Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 382

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“Eight Tribulation Realm Supreme?” Meng Chuan’s heart shook. Isn’t it 9 Tribulation Realm Eternal?

black robe long eyebrow old man said with emotion: “You are a titled King Daemon and have never left Human World. You may not understand what ‘Eight Tribulation Realm Supreme’ means. Tribulation Realm Supreme cultivation, the further the breakthrough, the more breakthrough Difficult. ‘Sixth Tribulation Realm Supreme’ is enough to make many world shiver coldly. Many Emperor travel the Space-Time River. The strongest existence that they can see in their lifetime is Sixth Tribulation Realm Supreme. It may not even be seen. “

Meng Chuan secretly stunned.

Emperor lifespan is long, and traveling through Space-Time River, it is not necessarily possible to see a Sixth Tribulation Realm Supreme. Visible sparse.

“As for Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme? That’s a legend! It’s a symbol of invincibility!” Said black robe long eyebrow old man. “Invincible in every aspect, no matter where you go, many worlds have to be in awe.”

“As for 8 Tribulation Realm? This is the most powerful house that Cang Yuan Founder can explore.” Black robe long eyebrow old man said, “They have the power of unimaginable, even restricted by the space-time rules. It’s only one step away from achieving Eternal. Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme will be willing to follow them, hoping to get some advice from them. “

“Cang Yuan Founder was stuck in bottleneck and failed to break through to 8 Tribulation Realm until he died.” Black robe long eyebrow old man said, “Cang Yuan Founder has only seen a living Eight Tribulation Realm Supreme in his life.”

Meng Chuan nodded.

“Follow me.” The black robe long eyebrow old man walked towards Mindsea Hall and stepped into the hall. Meng Chuan also followed.


Inside Mindsea Hall, Meng Chuan walked in this time, only to see that the void changed, and he came to a quiet room.

“En?” Suspended in the quiet room is a large white sphere with a slap. With Meng Chuan’s vision, it can be seen that the white sphere has a fine structure, composed of tiny structures that are difficult to calculate 100000000 100000000 10000.

At the moment I saw the white sphere.

Meng Chuan froze.

He only feels that every structure seen by naked eye is full of endless charm, and the whole white sphere is much larger and larger than the whole heaven and earth he recognized. At this moment, all he has in his heart is ‘moving’. Seeing the “greatness” of far surpasses heaven and earth, he was moved by the instinct of this weak creature.


The white sphere shot out of the rays of light and shot into Meng Chuan’s eyebrows. Meng Chuan couldn’t resist or resist, and that stream of light was already integrated into Meng Chuan Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Meng Chuan consciousness has fallen into an illusory world.

Unreal world, there are grass, there are round buildings, there is a person who looks like a kind of silver-haired blue pupil old man.

He had 2 tentacles on his forehead and looked at Meng Chuan with a smile: “My name is Feiyu, and I have reached the limit of lifespan. Although my life is not Eternal, I am very satisfied. I swim in the Space-Time River and have traveled 37 universe , I have seen too many landscapes. The only thing I can’t let go now is my hometown ‘Feiyu World’. “

“Although I try my best to raise my hometown to ‘Higher World’, there will still be a powerful Tribulation Realm staring at everything I have left and watching my hometown.”

“I leave this inheritance as my highest achievement in my life. If you are comprehend, you will have cause and effect with me. In the future, after reaching 8 Tribulation Realm … I will protect me Feiyu World 100,000 years, or will The “World Tree” was sent to Feiyu World for causality. As for 8 Tribulation Realm, Feiyu World should not be found. “The silver-haired blue pupil old man said with a smile.

8 Tribulation Realm?

Too far away from myself.

“My highest achievement in cultivation is limited by Space-Time River and it is difficult to describe directly in language. So I hid the inheritance in the scroll, with a total of 29 scrolls called” Primordial Spirit Stars. “

“You can see the scroll, but you can comprehend what you want, but it depends on yourself.” The silver-haired blue pupil old man smiled and said, “I taught ten or two disciplines in my life, the understanding is not the same, there is similar to me Yes, it ’s the exact opposite of mine. Interestingly speaking, of the 2 disciplines, the one with the highest achievement is the opposite of mine. ”

Following the collapse of Unreal World, the silver-haired blue pupil old man dissipated.

A huge picture scroll merged into the memory of Meng Chuan.

The first chart is a Desolate Star, which exudes a simple mysterious concept. This is a three-dimensional ‘Desolate Star’. It seems that the real stars are in front of you. The pattern can comprehend many mysteries.

The second chart, still stars, is more mysterious.


Picture by picture.

29 chart, every chart is a star! The further back, the deeper and deeper the paintings of the stars.

What Meng Chuan can barely see is the first 9 charts. The 9th chart is divided into 9 Void Planes. Different Void Planes correspond to different stars. The combination of 9 levels of stars … is the complete Void Star.

Going back?

do not understand!

Like the last painting, it also looks like a star. Meng Chuan only feels that the endless expanse of concept assaults the senses is more magnificent than the ‘purple thunder’ that has seen the torn Space-Time River. If the star appeared in reality, Meng Chuan glanced at it, and the primordial spirit might become silent and silent.

“Through Mindsea Trial, you can comprehend Primordial Spirit Stars.”

“Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, comprehend the first 3 charts, and never comprehend 4th.”

“Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, comprehend the top 6 charts.”

“Primordial Spirit 7th-layer, comprehend the top 9 charts.”

“Primordial Spirit Tribulation Realm … Do your best.”

Seeing this 29 chart, there is also a message pouring into my mind, briefly introducing the taboo of cultivation, the inheritance.

Primordial spirit realm is not enough, comprehend forcefully, harmful and unhelpful.

“Through Mindsea Trial? It seems that Mindsea Hall’s own test was laid down by the ancient Supreme of ‘Feiyu’? It was used by Cang Yuan Founder to test each and everyone’s descendants.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Yes, Cang Yuan Founder itself is not good at primordial spirit lineage, how to test the potential of primordial spirit of younger generations? “

Meng Chuan first comprehend the first chart.

The three-dimensional Star Chart has more runes and changes.

Realizing the runes, looking at this Star Chart, Meng Chuan gradually realized that after all, this entry is relatively simple, and all runes are directly exposed. To the late stage, there is no appearance of runes. So the disciplines can comprehend what is what, maybe even the opposite of that Supreme Feiyu.

“Primordial spirit, can you also directly cultivate?” Meng Chuan secretly stunned.

A little comprehend, he discovered this.

This is also the core of this inheritance.

“Primeval Mountain’s secret technique was originally taught by fleshly body true yuan to nurture soul and primordial spirit.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “But this” Primordial Spirit Stars “is much more subtle, based on the original primordial spirit As a foundation, self-improvement slowly. “

“This is a proportional increase, so the stronger the primordial spirit itself, the more improvement. The more it reaches the late stage, the more terrifying.”

Meng Chuan comprehend carefully.

“Getting started is to completely change the structure of the primordial spirit.”

“Miao, it’s really wonderful.”

“There is also a killing move against the enemy.”

Meng Chuan was intoxicated.


In the early stage, because there are detailed rune guidelines, the discipline cultivating and Feiyu Senior are also similar, and the big difference will only appear in the middle late stage.

Meng Chuan comprehend only one hour, he had clear comprehension for the first chart and admired Supreme Feiyu.

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