Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 376

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Monster Saint Qian Qu returns the token.

With this token, you can perceive any position of Monster King in the world. If it falls into the hands of humans, you can use one after another to kill Monster King, which is much faster than Meng Chuan’s large-scale carpet search. Therefore, Monster Saint Jiuyan is usually in control. This time, in order to display Karmic Blood Curse, Monster Saint Qian Qu was used for one day.

“If any other Daemon accidentally killed the bait?” Monster Saint Jiuyan asked, withdrawing the token.

“The 3000 Monster Kings are scattered everywhere in the world. Even if they kill by mistake, they can kill ten or eight at most. If they can kill 8? Impossible is a mistake.” It must be the mysterious Daemon. If he is allowed to kill him, I suspect that more than 100% of the 3000 Monster King will die in the Daemon. “

“Then wait and see.” Monster Saint Jiuyan said with a slight smile.

“As long as 3 baits are killed, the target can be determined. There is no need to wait for all the baits to die.” Monster Saint Qian Qu said, and then surprised. “The bait just died.”

“One dead? Who killed?” Monster Saint Jiuyan even asked, “Maybe the target.”

Monster Saint Qian Qu remotely knows through the connection of Karmic Blood Curse.

In a gloomy blur, a silhouette was seen vaguely, a silhouette of a very young man.

See clearly.

Seeing the look of the young man. In causal perception, aura camouflage and appearance camouflage are naturally useless. The young man is the famous Marquis Daemon of Human World.

“Marquis Dongning Meng Chuan?” Monster Saint Qian Qu said softly and doubtfully.

“Meng Chuan, cultivating Thunderbolt World Destroying Demonic Body, has the fastest speed in the world, but he is weaker, just named Marquis Daemon, impossible carrying Huang Yao Old Ancestor and they are besieged by Three Absolutes Formation.” Monster Saint Jiuyan said, “Bei Jiao is quite sure that the goal is the titled King Daemon. And the strength reaches the threshold of Manifestation Realm, and the life-saving ability is particularly strong.”

Monster Saint Qian Qu nodded and said: “This Meng Chuan is extremely fast. It is one of Primeval Mountain ’s rescue Daemons. He may have killed a Monster King by the way during the rescue. Wait a minute, the more bait dead , The more certain mysterious Daemon is. “


“Chi chi chi.”

9 In and out, Thunder-magnetic Domain naturally breeds lightning.

Lightning splits on each and everyone Monster King and more than 100 ordinary monster races. Monster Kings are killed. There are 2 weaker Monster Kings. The body is black and only the remains are left. The remaining Monster King’s body is still intact. Since reaching Blood Drop Realm, the formidable power of Magical Power ‘Thunderbolt Divine Eye’ (Thunder-magnetic Domain) has soared, even the lightning that breeds in the domain can kill 3rd-layer Monster King. If it is a multiple lightning combination, it can kill 4th-layer Monster King.

Meng Chuan didn’t even know that one of the Monster Kings he hacked to death from a distance was Karmic Blood Curse, which was exhibited by Monster Saint Qian Qu.

The invisible blood curse is also entangled with his cause and effect.

“Is there another resentment qi sin?” The Seamless Domain of Meng Chuan can detect the resentment qi sin. Every time the Monster King monster race is slaughtered, there will be a resentment qi sin. The ‘Monster-slaying Blade’ at the waist actively sucks resentment qi sin.

But for cause and effect, Meng Chuan really did not study.

‘Karmic Blood Curse’ He didn’t even realize that Bloodblade Plate’s role was to protect the body! Karmic Blood Curse actually leaves a “sign” on cause and effect, and the enemy can use the “Blood Curse” to lock on the target to perform a causal attack. Living in the world, there are all kinds of causes and effects, and there are new causes and effects every day … Bloodblade Plate can’t be ‘non-causal’.

Three Absolutes Formation, just cover the cause and effect, rather than completely disappeared. So the enemy can still carry out causal attacks. Even in the face of Tribulation Realm Supreme, Three Absolutes Formation can’t even conceal cause and effect.

The mysterious great hall arranged by Cang Yuan Founder is much more powerful, and it only weakens the causal attack.

Meng Chuan put away the Monster King’s corpse and leftover items and moved on.


Meng Chuan is also very cautious in exploring the earth on a large scale.

From south to north, from east to west, it is either shallow or deep.

Change it often!

Rather than have been exploring at the same depth in the earliest days, as a result, the monster race’s search law for finding Meng Chuan has also become impossible.

“Human World, it turned out to be like this.” Meng Chuan explored more times and knew how he lived in the world.

On the surface of the earth.

From the northern end of the sea to the southern end, the longest distance reaches ten ten thousand li or so.

From the east to the west, the longest distance reaches 9 ten thousand li or so.

The whole is almost a circle.

The sky is like a dome, covering the earth.

The earth?

The ground is too deep, what it looks like Meng Chuan is not yet clear.

“I heard that Human World was much smaller in the earliest days than it is today.” Meng Chuan secretly thought. “Later, Cang Yuan Founder raised the level of the world. The world has expanded greatly, and the inside of the world is enough to cultivating the level of Emperor.”


Meng Chuan is flying at super high speed in the sea water.

Although the ocean is wide, in fact, sea water is only a small part of Human World. Because the average depth of the sea is around 10 li! Below are endless earth rocks and even metals.

As long as Meng Chuan flies against the seabed, he can explore the seawater above and the large area of ​​mud and rocks below.

It only takes half a quarter of an hour from south to north.

It has to go back and forth many times … to clear the sea water area.

“En? There is Monster King!” Meng Chuan found that there is a Monster King nest outside 20 li or so. The seawater’s obstruction to Thunder-magnetic fluctuations is much smaller than that of the earth, and the exploration range in seawater is also much larger.

Now in the seabed canyon, there are Monster King nests, inhabited by 8 aquarium Monster Kings and a group of ordinary monster races. They are used to living in water.

“Boom pa!”

Within the Thunder-magnetic Domain, a single thought is generated by thunder and lightning.

One after another Lightning slashed on those Monster Kings, the ordinary monster race all turned into fly ash in a flash, 7 Monster Kings of the aquarium were killed, but there is a person Monster King who resisted the strike and even fled in panic.

“The other monster Capital is dead, the human Daemon is coming?” The flood dragon Monster King fled in panic, and suddenly he saw a masked man with gray hair in front of him. His eyes were as deep as the endless night sky, looking at it .

“Yes, this fleshly body is almost comparable to the 4th-layer Monster King.” The temple-haired man said to himself.

Immediately following the flood dragon Monster King, I felt that the consciousness was sinking in an instant, constantly sinking, sinking … as if falling into the endless abyss.

Just count the time.

flood dragon Monster King Respectfully saluted: “Master.”

Meng Chuan slightly nodded: “And rest in paradise.” Meng Chuan waved it into the Paradise Magical Bead.

Inside Paradise Magical Bead.

There are already monsters Monster King here.

“I have slaughtered more than 3 Monster Kings in more than three months, and controlled more than 10000 people who can reach the threshold Marquis strength.” Meng Chuan secretly sighed, “Unfortunately I did not specialize in illusion technique lineage, I can only rely on primordial spirit Realm is high to control Monster King. It can only control about 300. “

Where did the Monster King servants of Primeval Mountain come from?

It is mainly controlled by the titled Marquis Daemon and the titled King Daemon of illusion technique lineage. Li Guan, Luo Tang, and Qin Wu, their three Manifestation Venerables, all rely on primordial spirit realm to bully people. Meng Chuan is also the Primordial Spirit 3th-layer, which is equivalent to Qin Wu and Luo Tang, and can only control approximately 5 Monster King servants at the same time. Want to control more? You must give up some of the control of Monster King to control the new one.

“Monster King they control, most of them can only be regarded as peak 3 Heavenly Layer. And I am a large-scale screening, which can screen the new 4th-layer.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Unfortunately, those who worked out primordial spirit, I ca n’t control it, I can only kill it. “

Practice the primordial spirit, even if you are willing to acknowledge allegiance.

The pressure from controlling one is too great.

Strong strength, no condensed primordial spirit … This is Meng Chuan’s favorite Monster King servant, and now there are more than 300 Monster King servants.



The ancient seabed mountain range, the location of the mountain gate, and the black robed sillhouette condense are now watching a stream of light flying at high speed in the distance.

“I waited more than 50 years for 10000 years, and finally the titled King Daemon came here.” The black robed sillhouette was a little excited, “I waited too long!”

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