Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 378

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“I said, Building of Stars can enter without a test.” Dharma Protector said with a slight smile, “But the other 2 buildings all need to pass the test.”

“Test?” Meng Chuan looking thoughtful.

Dharma Protector pointed to the right-most tower: “The right-most tower, named ‘Divine Pagoda of War’, was also Cang Yuan Founder’s original sect. The opponent in the tower was formed by the formation, so Primordial Spirit Secret Technique is useless. Divine Pagoda of War tests skill realm, fighting wisdom … Divine Pagoda of War is divided into 9-Layer, if it can pass through 7 floors, it represents the invincible position of Manifestation Realm in terms of combat skill. If it can pass 9-Layer, combat skill It is also called the “Manifestation Realm’s strongest level” in the Space-Time River. Even if it stays at the Manifestation peak, this skill can also kill Emperor step by step. “

“After 7 floors, the Manifestation Realm is invincible?” Meng Chuan stunned.

9-Layer is the strongest Manifestation Realm in Space-Time River? Cang Yuan Founder’s identity is still very credible.

“Divine Pagoda of War has existed in Cang Yuan Sect for 50 50,000 years and has existed in my Canghai School to this day.” Dharma Protector said, “Based on the strength and age of each Daemon who breaks into the tower, the potential judgment will be made. The energy potential is ranked in the top 5 and it will pass the test. “

“Top 5?” Meng Chuan was startled.

“Yes.” Dharma Protector smiled and looked at Meng Chuan. “Remind you that Primeval Founder has traversed Divine Pagoda of War many times. The potential ranking is ranked third. Canghai Founder is ranked seventh.”

“You let me enter the top 5?” Meng Chuan unable to bear said.

“If you are willing to switch to Canghai School, you can naturally get all kinds of benefits without testing.” Dharma Protector said, “However, you are an Outsider and want to take away the benefits of my Canghai School. The requirements are naturally high. Divine Pagoda of War You only have The higher the chance of ranking, the higher the potential ranking, the higher the Divine Pagoda of War will grant. “

Meng Chuan said nothing, pointing to the palace in the middle: “What about this one?”

“This is Mindsea Hall,” Dharma Protector said. “There are many Primordial Spirit Secret Techniques in it. Cang Yuan Founder is Fleshly Body Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme. Although Primordial Spirit is not good at it, many Primordial Spirit Secret Techniques can be collected. , Hidden in Mindsea Hall. “

Meng Chuan eyes shined.

It is secretly doubtful …

What Primeval Founder is thinking, when he took the advantage, he will also hide the “Mindsea Hall” of the Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, the “Building of Stars” with many powerful secret arts, and the “Divine Pagoda of War” that can grind the battle. Came out.

Of course, in the words of Dharma Protector, this is a small part left by Cang Yuan Founder. Most are still in Primeval Mountain.

But these are also very important to Primeval Mountain.

“Entering Mindsea Hall will also test your primordial spirit, your spiritual will.” Dharma Protector said, “The ranking is based on your age, primordial spirit, and spiritual will. If Mindsea Hall has a potential ranking in history The top 3 can be read by you in the Primordial Spirit Secret Technique. “

Dharma Protector smiled and looked at Meng Chuan: “Yes, remind you, Primeval Founder is ranked 9th in Mindsea Hall. Canghai Founder is ranked 7th in the history. The top 5 can be ranked, and 2 of them are Primordial Spirit’s Tribulation Realm Supreme! The other three are all primordial spirit innate talent extremely high genius. “

“Your request is too high.” Meng Chuan unable to bear said, “Primeval Founder, Canghai Founder can not do, there is such a high test.”

“I Canghai School, I just need you to help us find successors.” Dharma Protector pointed to Building of Stars. “A book in Building of Stars, any one of them is enough to make the outside world crazy. Now let you read it, as long as you help find 3 It ’s a discipline, as long as it reaches Momentum Realm 16 years old. The requirement is low. “

This level does not reach peerless genius.

However, the annual Entry Examination at Primeval Mountain can generally be ranked in the top 3, which is a good seedling.

“As for the test of Divine Pagoda of War and the test of Mindsea Hall, as long as you pass a test, you can let you serve as Dao Protector of my Canghai School.” Dharma Protector said with a smile, “Becoming Dao Protector has many benefits. “

“If you pass 2 tests …”

Dharma Protector looked at Meng Chuan, “Even if you don’t turn to Canghai School, everything at Canghai School can be given to you, just for your future, let Canghai School lineage endless.”

“What I said was the decision to be the head of Canghai School on the 100th 19th, and it was also approved by the 7th-gen sect master later. The entire Canghai School 100th twenty six Sect Leader Ren is the last one, and it is just the strength of the titled Marquis Daemon. “Dharma Protector sighed,” After that, no discipline can take the position of Sect Leader Ren, and Canghai School has been cut off. I have been in this vast seabed for more than 50 years. “

Meng Chuan heard the silence.

The fall of a sect …

There is still some inheritance of Cang Yuan Founder, which makes Meng Chuan sigh.

“The sea area is vast. In order to avoid other sect explorations, Canghai School even avoided the extremely remote area in the sea area.” Dharma Protector said, “The vast sea area, Daemon that happens to be here are rare, titled King Daemon… … Hundreds of thousands years, I will only wait for you one. ”

“Just wait for me?” Meng Chuan soon realized that if he had to search for Monster King himself, he would need to search everywhere, and Dharma Protector would have to wait longer.

It’s too remote here.

Human, I like to be on land. Who likes living in the sea?

Titled King Daemon, the number of each generation is very small, and occasionally go overseas to visit that’s all. The vast sea area, just got into the seabed, just came to such a remote place? The probability is too low.

“After passing the 2 tests, Canghai School will leave everything to me. Can I also pass it to Primeval Mountain?” Meng Chuan asked.

Dharma Protector nodded and said: “I made it very clear, everything is up to you, it is up to you to decide. As long as you let Canghai School lineage endless in the future.”

Canghai School is very clear.

Divine Pagoda of War and Mindsea Hall, as long as they pass a test, they can enter the top 5 in history. That is the potential of Emperor! Even worse is the Manifestation Realm peak level. Canghai School should be happy with such strength as a ‘Dao Protector’.

If you pass 2 tests?

Skill realm has high potential, primordial spirit has high potential … The two complement each other and are limitless. All have the potential to become ‘Tribulation Realm Supreme’ and almost certainly become Emperor. This and the others have benefited from Canghai School. Even for one’s own cultivation, they will never owe ‘Canghai School’. Canghai School has not come to an end, willing to give sect everything to such a character.

“Divine Pagoda of War has the top 5 potential and Mindsea Hall has the top 5 potential. Is there such a character in human history?” Meng Chuan asked.

“The recent hundred years of thousands are unclear and there is no history in the past.” Dharma Protector shook his head. “The closest is Emperor Anyang. Emperor Anyang is the potential of primordial spirit Ranked 2nd. Divine Pagoda of War ranks sixth in potential.”

“There is no such thing in the history, and the others, do you have such high requirements?” Meng Chuan unable to bear said, “Is your Canghai School’s requirements too high.”

“After all, it ’s Canghai School ’s everything to you, everything is up to you. So the demands are extremely high,” Dharma Protector said. Outstanding people are not eligible for Canghai School to offer the entire sect. “

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