Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 383

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“This 2nd chart needs to be understood, I am afraid it will take a few months.” Meng Chuan spent another more than a few hours simply comprehend the 2nd chart and the 3rd chart, and then stopped temporarily. He is now precious and needs to go Investigate and hunt Monster King, not to waste too long.

“Get started first.”

Meng Chuan a single thought.

The “primordial spirit” in Sea of ​​Consciousness is suddenly decomposed into countless primordial spirit ideas. Based on countless primordial spirit ideas, the “primordial spirit” is restructured.

Just like the same tiny substances, some can make up charcoal and some can make up diamonds. The structure of the ‘primordial spirit’ that was originally formed naturally is very delicate. If you change the structure without permission, the overwhelming majority will damage the primordial spirit. Feiyu Senior’s understanding of primordial spirit is unimaginable. His perfect primordial spirit structure is the most primitive structure of far surpasses primordial spirit.


According to the primordial spirit structure of the first chart comprehend in “Primordial Spirit Stars”, in the Sea of ​​Consciousness of Meng Chuan, countless primordial spirit ideas have finally been combined into a huge star.

The stars rotate slowly, exuding endless charm.

Meng Chuan only felt spiritually ethereal, thinking several times faster, and primordial spirit is extremely stable! like a fortress.

And as the primordial spirit slowly rotates, the primordial spirit absorbs external forces and slowly strengthens the primordial spirit. This kind of reinforcement is very slow, but the victory is to never stop!

“According to the brief description of” Primordial Spirit Stars “, Primordial Spirit 5th-layer to Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, only with this method cultivating, it takes about 500 years. Primordial Spirit 6th-layer to Primordial Spirit 7th-layer, it takes 1000 years About. It takes about 7 years from Primordial Spirit 8th-layer to Primordial Spirit 2000th-layer. “Meng Chuan secretly sighed,” It’s a terrifying method. “

Manifestation Venerable is mostly Primordial Spirit 5th-layer. With this method, as long as you get started, you can go to Primordial Spirit 500th-layer in 6 years.

Those Emperor, how difficult it is to achieve Tribulation Realm. This method allows the primordial spirit to enter the Tribulation Realm.

“But there are thresholds.”

“The first sect threshold is the picture scroll. This method is completely within the picture scroll. The early comprehend is relatively easy, and the more difficult it is later. Even the comprehend result may be Feiyu Senior acting in a way that defeats one’s purpose.” Meng Chuan secretly thought , “Acting in a way that defeats one’s purpose is not afraid, I am afraid that what I understand is a dead Path, it may be stuck in Primordial Spirit 6th-layer or Primordial Spirit 7th-layer.”

Comprehend’s Primordial Spirit Stars structure is wrong.

If you try to restructure Primordial Spirit Stars, it will break up. Not only will you not break through, but it will hurt the foundation.

Obviously, this method is limited by space-time, not everyone can practice it.

“The second threshold is the will of the mind. The mind will not be strong enough to comprehend the picture. The oppression force brought by the” star “in the picture is enough to hurt the primordial spirit. And the mind will not be strong enough, and stepping into Tribulation Realm is death! The first Tribulation Realm can’t break through. “

Tribulation Realm, every disaster is divided into life and death. The will of the soul is extremely important.

“To Primordial Spirit 6th-layer 500 years? If it is in peace, it’s not bad.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “In this war period, it is still too slow to improve by this cultivation method on its own.”

“This method makes the primordial spirit stable and the defense level increases more than ten times.” Meng Chuan felt how steady the slowly rotating star in the Sea of ​​Consciousness was.

“As for killing the enemy?”

“Normal only move, it is ‘Star Fluactation’.”

In a single thought, there will be an invisible circle of waves spreading, which can affect all directions, and can also be constrained against an enemy.

“Star Fluactation can affect primordial spirit enemies at the same level. If the opponent’s primordial spirit is in its original form, it can cause the opponent to lose nearly half of its strength.” Meng Chuan secretly thought.

“There is also ‘forbidden move’, Primordial Spirit Stars, which has a starburst inside, which is the foundation of the primordial spirit. If you release a starburst, you can hurt the Primordial Spirit 6th-layer step by step.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “may A star burst damages 30% of the foundation of primordial spirit. Even the resilience of the ‘Primordial Spirit Stars’ method is amazing, it will take ten years to recover. “

“There is also the move of ‘burn both jade and stone’, which burns the entire Primordial Spirit Stars, struggling to strike. It is highly probable that the primordial spirit is completely annihilated. If you successfully kill your opponent, some of you may still be alive. ‘Primordial Spirit Stars’ runs spontaneously, taking 1000 years or more, and can slowly return to the original realm. “Meng Chuan understands this.

Burn both jade and stone move, it is absolutely not allowed to play casually.

No matter the enemy is dying Undying, he has a high probability to die. Even if it is alive, it will take too long to recover.

“According to the description, if the Tribulation Realm is reached, the ‘Starburst’ can be displayed normally, as if it were an ordinary move.”

“If you reach 6 Tribulation Realm, the ‘burn both jade and stone’ move can also be used as a regular forbidden move, and each show will only damage part of the foundation, and it will take decades to recover.” Meng Chuan understands this, and apparently got there Waiting for the realm to burn the entire primordial spirit strikes, the primordial spirit can still do very little damage.


Meng Chuan’s eyes changed, and he returned to the original Mindsea Hall.

“Cultivating finished?” Dharma Protector smiled at Meng Chuan.

“Very difficult to deal with the method.” Meng Chuan said that although the early stage is mainly based on stability, the enemy mainly depends on ‘Star Fluactation’, but it can greatly reduce the strength of the enemy at the same level.


Dharma Protector pointed to the side of the hall, and he waved his hand. A bookshelf appeared in the hall. There was a book on the bookshelf.

“Cang Yuan Founder traveled in the Space-Time River, and also received a lot of Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, all here.” Dharma Protector said with a smile, “And other human Tribulation Realm, Emperor, the number of doors obtained is amazing The classics of the secret technique of God are also here. “

Meng Chuan nodded.

The most dazzling group of powerhouses in human history, mainly during the Cang Yuan Sect period.

Some were personally directed by Cang Yuan Founder to improve naturally. Some of them rose after the death of Sect Founder. At that time, sect had a deep background and many treasures. Myriad Sword Island Lord, Emperor Anyang and other powerhouses also appeared.

As you reach the late stage, there are fewer and fewer treasures that contribute to cultivation, and the birth of human powerhouse is naturally more difficult.

“Other Primordial Spirit Secret Technique classics, you can read it slowly in the future. You’d better read this one first.” Dharma Protector walked to the shelf, took the next book and handed it to Meng Chuan, “This is the cultivating” Primordial ” “Spirit Stars” human powerhouse, some notes left, only those who have inheritance are eligible to read. “

Suddenly, Meng Chuan took the book and read it.

“Remember, the name of” Primordial Spirit Stars “cannot be said to the outside world. Otherwise, it will cause a big disaster.”

“” Primordial Spirit Stars “can improve the primordial spirit, and the extent of the increase cannot be described. In short, everything about” Primordial Spirit Stars “must be kept secret, and it is sufficient to disguise it as a highly defensive Peak Primordial Spirit Secret Technique. “


Meng Chuan flipped through the books.

There are records of Primordial Spirit’s Tribulation Realm Supreme and records of Emperor.

“Foreign territory world, it looks cruel and indifferent.”

“Even if the foreign tribe powerhouse cited as a confidant, it is possible to kill and make friends for the cultivation path.”

“Slaughter is more common in strange powerhouse.”

Meng Chuan looked more and more sighed.

He also understood that foreign territory is so cruel! The 3 Emperor of monster race … when monster world and Human World are found to produce a lot of World Gate, how to be wild with joy. Just dispatching your men to conquer Human World, you can hope to get a treasure of Fleshly Body Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme. It’s a great opportunity that may come by with luck, but not by searching for it! As for the large number of monster races that died under his command, and the countless human beings that were slaughtered, what did he count for the three Emperor?

“The method of” Primordial Spirit Stars “is excellent in other aspects, only the enemy is lacking. It is recommended to assist in cultivating” Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique “.”

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