Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 371

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The tiny Meng Chuan sinks to the center of the particle core.

At this moment, the primordial spirit is like the soul of a person, the particle core is like a fleshly body of a person, and the huge particle space is like the ‘heaven and earth’ where people live.

“Heaven and earth Law Domain.”

Law Domain Realm, which comprehend by myself, has become the rule of this party’s ‘Particle Heaven and Earth’.

From a rough particle space, it was transformed into a small ‘Particle Heaven and Earth’, and even the particle core was completely transformed. Even the extremely small particles require amazing energy. At this moment, Seamless Realm’s True Yuan entered this particle space and was swallowed by the entire particle space. Finally, this tiny Particle Heaven and Earth completely transformed.

This little Particle Heaven and Earth has Meng Chuan’s complete memory and Meng Chuan’s complete Realm. If Meng Chuan is smashed and only one particle is left, it can also be slowly recovered by time to recover into a complete fleshly body.

The cultivating of Blood Drop Realm is basically cultivating all particles of the entire fleshly body into ‘Particle Heaven and Earth’. A particle is a small heaven and earth. Once fighting, raising hands to the ground is to mobilize the power of countless Particle Heaven and Earth. Natural Monster Kings fleshly body is much stronger than those Monster Kings that rely on Bloodline.

Even if others are powerful, they have broken the Blood Drop Realm powerhouse fleshly body. As long as the ‘Particle Heaven and Earth’ is not smashed, the countless particles can converge into a complete fleshly body in an instant, without any damage. This is the so-called Blood Drop rebirth. To know that the particles are extremely small, naked eyes are invisible. Fracturing a fleshly body, and breaking it to naked eye can’t see the point … It’s not necessarily possible to crush Particle Heaven and Earth.

Every particle is very tenacious, and it is Law Domain.

What if there is a blood drop left? Even if the blood can’t be crushed, then naturally all particles must be intact and naturally recover in an instant.

“To kill Blood Drop Realm, you must destroy all Particle Heaven and Earth within the body.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Blood Drop Realm fleshly body is arrogant, Magical Power is good, Particle Heaven and Earth of Blood Drop Realm powerhouse that can strikes begins to smash What is the difference in strength? “

If you ca n’t hurt Particle Heaven and Earth, then the strength of Blood Drop Realm powerhouse can be maintained at peak without any damage.

If the particles can be wiped out, it is difficult to recover from the injury. The process of recovery … just like Meng Chuan cultivating at the moment, it would take a long time to bring back each and everyone Particle Heaven and Earth cultivating.

“This system, from cultivation to late stage powerhouse, is as powerful as monsters.”

“On frontal combat is good, Blood Drop Realm, at most Manifestation threshold strength. My Daemon System … titled King Daemon, there is also Manifestation threshold strength.” Meng Chuan thought secretly, “But the life force of this system It ’s so much stronger, you can beat him, but it ’s hard to kill him. Any Blood Drop Realm powerhouse, have the confidence to step up. ”

The only flaw of this system is the high threshold of cultivation. Primordial Spirit 5th-layer is necessary for Manifestation Realm (Monster Saint). The threshold for the titled King Daemon (5th-layer Monster King) is generally Primordial Spirit 3rd-layer, which is also the most common in many world cultivation systems in foreign territory. The “Blood Drop Realm” of this system requires Primordial Spirit 5th-layer.

It is still difficult to cover up the tyranny of this system.

“The higher level of ‘Sanctification Realm’, you need Primordial Spirit 6th-layer to get started, and you need Paradise Realm, which is higher than the Manifestation Realm threshold. But my Human World, like Venerable Li Guan, is Primordial Spirit 6th-layer. But his strength But it can’t reach the level described in ‘Sanctification Realm’, Emperor is invincible. “Meng Chuan secretly thought,” But for Sanctification Realm, it needs 3 kg of Starry Crystal Stone, and Sanctification Realm to Legendary Realm needs 100 kg of Starry Crystal. Stone, the cream of the crop of this system exists … is also to control the number of cultivators of this system. Or is it the natural constraints of the vast Space-Time River? “

The most critical resource of this system is Starry Crystal Stone.

To get started, you need Starry Crystal Stone.

Without this rare item, the cultivation method is useless.

As Cang Yuan Founder of Fleshly Body Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme, Traveling Space-Time River found that this system is also amazing, and he can get the inheritance of cultivating to ‘Legendary Realm’ with his status. But Starry Crystal Stone has only got a little bit of it. On the one hand, this Starry Crystal Stone is amazing and rare. On the other hand, it is almost completely cleaned up by the powerhouses of that system. Where the Starry Crystal Stone appears, it will cause that system. Powerhouse went to snatch. Powerhouses of that system have no choice, this is a necessity of their system cultivation!


Meng Chuan also tried to absorb Source Power of small paradise to cultivating.

“Paradise Source Power is indeed magical. It is more suitable for cultivating the body than Seamless Realm’s True Yuan.” Meng Chuan concluded after comparing.

Even if the source power of the small paradise is consumed, it will absorb and replenish from the outside world, and the replenishment speed is much faster than that of Meng Chuan, the titled King Daemon, which restores true yuan.

After cultivation for more than an hour, I felt tired of primordial spirit before stopping.

“At this rate, it is estimated that it can be fully practiced in half a year.” Meng Chuan has the look of expectation in his eyes. “My Blood Drop Realm’s Particle Heaven and Earth is based on Thunder and Lightning lineage Law Domain as heaven and earth rules. No Know what will happen to my Magical Power. What new Magical Power will appear? “

Undying Realm breakthrough to Blood Drop Realm.

The original Magical Power will undergo qualitative changes, and new Magical Power will appear.


Time passes by.

Although Monster Kings overwhelming majority all fled to the vast ocean territory, hiding deep under the seabed. There will still be a ‘massive siege’ every 2 months. More than 30000 ‘3rd-layer Monster King’ was ordered to rush to three great dynasties, they did not dare to catch Path on land, they could only go one Path to the ground, and it was really slow to catch Path.

But siege can also cause great harm to humans.

Monster King is attacking the city, and occasionally there will be 4th-layer Monster King squad and 5th-layer Monster King hidden in sneak attack.

“A’Chuan, Blacksand Paradise killed another titled Marquis Daemon.” Liu Qiyue said, “It was Yue Tonghou, who was hit by a 5th-layer Monster King sneak attack, but Yue Tonghou failed to support it.”


Meng Chuan brows slightly wrinkle.

“Monster Kings fled to the ocean territory, although the number of siege is fewer, but it is more ruthless every time.” Liu Qiyue said, “The rate of damage of the titled Marquis Daemon … is only slightly slower than in the past, from your ambush to the present In 2 years, Primeval Mountain lost 2 of the titled Marquis Daemon and Blacksand Paradise lost 3. “

“Monster race to attack the city is to force the titled King Daemons to defend the city. Do not let the ancient Daemons sleep,” Meng Chuan said.

Forced Monster Kings to flee, human land is a lot of peace and security.

The patrolling Daemon hardly suffered any damage, and the mortal people in the wild lived much better, and even small villages began to form.

But the pressure to keep the city is always there! This is also the oppression force that monster race wants to give humans.

Losing one or two titled Marquis Daemon every year … 2 big sects Any sect feels heartache. This is to arrange a large number of ancient Daemons to help share.

“Relax, 1000000 Monster King is about to become history.” Meng Chuan said.

“Become history?” Liu Qiyue looked towards Meng Chuan. “A breakthrough?”

“Just a few days.” Meng Chuan said.

Liu Qiyue’s eyes are full of excitement: “Great.”


After 5 days, at night, in a quiet room.

Meng Chuan sit cross-legged, suddenly the body radiates a dazzling brilliant color, there is lightning burst on the body surface, and it also causes the power of 5 colors to attract, the whole person is like a small world, bringing a terrifying oppression .

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