Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 375

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Human three great dynasties, countless old 100 people are celebrating the New Year, the sound of firecrackers, fireworks blooming, Monster King is becoming more and more rare, and people’s lives are becoming more peaceful.

However, in the small paradise of the seabed, the secret room is hidden.

Monster Saint Jiuyan stood in the secret room. Monster strength urged the densely packed runes carved in the secret room. The runes bloomed in silver rays of light. The pool in the center of the secret room gradually emerged, showing the image of Emperor Xinghe.

“Emperor, the situation is getting worse.” Monster Saint Jiuyan said anxiously. “It’s only been more than three months. Mysterious Daemon has been exploring Monster King everywhere in the world, and even we can’t calculate the law of his exploration. Only 3 months, we Over ten thousand Monster Kings have been lost. Although we tried to hide the news, Monster Kings panicked. After all, many of them were acquainted with each other. It is found that there are so many Monster Kings killed in battle today, naturally panic. “

“Even we inquired that ordinary Monster Kings now have a large response qi.”

“Escape and escape, the human Daemon continues to slaughter. We do not allow them to return to the monster world. These ordinary Monster Kings have begun to have a very small number of people who have turned to human sect. If they are forced so strongly, there is no Path to go, to turn to human. Monster King will probably have more. “

Monster Saint Jiuyan said.

“Succumb to humans?” Emperor Xinghe frowned.

“Yes, humans are friendly, and even open paradise to allow Monster King to live freely.” Monster Saint Jiuyan whispered, “Are we letting Monster Kings go back to monster world through many World Gates first?”

“Now in Human World, there are only less than 500,000 Monster Kings left.” Emperor Xinghe calmly said, “They can’t go back, and when they go back, the news will be difficult to control. The entire monster world, countless demon capitals will know … there is Daemon in Human World. Kill the Monster King everywhere. The next time you want to mobilize 1000000 Monster King again, it will be difficult. “

Dispatched to Human World, hiding and fighting human. Monster Kings can still accept.

If it is known, it is almost sent to death.

Monster Kings will naturally resist.

“Just hundred of King Monster King, the loss is a trivial matter.” Emperor Xinghe said indifferently, “as long as you can kill the mysterious Daemon.”

“Yes.” Monster Saint Jiuyan responded obediently, “But panic will gradually ferment, and there will be more and more Monster Kings who are entrusted to humans, what shall we do?”

“Qian Qu has been in Human World for almost a year. When will it return to 5th-layer?” Emperor Xinghe asked.

“Qian Qu brother has been cultivating hard. Before I reported to Emperor, I just asked, it said it would be six months at the fastest.” Monster Saint Jiuyan said, “The mysterious Daemon will take a year to clean up all Monster King according to the speed. But under the panic, I am afraid that Monster Kings will completely collapse in half a year. When the time comes Monster Kings mostly turn to humans … It is difficult to arrange enough “bait” to lure the mysterious Daemon to continue the investigation and killing. “

“Command Qian Qu must be 5th-layer within a month.” Emperor Xinghe ice-cold saying.

“This will damage the foundation of the fleshly body, which is Possession, and hurt the foundation again.” Monster Saint Jiuyan hesitated, “It will be difficult to become a Monster Saint in the future, and may not even recover the Monster Saint level. Qian Qu will not be willing.”

“I will send a ‘Sacred Body Spirit Pill’ to it.” Emperor Xinghe paused and said again, “Sacred Body of Heaven’s Will Scroll will also bring it together.”


“Sacred Body Spirit Pill?” Sacred Body of Heaven’s Will Scroll “?”

Monster Saint Qian Qu slightly frowned.

“Treasure will be available today. Emperor strictly dictates that you must become a 5th-layer within a month.” Monster Saint Jiuyan sighed, “Qian Qu, you have suffered a shortfall. Forcibly upgrading to 5th-layer in a short time will damage the foundation, but There is Sacred Body Spirit Pill, at least you can repair Sacred Body, you can also cultivate “Sacred Body of Heaven’s Will Scroll”, repair Sacred Body, body Tianxin. You may be able to reach Heaven and Earth Realm faster. “

“Good to speak.” Monster Saint Qian Qu turned around and left.

“Brother Qian Qu …” Monster Saint Jiuyan said.

“I must break through within a month. Anger Emperor, 9 Yuan, you may kill me directly.” Monster Saint Qian Qu voice came.

Monster Saint Jiuyan looked relaxed.

black robe Bei Jiao is next to the condense.

“I said, it will promise to obey.” Black robe Bei Jiao said softly.

“You pushed the matter forward, but it hurts it.” Monster Saint Jiuyan shook his head.

“But Emperor is still kind, giving Sacred Body Spirit Pill and” Sacred Body of Heaven’s Will Scroll “.” Black robe Bei Jiao calmly said.

“I’m in a hurry for Qian Qu, maybe I won’t work hard.” Monster Saint Jiuyan said.


Possession Monster Saint, if the fleshly body is raised to 5th-layer Monster King regardless of damage, it is naturally not difficult. However, since Possession, this new fleshly body should be taken care of in 100 ways, to improve the agreement between primordial spirit and fleshly body. How can you squeeze wantonly?

Monster Saint Qian Qu was not selected, and it was stuck on the last day of the January deadline, and finally broke to 5th-layer.

“hong long long ~~~”

Monster Saint Qian Qu came out of the closed quiet room, aura is also much stronger.

Standing outside the quiet room are the four places of Monster Saint Jiuyan, Monster Saint Zhongxuan, Fire Dragon Monster Saint, and black robe Bei Jiao.

“I’ve broken through to the 5th-layer and can use Karmic Blood Curse Secret Technique.” Monster Saint Qian Qu calmly said.

“Trouble Qian Qu brother.” Monster Saint Jiuyan smiled and handed a token to Monster Saint Qian Qu. “With this token, you can sense all the positions of Monster King. You can get me back after you use it.”

“I will put Karmic Blood Curse on many Monster Kings.” Monster Saint Qian Qu nodded and said, “Once that mysterious Daemon is killed on a large scale, these Monster Kings will also be killed. My The “Blood Curse” will be attached to his cause and effect! Unless he reaches a very high realm in the cause and effect, he will not be aware of it. Even if he can be aware … he can’t strip the blood curse. “

“Cause and effect mysterious, the titled King Daemon knows very little about cause and effect.” Monster Saint Jiuyan said with a smile, “That Daemon cannot be noticed.”

Monster Saint Qian Qu nodded.

It is very confident.

Normal cultivation will only gradually comprehend causality until the ‘Paradise Realm’ peak stage.

Even in the entire Monster World, the Monster Saint level can only play the “Karmic Blood Curse”, it is only a Monster Saint Qian Qu. If the target is just the titled King Daemon, it is almost impossible to perceive.

“This time hard Qian Qian Qu.”

“Brother Qian Qu, great credit.” Monster Saint Zhongxuan and Fire Dragon Monster Saint also said.

Black robe Bei Jiao looked at Monster Saint Qian Qu and smiled: “Monster Saint Qian Qu, I believe Emperor will remember your contribution.”

Monster Saint Qian Qu glanced at black robe Bei Jiao, but didn’t speak and turned away.


Monster Saint Qian Qu holding the token, in the vast world, began to quietly approach the monster King, Karmic Blood Curse under Monster King.


Monster Saint Qian Qu’s spellcasting is based on its primordial spirit and blood and qi, and its monster strength is used as a tool to display the ‘Karmic Blood Curse Seal’, quietly penetrating into the Monster King’s nest ** An ordinary Monster King within the body .

Although this Monster King lair has 8 Monster Kings, it only left Karmic Blood Curse on 2 of them.


In just one day, Monster Saint Qian Qu left Karmic Blood Curse on 3000 Monster Kings, which is also the ultimate of its ability to perform.

The 3000 Monster Kings are scattered everywhere, including ocean and land.

“Successfully accomplished.” Monster Saint Qian Qu returned to the small paradise. Facing Monster Saint Jiuyan, it was calm and confident. “The bait has been laid, and the fish will be hooked.”

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