Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 377

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Meng Chuan stepped on the Bloodblade Plate against the seabed at high speed, probed all directions, looking for Monster Kings.

Suddenly the surrounding void changes.

“Not good!” Meng Chuan was startled. “Monster race has another ambush?”

3 The big sect won’t take action against himself. It is very likely that monster race will start next time, but he doesn’t know that monster race uses ‘Karmic Blood Curse’ to determine the identity of mysterious Daemon. This time really human forces led him in.

whiz whiz whiz! !! !!

The Bloodblade Plate at the foot immediately flew out a blood blade, surrounding the surroundings, isolating the inside and outside, and forming a self-defense system.

Meng Chuan watched the surroundings carefully, and the surrounding scene returned to normal. At a glance, he saw a huge seabed mountain range, and the surroundings were calm again. No attacks came, making him very confused.

“En?” Meng Chuan glanced at the sight of an ancient mountain gate in the distance. The pillars of the mountain gate were all stone green. Although the gate tower was old, it could vaguely recognize 2 writing strokes-Canghai!


Meng Chuan set off a heaven overflowing giant wave, “Is this the Canghai School site?”

It is the ordinary Daemon who knows the peerless powerhouse ‘Demonic Venerable of Canghai’ which was born in human history. Demonic Venerable of Canghai, “Azure Sea Demonic Body”, one of the 2 Ultra-grade Daemon Body.

When you reach Meng Chuan, you will know more.

Human once had an invincible sect named ‘Cang Yuan Sect’, which was created by Cang Yuan Founder.

When Cang Yuan Founder is alive, Cang Yuan Sect is the pride of the entire human.

All humans take pride in visiting Cang Yuan Sect, and sect is also very united.

Later, Cang Yuan Founder passed away, and after a long time …

Cang Yuan Sect split.

Split into ‘Canghai School’ and ‘Primeval Mountain’. According to what Meng Chuan learned, Primeval Mountain was headed by ‘Primeval Founder’ at the time, and Canghai School was headed by the Demonic Venerable of Canghai. The two people had a deep relationship with each other. It was also the most dazzling powerhouse of the era. Both are very famous. Demonic Venerable of Canghai is the genius that reached Heaven and Earth Realm, but because of primordial spirit, it didn’t really become Emperor, but it also created Emperor-level secret art. And Primeval Founder also created Emperor-level secret art and ‘Primeval Divine Body’, and became Emperor, depressing the Demonic Venerable of Canghai.

So the 2 major sects, Primeval Mountain dominates, and they get most of the power of Cang Yuan Sect, while Canghai School gets a small amount of Cang Yuan Sect.

“Canghai School has disappeared throughout history for thousands of years.” Meng Chuan looked at the ancient mountain gate, the word ‘Canghai’ on it, and the huge and vast formation power around it, “Remaining formation, so terrifying? Move me here easily? “

“Yes, look at human history. The complete Cang Yuan Sect is the strongest sect in history. Primeval Mountain is the second strongest in history. Canghai School is enough to rank third in history.” Meng Chuan understands this.

Like Blacksand Paradise, even if you get 2 complete foreign territory inheritance. In terms of details, it is still not as good as Primeval Mountain.


Dark fog condenses at the mountain gate and condenses into black robe long eyebrow old man.

“En?” Meng Chuan looked at the black robe long eyebrow old man, and with his Seamless Domain perception, this black robe long eyebrow old man should not be real life.

“Look at you flying the Tribulation Realm treasure ‘Bloodblade Plate’, are you Primeval Mountain disciple?” Black robe long eyebrow old man said.

Meng Chuan was startled: “Can it recognize the Bloodblade Plate?”

Tribulation Realm treasures, which are not special in appearance, are unlikely to be recognized.

“Don’t be surprised, this is one of the secrets of Tribulation Realm left by Cang Yuan Founder, which I certainly recognize.” Black robe long eyebrow old man said, “After all, I was also Dharma Protector of Cang Yuan Sect.”

“Cang Yuan Sect Dharma Protector?” Meng Chuan looked at it.

“Cang Yuan Sect divided into two, I became the Dharma Protector of Canghai School.” Black robe long eyebrow old man smiled at Meng Chuan, “You Primeval Mountain, also have Dharma Protector. And there are 2. Well, follow Let me do it.”

Meng Chuan temporarily put away a blood blade, but the Bloodblade Plate was still ready to be excited. Cautiously followed the Dharma Protector into the mountain gate and entered a vast paradise.

Inside the paradise, you can see 3 buildings standing on the ground.

“I brought you in is the core paradise of Canghai School.” Black robe long eyebrow old man pointed to the three buildings in front of me. “Canghai School was weak and split with Primeval Mountain. After negotiations, we only got these 3 Respect architecture. Cang Yuan Founder’s other treasures are almost in the hands of Primeval Mountain. “

“Oh?” Meng Chuan watched carefully.

Of the 3 buildings, the leftmost one is a seemingly ordinary pavilion, the middle one is a palace, and the rightmost is a tower.

“Canghai Founder and Primeval Founder negotiated, mainly selected these three buildings. Of course, there are some other gifts, such as my Dharma Protector …… is a gift.” Black robe long eyebrow old man self-deprecating said with a smile, “Primeval Founder has a good temper, has an absolute advantage, and hasn’t done anything.”

“The leftmost building, as long as it becomes the titled King Daemon, will be allowed to enter.” Black robe long eyebrow old man pointed. “It is also among these 3 buildings, you can go directly without going through the test.”

“Building of Stars?” Meng Chuan looked at the pavilion on the far left, with a plaque on the pavilion and the words ‘Building of Stars’ on it.


black robe long eyebrow old man nodded and said, “This is Cang Yuan Founder. After a long time in the Space-Time River, many precious books accumulated naturally are almost all Tribulation Realm level books, Emperor level secret art. Venerable- Only a few of the level secret art can be included. The many classics that Cang Yuan Founder has seen in his life have been screened and found suitable for the disciples of the younger generation. These 98 books have been selected, all of which are very precious. “

“Tangulation Realm, Emperor, Venerable-level secret art screened by Cang Yuan Founder?” Meng Chuan was moved. “No wonder Trivalulation Realm and Emperor-level secret art at Primeval Mountain are so rare. Primeval Founder had the advantage at first, why did he give up this Building of Stars? “

“If you can become a titled King Daemon, you should find your own Path. Looking at these secret art classics, you will not lose yourself.” Black robe long eyebrow old man said with a smile, “Of course, if you lose yourself, it means that your heart is not enough. Firm, with a limited future. If it is scrapped, it will be scrapped. “

Meng Chuan was very excited.

I have read a lot of Thunder lineage classics in Primeval Mountain. Although there are few classics here, they are only 98. I’m afraid it’s almost above the ‘Blade of Intent’.

Haven’t heard that almost all are ‘Tribulation Realm, Emperor-level’ secret art?

Very few are Venerable-level secret art, which is also selected by Cang Yuan Founder, I am afraid that it can be compared with Blade of Intent.

“Watching many secret arts, drawing on the wisdom of Senior, the Thunder lineage path I can also go faster and more stable.” Meng Chuan asked, although very emotional, “lead me here and allow me to enter the Building of Stars What do you need to pay to see the classics? “

“If you want to gain something, you have to pay.”

Dharma Protector said with a slight smile, “Into Building of Stars, the cost is not high. You can choose to switch to Canghai School, as Canghai School disciple, naturally can enter Building of Stars. And there will be other benefits. If you If you do n’t want to be a Canghai School disciple, you need to set up ‘Heart Oath’, within 100 years. To find 3 genius disciple for Canghai School, all of them need to be human geniuses of comprehend Momentum Realm 16 years old. “

“16 years old comprehend Momentum?” Meng Chuan looked towards, and said to “unable to bear.” “Canghai School should have large-scale paradise. There can also be human reproduction in the paradise. Why do I have to look for the disciples?”


Dharma Protector shook his head, “paradise is much lower than the” lower world “. It is okay to survive and multiply in it. It is not suitable for cultivating at all. And even large-scale paradise can only allow several millions of people to multiply. … Perception will be much worse, and cultivation will be more difficult. It will be difficult to give birth to an ordinary Daemon for 100 years. So to find a recipe, you still have to go to the outside world. “

Meng Chuan slightly nodded.

It is difficult to find the peerless genius that is 15 years old that became Daemon in Xue Feng.

But with 16 years old comprehend Momentum, there is still a 100-year period, which is not difficult.

“What about the other 2 buildings? If I had to go in, what would it cost?” Meng Chuan didn’t rush to agree.

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