Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 380

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“Look at the rankings.” Dharma Protector thoughts move, the densely packed ranking immediately appeared on the post, which was a full 1000.

“Monster Slayer?”

Dharma Protector glanced at it, and immediately found it, eyes shrank.

9th: Monster Slayer.

“As soon as I entered Mindsea Hall, I ranked 9th.” Dharma Protector was a little surprised. “This potential ranking is determined based on age, primordial spirit, and spiritual will. The spiritual will test will take a long time, he is very young, Only by reaching Primordial Spirit 3th-layer can the initial ranking be so high. “

Canghai Founder, has gone in and out many times in history, and finally Mindsea Hall’s potential ranking is only tenth.

As soon as Meng Chuan entered, the initial ranking reached ninth, and even pushed Canghai Founder back one place-tenth.

Even the Primeval Founder’s Mindsea Hall ranks only 9th, and this time it was pressed down to 1th by Meng Chuan.

As soon as I entered, the initial ranking pushed the 2 Sect Founder back!

This primordial spirit innate talent is terrifying.

And the end of the spiritual will test will improve the ranking.

“The 59-year-old Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, this primordial spirit innate talent is really perverted. Among the human geniuses I know, it can be ranked in the top 5.” Dharma Protector secretly thought, “but primordial spirit lineage to late stage, “Mind will” is also extremely important. In the Primordial Spirit Tribulation environment, every Tribulation Realm must be alive and dead. Without a strong mind will not be able to break through. “

“Now it depends on his spiritual will, as long as he reaches the average level of these geniuses, he will be in the top 5.” Dharma Protector secretly exclaimed, “It seems that Canghai School will have a Dao Protector.”


The vast ocean.

Meng Chuan is riding a small boat, blowing the sea breeze, enjoying the sun, quite comfortable.

As the waves undulated, the boat also undulated, and Meng Chuan took control under ease.

“This is called a test?” Meng Chuan smiled, “More like enjoyment.”

The waves gradually increased.

Meng Chuan sat in the boat, holding the oars: “In this fantasy world, my primordial spirit idea can affect the surroundings.”

“In the waves, it’s the right way to follow the trend and even use it for your own use. The effect of brutal resistance is poor.” Meng Chuan is the titled King Daemon after all, these power control techniques are still understood, and the idea affects the boat and the surroundings. The sea water makes the boat use the power of the waves. Although it continues to fluctuate, it seems to become a part of the sea water. The boat looks very relaxed and perfectly controls the waves.

“En?” Meng Chuan looked up towards the sky.

It was getting dark, and dark clouds began to condense.

hu hu ~~~

The wind is blowing!

The waves also started to surge, and Meng Chuan took it seriously. He sat in his hand paddle and rowed while thinking of the auxiliary boat. He is strong as an ox, and can use the power of the paddle to cut the sea water, so that the ship can better leverage.

“Hong long long.” The dark clouds in the sky thundered, the gusty winds screamed, and the waves were turbulent. I always wanted to overturn this boat, but under the control of Meng Chuan, this boat borrowed everywhere and appeared in one after another. On a wave.

“Interesting.” Meng Chuan likes this sense of conquest, conquering giant waves again and again.


In the dark clouds, there was a sudden rainstorm pouring, and the water drops pa pa pa of big beans hit.

When the rainstorm is heavy, the sky is like a huge basin. The rainstorm naturally hit the boat. Meng Chuan instantly became a soup chicken, and his body was completely wet.

“The violent winds and the heavy rains are pouring, and the rain is getting bigger and bigger.” Meng Chuan felt that the world in front of him was blurred by the heavy rain. Although the idea could barely make the rain not touch the eyes, he did not have any Magical Power. There is no way to use any means such as domain. Rainwater floods heaven and earth, blurring everything, and his naked eye ca n’t see clearly.

Can only rely on the ‘primordial spirit idea’ to sense the close surroundings, try to steer the boat, and strive to conquer the waves that have reached ten zhang or so one after another.

There was darkness between heaven and earth, but Meng Chuan still faced calmly.

What is the oppression now brought?

Meng Chuan’s spiritual will was excellent even before he came down the mountain.

After going down the mountain …

A Path of blood and rain came over, and the conviction in his heart, which had been tested again and again, became more and more indestructible.

as the saying goes, be tempered into a steel!

The mind will also need to be tempered into a steel! In peacetime, it is difficult to have a ‘Hundred Refinements’ environment. That’s why there is a hero out of chaos, because chaos is really terrifying, chaos, life is like a mustard.

The war between human and monster race is the battle of the survival of the entire race, and it is more tragic than the war in any period of human history. The Monster Kings slaughter is the slaughter of 10000 and hundred of thousands of people. If Daemon ca n’t keep it, it ’s more It is the city of slaughter. The total number of mortal deaths in the whole world continues every year in units of ‘100000000’.

This kind of war only made Meng Chuan 6 years old vow to ‘monster-slaying’. In peacetime, 6-year-olds should have fun playing under the knees of their parents.

This kind of war only allowed him and Liu Qiyue to support each other, fight the battlefield together, fight for life and death, cut the monster race, live in the same quarter, and die in the same hole.

Only in this kind of war can Meng Chuan’s father, mother, wife, son, daughter … all have to go to the battlefield.

This kind of war will only be tempered into a steel-like terrifying belief, which has long surpassed life and death.


Dharma Protector has been idle for too long, more than 50 and 10000 years ago. Finally, there is a person Daemon in Mindsea Hall, it is very excited in his heart.

It has been staring at the rankings appearing on the pillars, and as the tests inside proceed, it will generally improve on the basis of the initial rankings.

“No. 8.”

“No. 7.”

Dharma Protector watched in shock and joy.

Who’s the one who ran through Mindsea Hall? During the Cang Yuan Sect Commander human period, the entire human was the only sect. At that time, all humans who had Great Accomplishment passed through Mindsea Hall. After the split, Canghai School also had many geniuses to enter. Although it has fallen today, Canghai School and Primeval Mountain have also fought for many years in history.

According to historical achievements, it can also be ranked in the third sect of history.

“No. 5?”

Looking at the rankings, Dharma Protector was surprised, “This Monster Slayer has really made it into the top 5, at least it is also Canghai School Dao Protector.”

“His age and primordial spirit are very difficult to deal with, and his spirit will also be quite high.” Dharma Protector secretly thought, “So, the whole can be ranked in the top 5.”

“There is no short board, the path of primordial spirit he can go very far, Primordial Spirit 7th-layer is nailed on the board, and it is even expected to reach Primordial Spirit 8th-layer ‘Tribulation Realm’.” Dharma Protector secretly thought, “But can it be Tribulation Realm , Depending on his future experience. “

Tribulation Realm Supreme in human history, can be counted on one’s fingers.

Just when Dharma Protector was thinking.

The ranking on Pillar has changed again.

Dharma Protector swallowed and looked at Meng Chuan’s new ranking: “Mindsea Hall’s historical potential ranking is ranked third? And he hasn’t come out yet, the test is not over yet. Could it continue to improve?”

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