Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 384

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“Suggest cultivating” Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique “.”

“” Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique “and” Primordial Spirit Stars “are the best fits, and they are very effective against the enemy.”

“With” Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique “, you can abandon the move of” Star Mansions “, it is recommended to spend more time on” Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique “.”

Seniors who have been cultivating advice to the younger generation.

Half of this book describes cultivating “Primordial Spirit Stars”, and the other half describes “Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique”, and all of them are very respected. It is considered to be the strongest Mindsea Hall except for “Primordial Spirit Stars” secret technique.

“Oh? Are they all so respected?” Meng Chuan looked towards Dharma Protector, “Where is” Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique “?”

“Here.” Dharma Protector very skillfully took out a book and handed it to Meng Chuan.

Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique, not at all is restricted by Space-Time River’s rules.

“It’s the secret technique of cultivating Primordial Spirit Weapon.” Meng Chuan looked at the book, which had densely packed text and a chart painting, and the message poured into my mind. “Primordial Spirit Stars” is different people cultivating, and will participate in comprehend different results. The “Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique” cultivating method is very clear, all of them are cultivating in the same direction. It’s just that the higher the realm, the stronger the cultivating.

This forbidden technique is for cultivating the Primordial Spirit Weapon-Demonic Awl!

The reason why it is called a secret technique is because it needs to consume primordial spirit foundation to cultivating.

Use 1% of primordial spirit as the foundation for cultivating, and it doesn’t make much noise to the silhouette.

Utilize more than 1% of the primordial spirit foundation … The influence is gradually increasing, the protection of Primordial Spirit Stars begins to decline significantly, and the speed of primordial spirit promotion will continue to decline.

Beyond the 30% primordial spirit foundation, more serious consequences such as memory loss and decline in perception began.

But this forbidden technique, formidable power is so big!

The “Demonic Awl” cultivating just like the roots is comparable to the “Star”, Primordial Spirit 5th-layer can damage Primordial Spirit 6th-layer step by step, reducing the strength of Primordial Spirit 6th-layer. Of course, it’s just too easy to break. If ‘Demonic Awl’ cannot pierce the enemy primordial spirit, it will break and damage. And piercing the enemy primordial spirit, the effect of hurting the enemy is excellent.

If 30% of the foundation is used for cultivating, Primordial Spirit 5th-layer is even expected to kill Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, enemies with poorer mental will will be attacked with blank consciousness, there’s no resistance. The Primordial Spirit 6th-layer with stronger mind will also lose a lot of strength, and can only barely exert 20-30% strength. This is a very powerful Primordial Spirit Weapon! human primordial spirit lineage powerhouses have been admired for generations.

Some even claim to consume 30% of the primordial spirit foundation to cultivating, Primordial Spirit Secret Technique combined with a positive fight, it is simply invincible.

It depends on your choice.

The shortcoming of this forbidden technique is that cultivating a handle ‘Demonic Awl’ will cause Primordial Spirit Stars to be in a state of damage for a long time.

For example, consuming 30% primordial spirit foundation cultivating ‘Demonic Awl’ will make Primordial Spirit Stars in the state of ‘70% primordial spirit foundation ‘for a long time, the improvement of primordial spirit will be very slow, and the protection is also weakened by half.

“It’s really a double-edged blade, hurting the enemy and hurting yourself.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “And this Primordial Spirit Weapon refinement method also takes time comprehend. At least below Tribulation Realm, the difficulty is no less than” Primordial Spirit Stars. “


Meng Chuan briefly glanced at the door Primordial Spirit Secret Technique.

Although there are other secret techniques, it is considered from the perspectives of time allocation and formidable power. cultivating “Primordial Spirit Stars” is very time-consuming and energy-intensive, and a “Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique” can be added to add lethality. It is not worth it to spend more time cultivating the weak Primordial Spirit Secret Technique.

“Hong long long.” The Mindsea Hall door was closed, and Meng Chuan and Dharma Protector came out.

“Divine Pagoda of War.” Meng Chuan looked at the old 9-Layer tower on the far right.

Dharma Protector also looked at the tower: “Canghai School has only set two tests. You can be ranked first in Mindsea Hall and passed naturally. And this Divine Pagoda of War … has nothing to do with primordial spirit, even with you It does not matter if you have a divine weapon weapon. It tests your real combat strength, your skill realm. “

“According to your age, strength, skill realm, there will be a judgment on your potential.” Dharma Protector said, “This is built by Canghai Founder, with the strength of Canghai Founder Fleshly Body Seventh Tribulation Realm, he set Divine Pagoda of War… the judgment of potential is very accurate. I will remind you again that your Bloodblade Plate is useless inside. “

“All external forces are useless.”

“You go in, you need to choose the armor in the Divine Pagoda of War.” Dharma Protector said, “Primordial Spirit Secret Technique is useless, because your opponent is formed by formation.”

“I can see that your fleshly body is very out of the ordinary.” Dharma Protector continued, “However, don’t think that the fleshly body is so great. There are all kinds of inheritance and all kinds of Foreign Treasure in the Space-Time River. Can make fleshly body very powerful. So ‘skill realm’ is the core. “

“How old are you, and what level of skill realm have you lifted? This is able to judge your ‘perception potential.'” Dharma Protector said, “Of course, combat strength is also one aspect.”

Meng Chuan nodded: “I understand.”

“Need spare no effort, Divine Pagoda of War is divided into 9-Layer, which layer you go to is not the most important. The important thing is to show yourself.” Dharma Protector said, “You show your strength as much as possible, Divine Pagoda of War may have a higher rating for you. This higher point may be the difference between No. 5 and No. 6. “

“59 years old titled King Daemon, in human history, can’t even enter the top 1000. You must spare no effort.” Dharma Protector stared at Meng Chuan, “Of course you should not be discouraged, 4 19 years old titled King Daemon will be in the top ten. I think you should have broken through for a long time. “

Meng Chuan also understands.

59 years old of Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, 5 years before human history.

59 years old titled King Daemon? In 1000 years, there will be several such geniuses. I am a titled King made of 55 years old breakthrough, like Master Qin Wu, which is a titled King Daemon of 5 18 years old. Bai Yaoyue is a titled King Daemon of 53 years old.

In fact, the titled King in his fifties is very evil, and it is difficult for a year in advance, and can surpass many Seniors in history.

“Go in.” Dharma Protector said with a slight smile. “Kill the opponent you meet and you will be able to enter a higher level.”

Meng Chuan nodded walked towards the quaint tower. The years left a mark on this Divine Pagoda of War. When he walked to the tower door, he pushed it easily and the door opened.

Entering Divine Pagoda of War is entering a space.


There was a message pouring into my mind.

Meng Chuan also understood the Divine Pagoda of War rules. In fact, Dharma Protector also said before. Meng Chuan had already included the Bloodblade Plate in the dantian space, and the Monster-slaying Blade was also put away. As for the robe? It is the formation of Magical Power ‘Indestructable Divine Armor’, which is its own power.

“A lot of weapons and armor.” Meng Chuan saw a large number of weapons and armor placed next to him. The Seamless Domain swept and understood, “These weapons and armor are nothing special except tenacious.”

“That’s it.” Meng Chuan directly picked up a blade with a style similar to Monster-slaying Blade.

Seamless Domain has scanned, and knows the data of each weapon very well. This blade is best suited to you.

Holding the battle blade, Meng Chuan walked forward.

“For this war, for the entire human, I must be in the top 5 in the Divine Pagoda of War ranking.” Meng Chuan’s fighting intent is rising, so he can get everything from Canghai School, with everything from Canghai School, Primeval Mountain Part of the style of Cang Yuan Sect can be restored. Human hopes of winning this war will increase greatly.


A vortex appeared in the sky, and a silhouette was descended from the vortex. It was a foreign tribe powerhouse with scaled wings, which flew directly to kill.

Meng Chuan knows that this is the opponent formed by the formation.

“Come on.” Meng Chuan instantly turned into a ray of light and killed the past.

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