Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 379

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Although Meng Chuan is very confident, looking at the history of human beings, both potentials are ranked in the top 2 and he has no confidence. After all, those who have crossed Divine Pagoda of War and Mindsea Hall have Primordial Spirit’s Tribulation Realm Supreme, Emperor, and Comprehend Heaven and Earth Realm. The ranking of ‘Canghai Founder’ is understood, Divine Pagoda of War potential Ranked 5th, Mindsea Hall ranked tenth.

“I don’t hide you,” Meng Chuan said. “Now there is another world ‘Monster World’ and our ‘Human World’ connected to each other in the Space-Time River, and there are World Gap. World Gate is countless, my human has It’s time for life and death. “

“Life or death?” Dharma Protector was surprised.


Meng Chuan nodded, “Monster World is more powerful than our Human World. They have a wider world and more powerhouses. In terms of present age, there are 3 monster race Emperors and nearly 100 Monster Saints. But our Human World is one. There is no Emperor, the present age is only 9 Manifestation Realm. “

“Monster Saint, comparable to Manifestation Realm?” Dharma Protector asked.

“Yes.” Meng Chuan nodded, “And two of them have reached the” Heaven and Earth Realm “in the Monster Saint Realm world. There are more and more World Gates now. If there will be a World Gate that can accommodate the passage of” Monster Saint “in the future, Many Monster Saints come in and will sweep Human World. “

Meng Chuan looked at Dharma Protector: “My human has reached the point of life and death, I desperately need the power of Canghai School, if the classics in Canghai School, Primordial Spirit Secret Technique can make Manifestation Realm comprehend. Maybe Emperor can be born, or out A Manifestation Realm is invincible. That will completely save the entire Human World. “

“Manifestation Realm invincibility is difficult to appear, it is not enough to rely on the classic secret technique.” Dharma Protector shook his head, “In human history, the average tens of thousands of years was born a Manifestation Realm invincibility, and most of them are Cang Yuan Founder. Intergenerational disciples. “

“Cang Yuan Founder intergenerational disciples?” Meng Chuan eyes shined, “How to cultivate intergenerational disciples?”

Dharma Protector looked at Meng Chuan for a moment, and said with a smile: “You are the titled King Daemon, you should n’t really be in charge of Primeval Mountain, so I do n’t know the secrets of Primeval Mountain. In fact, Cang Yuan Founder ’s secret The world ’s big sect knows. The inheritance of Cang Yuan Founder is at Primeval Mountain! The next generation of Cang Yuan Founder ’s disciplinary … naturally emerges from Primeval Mountain disciple. This is also one of the reasons why Primeval Mountain is powerful. “

“From the Primeval Mountain disciple?” Meng Chuan gently nodded.

The sect will naturally find ways to cultivate Cang Yuan Founder’s next-generation discipline.

It is only tens of thousands of years that a Manifestation Realm is invincible. Also too difficult.


An’er cultivating is Reincarnation Divine Body, a Daemon Body created by Cang Yuan Founder. I do not know, is it eligible to become the next generation of Cang Yuan Founder’s discipline? It’s just that An’er is still far from the titled Marquis Daemon.

Meng Chuan had many thoughts in his mind, and then aside temporarily.

Meng Chuan looked at Dharma Protector seriously said: “You are in seabed, I believe that you have recently seen Monster Kings Path through the surrounding area.”

“Yes, I have seen several waves of Monster King.” Dharma Protector nodded.

“This place is so remote, I have seen several waves of Monster King Path. You can speculate how many Monster Kings there are in the whole world.” Meng Chuan said, “Human is indeed at the time of life and death, you Dharma Protector is also left by Cang Yuan Founder Yes, at this moment, you ca n’t make an exception and pass these all to Primeval Mountain? Primeval Mountain is also Cang Yuan Founder lineage after all. “


Dharma Protector sighed, “The meaning of my existence is to follow the orders. The orders left by the head of Canghai School, I can’t go against them. They not at all say that because Human World is going to die soon, the entire Canghai School is handed over to other sect.”

Meng Chuan was annoyed and helpless.

That is the long history of the past, and no other world has invaded. If the head of Canghai School is alive, I believe that the barriers will be abandoned at this time.

“It stands to reason that with the inheritance left by Cang Yuan Founder, Human World is not so easy to perish.” Dharma Protector wondered.

“What can I do if I encounter a stronger world?” Meng Chuan shook his head. “This war has lasted for more than 800 years. Too many Daemons and too many mortals have died.

“For so long?”

Dharma Protector shook his head gently, “I am a Dharma Protector and must follow the order. You want to give Canghai School’s classic secret technique to other forces. There is only one way to pass the 2 tests. Canghai School gives you everything, it is up to you, I will also follow your orders. “

Meng Chuan knew it.

Let’s do it by ourselves. Meng Chuan glanced at the three buildings.

Building of Stars, Mindsea Hall, Divine Pagoda of War.

“Go to Mindsea Hall first.” Meng Chuan made the decision. He is most confident in his primordial spirit innate talent and can fight it. As long as he can pass a test, he can serve as Dao Protector. Power can also be much greater.

Meng Chuan walked towards Mindsea Hall.

“Just go straight in and sit in the futon, and you will fall into the test of the will of the mind.” Dharma Protector said with a slight smile. “Yes, what is your name? You need to record your name in Mindsea Hall, Divine Within the Pagoda of War. “

Meng Chuan thought for a while before saying, “Just call me ‘Monster Slayer’.”

“Monster Slayer?” Dharma Protector was slightly surprised.

Since wearing a mask and disguising, in the whole process of investigating and killing Monster King, he will not reveal his true identity. Even when you come to Canghai School, it is still undisclosed. The identity can be kept long enough only if it has been kept secret.

“OK, I record it.” Dharma Protector slightly nodded.

Meng Chuan walked to the front of Mindsea Hall, the door closed, and Meng Chuan reached out and pushed open.


The huge hall door slowly opened, warm aura assaults the senses from the inside, letting people relax.

“Test the will of the soul?” Meng Chuan stepped inside.

After entering Mindsea Hall, Meng Chuan only felt that this great hall seemed ordinary, with a futon in the middle, which was quite in line with the style of Cang Yuan Founder’s construction of the great hall. Meng Chuan walked to the futon and directly sit cross-legged .

In a moment of sitting, consciousness roared and fell into a vast world.

“this is?”

Meng Chuan looked around.

The sky is sunny and the blue sea is very beautiful.

I was on a small boat, holding a paddle. The boat was floating on the endless ocean. The ocean was very calm, but there were 3 feet of waves even if it was still. The boat continued to ripple with the waves, and Meng Chuan stood firmly on the boat.

“This is the Mindsea Hall test?” Meng Chuan wondered, “Let me cross the sea by boat?”


Outside Mindsea Hall, the hall gate has been hong long long and closed again.

Dharma Protector stood outside the hall with a smile and sighed, sighing 10000 points: “For so many years, this Mindsea Hall finally has Daemon coming in again. When Mindsea Hall was still in Cang Yuan Sect, what kind of excitement was there, and a lot of Daemons came in one after another. It’s a pity that those busy days are gone forever. “

“Monster Slayer? Tell me a pseudonym for a Dharma Protector?” The pillar of Dharma Protector looked towards Mindsea Hall, and the handwriting appeared on it-“Monster Slayer, 59 years old”.

“59 years old?” Dharma Protector’s eyes widened like brass bells, “Isn’t he the titled King Daemon? Isn’t his curly hair gray?”

The titled King Daemon will generally not be young.

The curly hair is gray, usually over 400 years old.

Mindsea Hall is based on the ‘years’ of life to determine the age, the most accurate.

“His name is also fake.” Dharma Protector murmured, “This kid, disguised deep enough.”

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