Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 372

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“Blood Drop Realm?” Meng Chuan eyes opened.

After the transformation of the most critical mind, the whole body has been transformed. At this moment, all Particle Heaven and Earth form resonance, and the body surface is blooming with colored rays of light. Meng Chuan can feel the amazing changes that have happened to him.

As soon as silhouette moves, it has teleported away from the quiet room into the night sky.


He left Jiang Prefecture City, and in the night sky outside the city, Meng Chuan stood in the sky.

“5 Magical Power.” Meng Chuan’s invisible power is converging into a cloak, which makes Meng Chuan smile. “It seems that in the future, you can use ‘Indestructable Divine Armor’ Magical Power to condense your robe, even if it is broken. Cracks can be restored instantly, but they are more suitable than ordinary robe. “

Magical Power ‘Indestructable Divine Armor’ can form a transparent film on the surface of the skin, the degree of tenacious is greatly improved, and the attacks of general peak titled King Daemon can be easily resisted. It can also be transformed into a robe, armor and even weapons! But the effect of weapons is average, this Magical Power is still mainly body protection.

“Thunder-magnetic Domain.”

Meng Chuan’s brow opened his eyes.


This is the domain generated by the convergence of Thunder-magnetic waves of all Particle Heaven and Earth. With Meng Chuan as the center, all within a radius of 100 are swept by Thunder-magnetic waves.

It only decayed rapidly when it penetrated to the ground below, Meng Chuan swooped down on the ground, and the Thunder-magnetic wave penetrated the ground for a full 10 li before stopping.

“It used to be 3 miles around me, but now it’s increased to 10 li?” Meng Chuan showed a happy look. “As a result, my exploration efficiency has increased by more than ten times.”

“That means…”

“Even if Monster Kings is hiding under the vast oceanic territory, I can sweep the entire world in more than a year.” Meng Chuan was very excited. This was the moment that made him the most happy after he reached Blood Drop Realm.

“There are other changes in this Thunder-magnetic Domain.”

Meng Chuan felt the enhancement of Thunder-magnetic Domain. Any lightning in the Thunder-magnetic Domain could breed ‘lightning’. Each lightning’s formidable power is very strong. Dozens of thunder and lightning together strikes are enough to make a titled Marquis Daemon died. And this is not the key. The key is the convergence of countless Particle Heaven and Earth’s ‘Thunder-magnetic fluctuations’. The Magical Power formed finally has another ability.

“Try it.” Meng Chuan stood on the ground in the wild, his heart moved, and the Bloodblade Plate appeared in front of him, and a blood blade flew out.

call out!

Blood blade turned into a light, the speed is extremely fast. When flying in the Thunder-magnetic Domain range, it has been pushed by the Thunder-magnetic field. Lightning circulates in the blood blade, and the terror thrust wrapped around the blood blade continues to accelerate.

Fast, faster, faster!

After the Blood Blade circled 100 times within 8 miles of Meng Chuan, the speed reached its limit! Balance is reached under heaven and earth Rule suppression and acceleration, and the speed can no longer be increased. But the blood blade at this moment … has been 60% faster than when Meng Chuan was driving before, and the formidable power is several times higher than before.

“After I got the Bloodblade Plate, with the help of comprehend rune cultivation,” Endless Blade “was also promoted to Law Domain Realm Great Accomplishment two months ago, and the Bloodblade Plate killed the enemy. I believe it can also be comparable to the new Manifestation Realm.” Meng Chuan secretly thought , “But thanks to the acceleration of Thunder-magnetic Domain, the blood blade formidable power can be increased several times, which is comparable to Peak Manifestation Realm.”

“The flaw is that there must be an accelerated process. And there are few changes.”

I have to fly around Meng Chuan 8 times and fly more than 3000 li. If it is blocked early, the formidable power cannot be raised to the peak. But … it’s not easy to fly around the enemy with the speed of the blood blade.

Although there are no small defects, the formidable power makes Meng Chuan very satisfied.

The blood blade fits well with thunder and lightning, and the acceleration effect of Thunder-magnetic Domain is also very good, but I have more killing move.

“Heaven’s Wrath.”

Meng Chuan now does not need to cultivate Thunder and Lightning Demonic Rune, because Magical Power ‘Heaven’s Wrath’ is more brilliant than Thunder and Lightning Demonic Rune.

After the fleshly body is greatly improved, the contained thunder is also stronger than in the past.


In the night, a terror thunder broke out!

But Seamless Domain envelopes here, cut off all light and shadow, cut off all aura, people in Jiang Prefecture City next to it don’t even know.

“This formidable power is okay.” Meng Chuan looked at slightly nodded, “It consumes 20% of the body’s thunder and lightning, which is comparable to the new Manifestation Realm strike. Unfortunately, I have Tribulation Realm’s” Bloodblade Plate “, which is comparable to ordinary shots. New Manifestation Realm. This Magical Power is purely formable power, but it doesn’t make much sense to me. “

Normal Blood Drop Realm, the strength is not so strong.

Meng Chuan has given up close combat now, because with the help of ‘Bloodblade Plate’, he can be so strong! Otherwise, it will fall to the threshold level of Manifestation Realm.

“However, Heaven’s Wrath, there are also new changes.” When Meng Chuan performed Heaven’s Wrath, he also noticed another method of exhibition.


Meng Chuan is showing again.

At this time, Meng Chuan completely decomposed into countless particles in an instant. The countless particles accompanied the thunder ultra-high-speed flight, flying across the long-distance ultra-high speed.

“So fast.”

The fleshly body is completely particleized and integrated into thunder. This flight speed has also skyrocketed. The primordial spirit also controls the power of heaven and earth to cover the aura.


Thunder condenses into one silhouette again.

“Can it be completely particleized and turned into thunder and lightning?” Meng Chuan exclaimed. “It’s faster than I used the Bloodblade Plate.”

“Try again with the Bloodblade Plate.”


The person turned into a thunder that wrapped the Bloodblade Plate super high-speed flight, the speed was faster, and the flight returned to the outside of the Jiang Prefecture City.

“After particleization, the speed is indeed much faster.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “I reached Law Domain Realm Great Accomplishment, with the help of the Bloodblade Plate, I can flash 150 miles. And after the Magical Power particleization, it can reach about 500 miles? It ’s because in this state, I ca n’t use many methods, nor can Thunder-magnetic Domain. ”

The body is completely broken down into particles, which are incorporated into thunder, which is fast.

But it is impossible to display Thunder-magnetic Domain, so naturally Monster King cannot be detected.

Indestructable Divine Armor cannot be used, and self defense is greatly reduced.

But about 500 miles in a flash … it’s really fast.

Moreover, primordial spirit and true yuan can still be used, and they can also control the Bloodblade Plate.

“Heaven’s Wrath escapes, although its strength is reduced, but escape speed is extremely fast, and within the body thunder and lightning is almost no loss.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “This Magical Power can be used to escape under desperate situation. It can also be Used for rescue. “

“The 4th Magical Power is the emerging Magical Power.” Meng Chuan felt his change.

Blood Drop Realm’s fleshly body is too powerful.

It is the titled King Daemon stage, the strongest level of fleshly body known. This has greatly expanded Meng Chuan’s ‘dantian space’ and can carry more Seamless Realm’s True Yuan. The convergence of more true yuan makes the ‘Seamless Realm’s source’ collapse smaller and true yuan is more refined. This is just a side effect.


Meng Chuan a single thought.

Countless Particle Heaven and Earth’s ‘Heaven and Earth Domain’ all broke out, leading the foreign territory to release. The “Heaven and Earth Domain” of a single Particle Heaven and Earth is very weak, but at the moment under the mobilization of Meng Chuan, it gathers the outside world and affects the outside world, forming a very terrifying domain.

This is a domain beyond the titled King Daemon ‘Seamless Domain’.

“Curious.” Meng Chuan felt that about 100 miles of heaven and earth were under his own control. The power between heaven and earth completely acknowledged allegiance.


Meng Chuan punched out, fleshly body All Particle Heaven and Earth exploded, and there were 100 miles of heaven and earth power to bless yourself. One punch out, void concussion twist, then punch out, void distortion even worse.

A punch that turned into a phantom burst out, each punch was terrifying, and the chaotic gray world wall gradually appeared.

“World membrane wall?” Meng Chuan paused. “Can you break the world membrane wall with this Magical Power?”

“Under this Magical Power, all Particle Heaven and Earth exploded in full force, and heaven and earth can be controlled within 100 miles of the outside world. The strength has greatly increased. I am tired just after a few interest hours.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Blood Drop Realm fleshly body, I am afraid that it can only maintain ten breaths time.

Meng Chuan has seen this introduction of Magical Power in inheritance.

Magical Power ‘controls heaven and earth’, one of the core Magical Power of Blood Drop Realm powerhouse fight with heaven fight with earth, under this Magical Power, it can perfectly control everything around.

“The 5th Magical Power seems to be more special?” Meng Chuan began to feel the last Magical Power. According to the fresh body lineage inheritance, the Magical Power owned by Blood Drop Realm is the final number. Reaching ‘Sanctification Realm’ ‘Legendary Realm’ is also a transformation of the original Magical Power and cannot be increased. The fifth Magical Power of Meng Chuan is not at all recorded in inheritance.

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