I’m too lazy to talk and drink!

The night is getting darker.

In the middle of the night, suddenly a strange wave centered on the quiet room, rippling towards all directions, and a mysterious domain began to envelope the surrounding void. When it comes to Meng Chuan and Venerable Li Guan, Venerable Li Guan easily isolates the proximity of this domain. But Meng Chuan let this domain sweep over himself, showing a pleasant smile.

“Seamless Domain? Qiyue succeeded.” Meng Chuan was full of ecstasy.

He has always been worried.

In the war, the titled Marquis Daemon is not strong enough to cope with too many dangerous situations, and his wife can only Phoenix Nirvana time and time again. How long can I live lifespan?

Now it has become the titled King Daemon, which can handle overwhelming majority troubles with normal strength. ‘Phoenix Nirvana’ is rarely used, and now lifespan has reached 500 years.

“Squeak.” The door opened and Liu Qiyue walked out of it. The full of smiles glanced at her husband and followed to Venerable Li Guan saluted: “Venerable.”


Venerable Li Guan smiled nodded, “In order to deal with the war, we Primeval Mountain negotiated and decided. Starting from your couple, the new titled King Daemon will not be disclosed. First, the monster race is more difficult to detect our strength. 2 Come, and more It’s good for you to deal with monster race. “

“Disciple understands.” Liu Qiyue respectfully said.

“In the future, it will be made public in the future.” Venerable Li Guan flipped out a set of fiery-red divine bow and quiver, and both dive bow and quiver flew to Liu Qiyue. “Every titled King Daemon, Primeval Mountain will give you a suitable treasure. Liu Qiyue, this set of Emperor-level divine weapon, is used by a foreign territory powerhouse with Phoenix Bloodline, accept it. “

“Emperor-level divine weapon?” Liu Qiyue was surprised, but under Venerable Li Guan’s eyes, he still reached for it.

“I can’t hold it for too long.” Venerable Li Guan smiled at the Meng Chuan couple. “In the future, Primeval Mountain will depend on your younger generation.”

He left.

Liu Qiyue looked at the bow and arrow emitting terrifying aura. The divine bow seemed to be soaked in blood, and each arrow was full of endless destruction of aura. Every new titled King Daemon will get treasure! As for the performance of Phoenix Nirvana, Liu Qiyue which can rise to ‘Manifestation Venerable’ battle strength, Primeval Mountain naturally pays more attention.

Normal Manifestation Venerable, you can choose a Tribulation Realm treasure weapon that suits you.

Tribulation Realm weapon, divine bow has one piece, but it needs Primordial Spirit 5th-layer to be refined by Lifesource Weapon Refinement Technique. The other one is the bow used by this foreign territory Phoenix Bloodline powerhouse.

“Venerable said he can’t hold it for long, what do you mean?” Liu Qiyue asked in a low voice.

“Venerable has approached the lifespan limit as early as possible, just delay it as far as possible by the secret technique.” Meng Chuan said, Venerable Li Guan has occasionally disappeared for 100 years in the history of Primeval Mountain. From the wake of the ancient Daemon, Venerable Li Guan should also go occasionally Slumber. “Sleep” should have its limits, because those ancient Daemons who were awakened, Meng Chuan alone heard, are the titled King Daemon of the last 2000 years.


2nd day.

Meng Chuan still went out to explore the ground for 3 hours, Monster Kings overwhelming majority fled to the maritime territory, but there are still a few Monster King, think they are still clever in the Great Zhou Dynasty, Great Yue Dynasty, Blacksand Dynasty. In fact, Meng Chuan’s investigation is mainly on the ground, which is also to ensure the tranquility of three great dynasties.

Wait until Blood Drop Realm, before preparing to explore the sea area underground.

“We haven’t been out for a walk for a long time.” On a spring afternoon, Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue walked side by side along a river in the Jiang Prefecture City.

Peach red willow green, full of flowers.

The Meng Chuan couple came to the sparsely populated place and enjoyed the spring.

“There are so many peach blossoms here.” Liu Qiyue suddenly saw a large piece of peach blossoms in front and ran away excitedly, smelling the peach blossom fragrance Liu Qiyue, and felt like she was drunk.

Flowers are not intoxicating, people are drunk.

With her husband accompanied, the people in the city live and work in peace and contentment, and they just broke through to the titled King Daemon. Liu Qiyue is naturally immersed in the fragrance of flowers.

Meng Chuan smiled and watched, his wife’s face and peach blossoms matched each other, this scene was like a painting, so beautiful.

“Go back, I will paint this scene.” Meng Chuan thought.

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