Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 385

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Meng Chuan has been melee combat since he was young.

After reaching Blood Drop Realm, melee combat has reached a new level! However, after getting the “Bloodblade Plate” of the Tribulation Realm treasure, they all used the blood blade to fight the enemy, and did not really use the method of Blood Drop Realm. And at the moment in Divine Pagoda of War he resumed his normal melee approach, which is also the most common way of fighting in the fleshly body lineage powerhouses.


Becoming a beam of light.

Meng Chuan is too fast, the blade in his hand is also fast, and the foreign tribe powerhouse with scaled wings is too late to dodge, and he can only barely swing the long sword to intercept, but the blade light avoids crossing an arc and avoids After that sword, it easily crossed its waist, making it divided into 2 pieces, and then the body of the foreign tribe powerhouse collapsed into energy and dissipated.

“This 1st floor is easy.” Meng Chuan flew towards the vortex. “The opponent of the 1st floor is estimated to be the Peak 5th-layer Monster King level.”

After reaching Blood Drop Realm, Meng Chuan’s pure power speed and other aspects have soared, and the fleshly body has surpassed those peak 5th-layer Monster King. Together with “Dragon Snake blade” and “Endless Blade”, it can naturally reach the Manifestation threshold level. In terms of head-to-head combat strength, without the Bloodblade Plate, he is also better than Serenity Sea King. Blood Drop Realm fleshly body made him improve his quality too much.

This is even stronger than the monster race’s ‘Blood Asura’ fleshly body, which is considered an enhanced version of ‘Blood Asura’.


After passing through the vortex, Meng Chuan came to a void again. In this void, there were 5 black armor foreign tribes standing silently. They were about 30 feet tall, with ugly faces, wearing black armor, and sharp tails. When Meng Chuan appeared, their eyes shined and the silhouette besieged as soon as they flashed.

When they flew over, the void twisted, giving Meng Chuan a sense of nowhere to dodge.

“It’s going to happen.”

“And the speed is quite fast.” Meng Chuan looked at the five black armor foreign tribes and immediately exhibited the Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement. In a moment, he had already dived into the deep void, and there were only nine incarnations around to counterattack the five. Black armor foreign tribe.


A blade of light emerged from the deep void and slashed the body of the black armor foreign tribe. After cutting, the black armor foreign tribe collapsed into nothingness.

Meng Chuan exhibited Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement, approaching other black armor foreign tribes in a deep void, and solving one by one. These black armour foreign tribes are stronger than their opponents on the 1st floor, but they are still swept.

After solving the five black armor foreign tribes, Meng Chuan only emerged from the deep void: “The Heaven and Earth’s Roaming Dragon Blade created by Venerable Ye Hong is no wonder that it was previously called the first human method. Can attack the opponent, but the opponent can’t touch me. “

Of course, this move is also flawed.

For example, the opponent smashes the surface void, which makes Meng Chuan appear real.

Another example is that opponents can also dive into deep void.

Another example is in close combat, the enemy can pass the formidable power to Meng Chuan’s real body through Meng Chuan’s ‘blade’.

But relatively speaking, Meng Chuan is really terrifying in the titled King Daemon.


Meng Chuan flew from the sky vortex into the 3rd floor space, and saw a white fur Tiger Monster King at a glance.

“Monster race? The opponents in Divine Pagoda of War will also have monster race?” Meng Chuan was a shivered, and then understood, “Yes, Monster World and Human World are now connected together in Space-Time River. Presumably, in the past, each other It ’s not too far away. It should belong to Space-Time River ’s ‘closer area of ​​the same piece.’ Monster World has a longer history than us, and Cang Yuan Founder should have known Monster World already. “

This white-haired Tiger Monster King aura is majestic, and yellow vertical pupils look at Meng Chuan coldly.


The surrounding void suddenly solidified, trying to restrain Meng Chuan.

“Monster race Magical Power?” Meng Chuan felt the binding power, and immediately moved into the deep void, followed by approaching the Tiger Monster King, directly slapped the blade from the void, Tiger Monster King slightly frowned, and quickly flicked to resist, Only this strange and unpredictable turn of the blade easily avoided the claw and passed the Tiger Monster King’s waist.

The surface of the Tiger Monster King is condensed with black wind, and the layers of black wind are extremely resistant. When a blade of Meng Chuan cut through the black wind, only the fur of the Tiger Monster King was cleaved, and a little flesh and blood stopped.

Quickly close the blade.

Tiger Monster King’s injury recovered in a blink of an eye.

“Courage to come out.” Tiger Monster King speak human’s words, looking at the nine Meng Chuan incarnations around him angrily, clearly knowing that the real body of the opponent is hiding in a deep void.

“The opponent formed by Divine Pagoda of War formation is the same as the real Monster King. This Tiger Monster King is very comprehensive in the peak 5th-layer Monster King. There are domain Magical Power, body protection Magical Power, and fleshly body tyranny. The resilience is also amazing. Claw Art is also at the level of Law Domain peak. Perhaps there are other attacks on Magical Power, but I hide in a deep void and make it impossible to play. “Meng Chuan understands this.” This is a very comprehensive opponent. “

Meng Chuan quickly approached the past.

Tiger Monster King becomes more solemn, with both eyes faintly flashing golden light.

Xiu! xiu! xiu!

One after another blade light, struck from different directions.

Tiger Monster King’s all directions, including heaven heaven under earth, are all blades hitting it, making Tiger Monster King a little panicked and anxious.

Meng Chuan put the Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement to the extreme, but the blade technique he used was ‘Endless Blade’, and he scored ten or six Endless Blades in a row.

The strangeness of Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement, combined with the murderousness of Endless Blade, made Tiger Monster King panic.

“Clang clang clang.” Domain spread around, the black wind screamed, Tiger Monster King tried his best to resist, although the Endless Blade changed very little, the formable power was much stronger! Being able to exert the power of Meng Chuan Blood Drop Realm fleshly body perfectly, every time it resists … makes Tiger Monster King very difficult. Plus it came from all directions.

Just the 7th blade, cut through the arm of Tiger Monster King, one arm flew up.

8th blade 9th blade … When the 6th 1th blade was split, the Tiger Monster King, which had been cut into more than ten pieces, broke apart.


Meng Chuan showed his true body in the void, “If I only have one” Endless Blade “, without Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement, it would take some time to kill it. Even this Tiger Monster King, I can feel there is still Unknown Magical Power ca n’t show me. “

Created a 2 door blade technique along different directions, although distracting.

But it does make up for its shortcomings, and also makes itself more comprehensive. There are different ways to deal with different enemies in combat.

“The next step is the 4th floor. The 4th floor opponents will be more powerful and should be able to reach the Manifestation Realm level. Want to break through? Hope may be low.” Meng Chuan understands his strength. “No matter what, try your best!”

Meng Chuan followed the upper vortex again and flew into the 4th floor.

In order to win the war, you must do your best.


Divine Pagoda of War.

Dharma Protector stood there alone, looking at one of the pillars next to the tower gate, and the rank of the words appeared on the pillar.

“He has crossed the 3rd floor.” Dharma Protector looked at the pillars of Divine Pagoda of War, and was a little confused. “It is ranked 35th, it is very good to be ranked so high. But if you cross the 3rd floor, there should be Manifestation Realm threshold strength. He is only 59 years old, so powerful, how could he not make it into the top ten? Is it because he broke through the 3rd floor because of the special cultivation system’s strength? Or is it because the Foreign Treasure’s fleshly body is powerful? “

Skill realm and age are the most critical factors judged by Divine Pagoda of War, which shows the potential more.

In terms of strength and fighting wisdom, the importance is in the back row.

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