Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 381

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Ranking on pillars-

First: Myriad Sword Island Lord

Section 2: Emperor Anyang

Section 3: Monster Slayer


Dharma Protector watched a marvel of 10000 points, and now the two in front of Meng Chuan are both Renowned. Needless to say, Emperor Anyang, the strongest Primordial Spirit’s Tribulation Realm Supreme in human history, has reached the ‘primordial spirit 2 Tribulation Realm’, the cultivating is Reincarnation Divine Body, Reincarnation spear technique, and once established a unified world empire.

The first-ranked “Myriad Sword Island Lord” is a very lonely swordsman, the highest achiever of “Sword Dao” in human history. He has no intention of building an empire and has no intention of teaching the discipline, although it is the most powerfulhouse in his era. Even Cang Yuan Sect’s many disciplines adore this sect Number One Person. But Myriad Sword Island Lord mostly lives alone in overseas islands, and rarely contacts the outside world. Most of his conscious thoughts are on flesh and blood, and he has been swimming in the Space-Time River for a long time. He broke the name of He Weiwei.

He created the ‘Thirteen Swordfiend Demonic Body’, which was the first to kill, and once used Emperor Body, skipped a rank to kill ‘Tribulation Realm Supreme’.

He was focused on Sword Dao and walked on Path of Fleshly Body Tribulation Realm.

Although his ‘Thirteen Swordfiend Demonic Body’ is extremely large, its formidable power surpasses the Reincarnation Divine Body, but it is too extreme. It is more difficult to achieve the Fleshly Body Perfection to reach the ‘Tribulation Realm’, and he has not been able to take that step in his life. , In the end can only regret to die. In human history, Cang Yuan Founder was the only one who achieved the ‘Tribulation Realm’ fleshly body Perfection.

Even because of the scattered sword secret technique he left on 10000 sword islands, there was a younger Daemon comprehend, who created a sect like ‘Myriad Sword Sect’, which even prospered for a long time.

“He now, only after Myriad Sword Island Lord and Emperor Anyang, this Daemon may achieve the same achievements as Myriad Sword Island Lord and Emperor Anyang in the future.” Dharma Protector thought secretly.


“hong long long ~~~”

The heavy rain made chaos between heaven and earth. Meng Chuan struggled to steer the boat. Thunder rumbling in his ears and one after another thunder and lightning.

Meng Chuan primordial spirit intended to steer the boat with all his strength, and flew his oars to evade, one after another thunder and lightning split, some split in the sea water next to the ship, and formidable power was also reduced when passed to the ship. Although Meng Chuan’s consciousness trembled, he recovered quickly. Sometimes … thunder and lightning are directly on the boat.

“Boom.” Thunder and lightning were too fast, and Meng Chuan could not avoid it. Thunder and lightning split directly on the ship. Thunder and lightning threw the ship and Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan instantly felt blank.

Like the end.

By the time Meng Chuan recovered, he and the boat had reached the depths of the water.

“Go up.” Meng Chuan waved the oars, and at the same time wrapped his mind around the ship, struggling to rush upwards, even if the undercurrent was turbulent, he rushed to the surface of the sea again.

“Boom.” The huge wave of full zhang high, like a mountain, directly smashed down.

However, Meng Chuan steered the boat and quickly approached the giant waves. At this time, it is safer to approach the giant waves. Because it is farther away, it is easy to be directly hit by the “hundred head” of a hundred zhang. Close together, but there are smaller “holes” to avoid shocks.

Calmly in a harsh environment, looking for opportunities, survived time and again, and the idea also tried to protect the wooden boat from being broken by strikes.

“This ship is my primordial spirit, incarnation. If the idea does not collapse, it will not disperse.” Meng Chuan understood this.

But as the marine environment gets worse and worse.

thunder and lightning one after another.

The tide is becoming more and more terrifying, and Meng Chuan also feels that his consciousness is beginning to be a little vague, but the persistence in his heart allows him to support it.

The “hong long long ~~~” 800 zhang high wave is really higher than many mountains. When Meng Chuan steered the boat from the seabed to the sea, he saw the 800 zhang high wave just hit. There is no way to hide, only to resist.

Bang! ! !

The heavy strikes, the wooden boat burst and burst. When the momentum continues to increase, it will eventually exceed the tolerance limit.


“En?” Meng Chuan woke up suddenly.

He saw the quaint palace again and saw the futon sitting down.

“The test is over.” Meng Chuan clear comprehension, his tired spirit was quickly recovered, and it was much easier.

“I don’t know how I ranked in Mindsea Hall’s history.” Meng Chuan got up, and at this time the door of Mindsea Hall’s hall opened directly, and the black robe long eyebrow old man standing outside was staring at Meng Chuan.

“what happened?”

Meng Chuan stepped out of the hall.

black robe long eyebrow old man looked closely at Meng Chuan, as if looking at a monster, reaching for the pillar beside the finger.

Meng Chuan turned his head to look, the pillar showed the ranking, and at a glance, Meng Chuan was also surprised:

First: Monster Slayer

Section 2: Myriad Sword Island Lord

Section 3: Emperor Anyang


“I’m number one?” Meng Chuan couldn’t believe it. His age was very young. The 59-year-old Primordial Spirit 5th-layer was ranked among the top 5 in history. Can be combined with the will of the soul, you are in the first place? There are human powerhouses of Tribulation Realm Supreme, Emperor and comprehend Heaven and Earth Realm. Own a titled King Daemon ranked first?

black robe long eyebrow old man finally came back to his senses, unable to bear said: “Your primordial spirit realm, human history is a lot higher than you. This above Primordial Spirit 8th-layer ‘Tribulation Realm’ has Talking about mind will, Primordial Spirit’s Tribulation Realm Supreme, which has been cultivated for 10000 years, will definitely be stronger than you. But this is the potential ranking. “

“Your primordial spirit, your spiritual will … Judging from your age of 59, your primordial spirit’s potential is the first in human history.” Black robe long eyebrow old man said very positively.

Although like Human Number One Powerhouse ‘Cang Yuan Founder’ there is no need to go to Mindsea Hall.

But the juniors all know that Cang Yuan Founder’s primordial spirit is a major weakness. He stays in Primordial Spirit 7th-layer for life and cannot enter Primordial Spirit 8th-layer.

As for Cang Yuan Founder going forward … At that time, Human World was very weak. From cultivation to peak, it was Manifestation Realm. It is very rare to have a Venerable.

“Innate talents are high, and eventually there are others.” Meng Chuan said with a smile. “I’m far from myriad powerhouses such as Myriad Sword Island Lord and Emperor Anyang.”

Potential is potential, strength is strength.

2 Code things. Meng Chuan is sober.

And in fact, he also knows that his primordial spirit innate talent is extremely high!

“With your primordial spirit innate talent, it is very suitable to take the path of primordial spirit.” Black robe long eyebrow old man persuaded, “Don’t choose the path of ‘Fleshly Body Tribulation Realm’ in the future. After all, it is Cang Yuan Founder cultivating to fleshly Body Perfection, to achieve Tribulation Realm. And no other Daemon can do it. Cang Yuan Founder also admitted that this is the reason for Daemon System itself. “

“Daemon System, repair true yuan, fleshly body is second. Want to cultivate fleshly body to Perfection, it is naturally difficult.”

“Primordial spirit is different. Primordial spirit treats all beings the same, and it doesn’t care about the system, it’s more about refining the heart.” Black robe long eyebrow old man said.

“Thanks, but I’m still far from Emperor. I don’t need to consider these for now.” Meng Chuan said with a smile.

“I see you have this potential, and remind you a few words.”

Meng Chuan looked forward to it.

“Mindsea Hall’s evaluation of you exceeds the threshold of ‘Tribulation Realm’.” Black robe long eyebrow old man said with a slight smile, “So, a hidden inheritance of Mindsea Hall can be passed on to you.”

“En?” Meng Chuan was surprised.

“This is the most mysterious primordial spirit inheritance that Cang Yuan Founder has run through the Space-Time River, and the longest years, Cang Yuan Founder determined that it should be an inheritance of ‘Primordial Spirit Eight Realm Supreme’.” Black robe long eyebrow old The man said, “This inheritance is limited by Space-Time River rules. It will disappear after 9 transfers. In the past, it has been transferred 7 times. You rank high enough so you can learn.”

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