Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 370

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After returning from the walk, Meng Chuan came to the study to paint.

On the unfolded paper, the peach blossoms first drawn by Meng Chuan, black and brown twisted branches, green leaves are full of vitality, and the blossoming peach blossoms are as beautiful. Some of these peach blossoms are already in full bloom, some are still flower bones, and the stamens seem to tremble slightly in the breeze. The painting is more full of spirituality than what is seen in reality. This is the case with painting, which originates from reality but surpasses reality.

Only then began to draw people.

Painting peach blossom is a skill.

Painting people is the real soul! The finishing touch!

A beauty stands in front of the peach blossoms, sniffing the peach blossoms gently, and the person is more delicate than the flowers.

“What are you painting?” Liu Qiyue, who practiced arrows for a long time, entered the bookstore and came to Meng Chuan to take a look. At one glance, he saw the beauty of the sketched beauty in the scroll. Isn’t it her? Isn’t this scene the peach blossoms that I walked through today?

Liu Qiyue sweet at the moment, unable to bear looked towards her husband.

Meng Chuan also looked at his wife.

The couple looked at each other and both smiled.

“I won’t disturb you, and then I draw, and let me collect it after finishing the painting.” Liu Qiyue said as he walked to the other desk, started to polish the ink, prepared to write, and still could not bear to laugh when he could polish the ink.

Meng Chuan draws a picture for his wife every year, and Liu Qiyue will put it away carefully. If you come out and see it, she can feel her husband’s feelings for her in the picture.

She is also happy sometimes …

Although she has always faced war and may be married to Meng Chuan, she is also grateful to God.

Meng Chuan is naturally immersed in paintings. He has been in contact with his wife for too long. He has known each other since childhood and has supported each other for many years. Every day he exhaustedly explores Monster King. In the morning, his wife prepares food by himself. This also made Meng Chuan more grateful for his wife’s efforts. The wife could have arranged for the servants to prepare food, but she insisted on doing it herself. Meng Chuan could feel his wife’s intentions for herself. In this bloody war, it is a blessing to have a confidant.

In Meng Chuan’s painting, primordial spirit has also been blooming spirituality rays of light.

Meng Chuan painting for his wife, overwhelming majority will cause the primordial spirit to metamorphose, but sometimes the metamorphosis is stronger and sometimes the metamorphosis is weaker. This time it was obviously stronger.


Meng Chuan brushed in his hand.

I just feel that the primordial spirit rumbling has begun to change qualitatively, and it will be transformed to a new level.

“Has breakthrough started? Primordial Spirit 5th-layer?” Meng Chuan was a little complicated at this moment.

4 18 years old That year, he Primordial Spirit 4th-layer.

5 18 years old Today, he finally stepped into Primordial Spirit 5th-layer ‘Possession Realm’, which is the primordial spirit level owned by overwhelming majority Monster Saint and Manifestation Realm. Like Serenity Sea King is also because of primordial spirit trapped in 4-Layer, temporarily unable to become Manifestation Realm.

And Meng Chuan from Primordial Spirit 4th-layer to 5-Layer, only ten years.

This decade is also the most tragic decade of the human monster race war. Humans completely abandoned all prefectures, and the ancient Daemons awakened to protect the major city. The overwhelming majority of the old 100 survivors can only survive in the wild, and they are also hunted by Monster Kings. Patrolling Daemons, regardless of their lives, patrolling among the wilderness of mountains and forests to protect the people of the world. The world titled Marquis Daemons also killed the deads.

World Gap also appeared, connecting Human World and Monster World, making the 2 worlds closer.

Entering the Human World powerhouse more and more, Possession Monster Saint each and everyone arrived, Xue Feng died in the hands of Possession Monster Saint.

“I have reached Primordial Spirit 5th-layer. I believe it will take a long time before it can become a Blood Drop Realm. I hope to completely solve the threat of 1000000 Monster King.” Meng Chuan said silently, “Without 1000000 Monster King, the top battle strength alone, We will be much easier in this war. “

After Meng Chuan waited for the primordial spirit to become stable, he continued painting.

I even painted 2 hours after dinner, in one go, and painted thoroughly.

“Qiyue.” Meng Chuan put the painting in front of his wife. “The painting is done.”

“This time you painted pretty fast.” Liu Qiyue smiled and looked at the scroll. The woman in the scroll only painted the bust. She sniffed the fragrance of flowers beautifully. I looked closely at the painting and looked towards the name of the scroll-“Mrs. He titled King”.

“Congratulations to me titled King?” Liu Qiyue glanced at her husband with a smile.

“You have to collect it. Your titled King Daemon’s news is still secret, but can’t let outsiders read it.” Meng Chuan said with a smile.

“Relax, something outsiders can’t see.” Liu Qiyue likes to zip up.


That night.

Meng Chuan entered the quiet room and sat cross-legged.

“After reaching Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, you can start the cultivation of Blood Drop Realm.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, then closed his eyes and focused on the micro-exploration with the help of primordial spirit’s strength.

The further the fleshly body lineage is, the deeper the cultivating of the fleshly body line is, and the more terrifying the fleshly body is. This is indeed a powerful unimaginable method, and even Cang Yuan Founder of Fleshly Body Seventh Tribulation Realm keeps this inheritance in Cang Yuan Paradise. Only ‘Starry Crystal Stone’, Cang Yuan Founder also got a small amount. Only a small number of humans can be cultivating.


Meng Chuan’s primordial spirit’s strength sweeps all over the body, and each one is magnified in front of my eyes for unknown times. With Primordial Spirit 5th-layer in particular, you can watch even deeper. A Blood Drop is as big as a vast world. It can easily see the massive particles in the blood, and even see the ‘particle space’ inside the particles.

“En?” Meng Chuan’s primordial spirit’s strength also swept the dantian space.

The source of “Seamless Realm” in the dantian space is so small that it cannot be seen from inside.

You can watch the Primordial Spirit Secret Technique of fleshly body lineage, but you can watch the very tiny world. Meng Chuan also saw his own “Source of Seamless Realm”.

That is a sphere much smaller than particles.

Under the micro-secret technique of Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, it looks like a mortal watching a mountain.

The whole body of the sphere is purple-brown, but there are countless blazing white light lines Path on the surface, and a ray of white light blasts from the 2 poles of the ‘sphere’ towards the outside world. This is the seamless Realm’s True Yuan. And the white light emitted by the 2 poles …… Under the influence of each other, a special wave is also formed. This wave ripples towards all directions and finally returns to this ‘sphere’.

“Seamless Realm cultivating, is to find a way to make it collapse smaller, so true yuan can be more pure.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “I am now Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, the control of it greatly increased, it can also make it change Smaller. “

The idea of ​​primordial spirit has long been integrated into the ball with the body. With the primordial spirit fully controlling the constraints, the sphere slowly collapses, the density is slowly increasing, and the true yuan has become more refined. After the diameter is smaller than one third, the sphere cannot shrink and restore stability.

“Start Blood Drop Realm cultivating.”

Inside every particle.

The particle space is vast like a starry sky, and there is a tiny Meng Chuan standing on the central particle core.

After reaching Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, the idea of ​​primordial spirit has changed qualitatively. Each idea of ​​primordial spirit becomes more solidified, as if a real villain is standing there, and it is also reduced to only 1% of the particle core. Can carry a complete memory brand, which is also necessary for cultivating Blood Drop Realm. Before a single thought alone, it is impossible to have a complete memory of Meng Chuan. Now Primordial Spirit 5th-layer can do it.

“Hong long long.” The Blood Drop Realm cultivation method is exhibited.

The tiny Meng Chuan sits cross-legged on the particle core and gradually sinks into the particle core.

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