Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 374

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There are quite a few Heavenly Book of Black Iron by humans, but very few can be called ‘Emperor-level secret art’. Even some Emperor born by human, failed to create Emperor-level secret art.

When Meng Chuan was secretly sighed, he didn’t know …

His son ‘Meng An’, who passed the Trial of Reincarnation, got the inheritance of Cang Yuan Founder, which is also the strongest inheritance of the whole human. At the same level, they are much stronger than Qin Wu and Li Guan. Qin Wu and Li Guan both have their own Tribulation Realm secrets. While Meng An has a series of arrangements of Cang Yuan Founder, when Manifestation Realm peak, Qin Wu they have the threshold strength of Emperor. Meng An is able to skip a grade and battling Emperor, which is invincible Manifestation Realm!

However, Cang Yuan Founder inheritance is human core secret. 3 Venerable is also not good to inform Meng Chuan.

“You don’t have to be discouraged.” Qin Wu looked at Meng Chuan, said with a slight smile, “You have done a good job. If you don’t solve the threat of 1000000 Monster King, this war will have to collapse for another 100 years, but now it is easy Too much, let us human breathe. “

Luo Tang also said with a slight smile: “In a few hundred years, it will be enough for many Daemons to emerge, and perhaps a new Manifestation Venerable will appear.”

In general, try to break through to the Manifestation Realm within the age of 150.

After procrastinating to the age of 2, the success probability will drop sharply.

So even if it is just a baby now, it may become Manifestation Venerable after 200 years.

“Meng Chuan, as far as I know, Blood Drop Realm, Blood Drop can be reborn.” Li Guan said, “You need to keep ‘One Blood Drop’ hidden in Primeval Mountain to prevent accidents.”

“Yes.” Meng Chuan nodded.

“Come with me.” Li Guan said as he, Qin Wu and Luo Tang walked together to the house with the portrait of Cang Yuan Founder.

In that room.

Li Guan They took Meng Chuan again and walked into Cang Yuan Founder’s scroll to the familiar hall.

“Being able to regenerate Blood Drop, you don’t care.” Li Guan said, “The vast Space-Time River, many of the world’s many cultivation systems, there are many ‘split’. For example, Monster Race’s Magical Power, it has a split Yes. For example, the Emperor, Emperor can be separated into a ‘flesh and blood avatar’. Primordial Spirit Avatar can not be too far away from the true body. But the flesh and blood avatar is different. “

“The Emperors have separated a Primordial Spirit Avatar and entered the flesh and blood avatar, which is a complete life.” Li Guan said, “Even if the true body is killed, the avatar is intact.”

“But … in the long river of time, the enemy beheaded your avatars, but also through causation, beheaded all your avatars, as well as all your life-saving methods.” Li Guan said, “like the previous owner of ‘Bloodblade Plate’ , That is still an Emperor, that is, the enemy is killed by causality through endless and distant space-time. “

Meng Chuan was startled.

“Don’t be careless, generally cultivation to Manifestation Realm peak, most of them are beginning to come into contact with cause and effect.” Qin Wu said, “The enemy kills you and kills you through cause and effect, then you, this Blood Drop, even through the cause and effect The attack is greatly reduced, but your resistance to Blood Drop is far less than your real body. “

“Don’t rely on this life-saving method.” Li Guan also asked.

“Understood.” Meng Chuan nodded.

“In this great hall, Heaven’s Mystery Deduction can be isolated. The powerhouse below Tribulation Realm, if you kill your real body, although it can be passed here through the real body connection, it can also be reduced by more than 9%.” Li Guan said, turning Take out a jade bottle in your hand, “You drop a Blood Drop in it.”

Meng Chuan nodded, a Blood Drop flew out of his fingertips and fell into the jade bottle.

Li Guan threw the jade bottle and flew into the side of the temple wall, which was like a wave of water, engulfing the jade bottle.

“You can cut karmic killing move here as much as possible, but you are just a Blood Drop, the resistance is very weak, be careful.” Li Guan said, “My Emperor in the history of Primeval Mountain, go to the Space-Time River, really all It was here that the rebellion was fleshed out. The real body resistance … but it is much stronger than your Blood Drop resistance. That is enough to save life. “

“Is the body closed here?” Meng Chuan said, “Always hiding?”

“This has always been the case,” Li Guan said. “You can send a Primordial Spirit Avatar for ordinary things. You can’t move the real body. Because some enemies in the Space-Time River are good at calculating, knowing that they will kill you Undying. Once you leave here … he figured it out and could successfully kill you. He will shoot. So do n’t be lucky. “

Meng Chuan secretly stunned.

“Space-Time River, although it has great opportunity, is also too dangerous.” Li Guan said with a smile, “Emperor went to wander, their enemies were naturally terrifying, and your enemies have not yet reached that level.”

As Meng Chuan’s strength improved, Li Guan and they gradually informed him a lot.

After a while.

Meng Chuan returned to Paradise Pavilion.

“Venerable, Master, then I’m off.” Meng Chuan said goodbye to them.

“Although you are a lot stronger, you still have to be careful. After all, this is a complete solution to the 1000000 Monster King threat.” Qin Wu asked.


Meng Chuan smiled and followed the streamer to leave.

Came over a vast land, Meng Chuan stepped on the Bloodblade Plate, wearing a mask and gray hair, he looked at the vast land, and then dived into the ground.

“let’s start!”

call out!

At the depth of 6 10 li under the ground, use Thunderbolt Divine Eye to explore 10 li around you and fly towards the south at a high speed.

Keep going south.

Through the Great Zhou Dynasty territory, the Great Yue Dynasty territory, and even into the vast sea area, it still flew south until it reached the end of the world. There are invisible void obstacles that block the path Path, and through the layers of void is the world membrane wall.

Meng Chuan This is the U-turn Path to the north … Under the ground until the end of the north!

Most of the ocean water is only at a depth of 10 li, and it is rare to reach a depth of 20-30 li. Further down is the mud rock.

From this day on, Meng Chuan began a large-scale exploration, sweeps away the whole world everywhere.


North Sea, deep in the sea.

A huge seabed mountain range, no fish can come close, naturally come to other places when swimming.

huhuhu ~~~

3 Monster King, who is heading towards the seabed, ca n’t see the huge mountain range, nor can he reach it.

“That Daemon, chased down to the seabed. I heard that a lot of Monster King was slaughtered.” Said a fish Monster King.

“The 800 Monster Kings that have just arrived in Tiesha Lake are related to each other, and they can know each other ’s life and death. According to them, in the past half a month, they have died of nearly 2 100 Monster Kings. 800 died of 2 100, and the whole world was hiding. Of the many Monster Kings, how much have to die? “A turtle Monster King shook his head with emotion.

“Emperor Monster Saints, so far have not allowed us to go back to the monster world. It rushed me, and I turned to humans directly.” Snake Monster King angrily said next to him.

“I heard that the human 3 big sect is also surrendering.” Fish Monster King said, “Just don’t know the details.”

“In this war, humans will eventually be defeated, and in desperate situation, there is no need to turn to humans.” Monster King said.

“Emperor Monster Saints, if we don’t give us a Path, what can we do?” Snake Monster King said angrily.

The three aquarium Monster Kings chased Path while chatting, although Path also passed the mysterious seabed mountain range, but naturally swept past and failed to touch the ocean mountain range in the slightest.

A vague mountain gate location in the huge seabed mountain range.

A black robed sillhouette stood there, watching three Monster King Path pass by.

“In the depths of the North Sea, there are more and more Monster Kings.” This black robed sillhouette gently shook his head. “Primeval Mountain is really waste. At that time, the battle with my Canghai School was fierce. Primeval Founder can become Emperor. Now facing the foreign tribe. monster race, but it has become a soft-footed shrimp. If I were Canghai School Commander, the world would be better than Primeval Mountain you did good. “

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