Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 373

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When Meng Chuan landed on the ground, he could perceive the transformation of the body after reaching Blood Drop Realm, and also perceive the 5th Magical Power, because the Magical Power secret lines have appeared naturally.


a single thought.

Meng Chuan’s forehead 2 side began to appear silver mysterious lines, chi chi chi, a ray of silver lightning flashed around the head, Meng Chuan’s within both eyes have silver lightning.

There was a faint change around.

“This kind of feeling?” Meng Chuan flicked his fingers, and a ray of energy shook the withered yellow leaves in front of him.

These fallen leaves are falling very slowly, shaking, shaking, shaking again and again.

“so slow.”

“No, it’s me faster.” Meng Chuan’s eyes flashed silver, looking at all directions, dust in the void, flying birds in the sky, soldiers patrolling the Jiang Prefecture City city wall in the distance … all slowed down Ten times, the soldiers slowly raised their legs and slowly lowered them, which was only a step.

“Change Time Flow Speed?”

“This Magical Power makes my own Time Flow Speed ​​change.” Meng Chuan’s heart moved, a sliver of silver lightning spread towards all directions, the scope of the spread, Time Flow Speed ​​and Meng Chuan became the same. And the outside world is still so slow.

“Expansion to the ten zhang range at most can also penetrate the ten zhang underground. The Earth Rule cannot suppress my influence on time.” Meng Chuan understands this, “I can make time faster in this ten zhang range. The outside world has passed the time , I have passed ten breaths time. “


Meng Chuan felt the forehead began to ache, and Sea of ​​Consciousness was faintly uncomfortable, even a single thought would shrink the expansion range to his own body.

But the pain on the forehead increased slowly.

“Hu.” Meng Chuan stopped the Magical Power. The silver mysterious lines on the forehead 2 disappeared. Sea of ​​Consciousness also felt extremely relaxed. He recovered slowly, and his forehead pain gradually eased.

“This Magical Power, it seems that the casting time can’t be too long.” Meng Chuan thought, “I only showed about thirty breaths before and after, and the outside world only passed 3 breaths time. Expanding the scope seems to greatly increase the burden.”

“This Magical Power is related to the fleshly body head and Sea of ​​Consciousness.”

After reaching Blood Drop Realm, the dantian space has greatly expanded, and the Sea of ​​Consciousness has also greatly expanded.

And the fleshly body full of thunder power, after reaching the Blood Drop Realm, also derives the Magical Power in terms of time.

“This Magical Power, the show time is too short, every moment can not be wasted.” Meng Chuan thought, “This Magical Power is called ‘Quicksand’.”

Time is like Quicksand, and every passing day.

After the passage of time, this Magical Power must stop.

“Inheritance, some magical powers common to fleshly body lineage are recorded. My time type Magical Power is rare and not recorded.” Meng Chuan also knows that according to the inheritance description, each cultivator is unique and unmatched because of their respective Opportunities will produce some special Magical Power. But like ‘Indestructable Divine Armor’ ‘Controlling heaven and earth’ are very common Magical Power, most of Blood Drop Realm can have it.

Thunderbolt Divine Eye (Thunder-magnetic Domain), Heaven’s Wrath, Quicksand, these 3 Magical Power are all related to Meng Chuan’s pre-repair of Thunderbolt World Destroying Demonic Body, and then renewal of fleshly body lineage. There is no record in inheritance.

“I have to think about how to combine 5 Magical Power to better play strength.” Meng Chuan thought.

Fighting is also a wisdom.

The same realm, the same Magical Power, the fight may be very different.

“The core of my strength now is Tribulation Realm’s” Bloodblade Plate “, and 5 Magical Power has to help it as much as possible.” Meng Chuan thought.


2nd day, sky first glimmers of light.

“I’ll see Venerable.” Meng Chuan and his wife Liu Qiyue said goodbye.

“En.” Liu Qiyue is also full of excitement, “A’Chuan you reach the Blood Drop Realm, the underground exploration range has been greatly improved, and now it can completely solve the 1000000 Monster King threat. Venerable they know and will be happy for 10000 points.”

“I waited for this day myself, and I waited a long time.” Meng Chuan laughed and turned to flashing light, disappearing at the end of the sky.

Liu Qiyue looked at it from afar, and was quite proud of it.

On the occasion of the wind and rain swaying, all Daemons look forward to the birth of there is a person powerhouse.

The world of cultivator is the world of “individuals over all living beings”, and the power of individuals is unimaginable. A Daemon is more terrifying than 1000000 mortal, and an Emperor easily sweeps the entire Human World. Fleshly Body Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme like Cang Yuan Founder … is the Megatron World, which can upgrade the whole world.

The crisis faced by humans is easy to solve, and a peerless powerhouse is born.

Today Meng Chuan is Blood Drop Realm, but at least he can solve the 1000000 Monster King threat.

“This is my husband.” The better Meng Chuan is, the more proud Liu Qiyue is.


Primeval Mountain.

Meng Chuan came to Paradise Pavilion. Venerable Li Guan, Qin Wu illusory shadow, and Luo Tang illusory shadow all appeared. All three of them were surprised to see Meng Chuan.

“Breakthrough?” Qin Wu illusory shadow unable to bear said.

There is no need for Meng Chuan to actively report, when Meng Chuan came to Primeval Mountain, Venerable Li Guan felt it.

The surging blood and qi, like a vast ocean, the fleshly body is more terrifying than a mountain, but everything is converging, but it can’t hide Venerable Li Guan.

“Blood Drop Realm just broke through last night.” Meng Chuan explained.

“How about exploring Magical Power underground?” Luo Tang illusory shadow asked.

“Originally it was 3 miles around, now it’s 10 li around.” Meng Chuan said, “I believe that the whole world, including land and sea, all underground areas … a year and a half is enough to clean up.”

“Good.” Qin Wu was excited by 10000 points.

“Finally, the 1000000 Monster King threat is to be completely resolved.” Venerable Li Guan also said with a smile. “Without this massive Monster King, the threat of monster race has dropped by half.”

Luo Tang said with a slight smile: “It is much easier, as long as you are careful to deal with the threat of 5th-layer Monster King, you can drag it for at least another 100 years.”

5th-layer Monster King Threatening?

Meng Chuan also understands that the top power of the monster race is actually superior, but he ca n’t enter Human World!

If a large group of 5th-layer Monster King arrives, human coping will be very difficult.

If a large group of Monster Saints come in? That is simply the end.

As for Emperor? Emperor impossible comes in.

“Human World and Monster World both produce World Gap.” Li Guan said, “The only thing I worry about now is that there are more and more World Gates. In the future, there will be World Gates that can accommodate the entry of ‘Monster Saint’, which is bad.”

“Perhaps it will never appear.” Qin Wu said.

“How can we end the war?” Meng Chuan unable to bear asked.

Being able to solve the 1000000 Monster King threat, Meng Chuan thought of … to end the war completely. If he could do it, he would be very happy to kill this life.

“For example, the birth of an Emperor.” Li Guan said with a smile, “Emperor are all Primordial Spirit 7th-layer, can differentiate 9 Primordial Spirit Avatar, 9 Primordial Spirit Avatar carry ‘Emperor’s True Yuan’, can burst out Emperor has some real strength. Emperor has ‘Heaven and Earth Domain’, which can teleport 1000 miles. It is ten thousand li apart, and it only teleports ten times. A large group of Monster Saints came to Human World and an Emperor can chase Kill them without Path to escape. Through cause and effect, they can’t hide. “

“Another example is the birth of a Primordial Spirit 8th-layer, Primordial Spirit 8th-layer, which has entered the” Primordial Spirit Tribulation environment “, and can cover the entire Human World with a single thought, and easily kill all Monster Saints that come in.”

Meng Chuan exclaimed: “Is there any other way?”

“Secondly, Manifestation Realm must be invincible,” Qin Wu said. “One person can hold the World Gate at the level of Monster Saint, sweeping through a group.”

“What is Manifestation Realm invincible?” Meng Chuan asked.

“I am Manifestation Realm peak, and with the Tribulation Realm treasure, it can explode the lethality of the Emperor threshold.” Qin Wu said, “This strength is very difficult to deal with in Manifestation Realm, but the many monster Saint of the monster race … As far as I know, two of them have already comprehend ‘Heaven and Earth Realm’, but the primordial spirit has no breakthrough and cannot become an Emperor. “

Meng Chuan changes color slightly.

The monster race can give birth to 3 Emperor. Among the many Monster Saints, 2 can reach Heaven and Earth Realm and understand.

“To beat so many Monster Saints.” Qin Wu said, “You have to reach the level of Yin and Yang Elderly, and create ‘Emperor-level secret art’, the battle strength is comparable to the real Emperor. So … it can be regarded as Manifestation Realm Invincible. “

“The Emperor threshold like me, senior brother Li, and Bai Yaoyue of Blacksand Paradise, can do it with the help of Tribulation Realm weapons.” Qin Wu explained, “It is fundamentally impossible to sweep through the Monster Saint.”

“True Martial King, who created the Manifestation Realm secret art ‘True Martial Seven Absolutes’, called the titled King invincible.” Luo Tang said, “Yin and Yang Elderly created Emperor-level secret art, which is Manifestation Realm invincible. . “

Meng Chuan nodded.


It is really difficult to completely solve the war.

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