Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 386

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“The opponent on the 4th floor is him?” Meng Chuan looked at a middle-aged man carrying a dual sword in front of him. “This is also the first human opponent I met in Divine Pagoda of War.”

Of course, the other party is formed by the formation.

“Your fleshly body is quite strong, but the blade technique is rougher.” The middle-aged man said with a slight smile, and pulled out the dual sword behind him.

“You know my fight in the first 3-floors?” Meng Chuan said.

“of course.”

middle-aged man said with a slight smile, “Every opponent in the Divine Pagoda of War is controlled by me, and of course I know the means of fighting in front of you. As for who I am? I am Divine Pagoda of War itself, What you have encountered before are some creatures that once existed in reality. I completely imitated their strengths during their lifetime. “

“You talk a lot, you are few words in the first 3 floors.” Meng Chuan said.

“Because, I guess I’m touching you, you have to stop at the 4th floor.” Middle-aged man said with a smile, “hundreds of thousands of years, only to encounter a human coming in to Divine Pagoda of War, really lonely.”

“I stopped at the 4th floor?” Meng Chuan pulled out the blade. “Be careful.”

“You hide, I can’t kill you. But you can’t kill me.” Middle-aged man said with a slight smile.

“is it?”

Meng Chuan flashed, there were 9 Meng Chuan rushing past.

The middle-aged man stood in place, holding a sword in his hands, and he knew that those were just incarnations.

And the surface of his body began to show the sword light, and at the same time, the void within 3 miles of the surrounding area began to distort. The closer Meng Chuan was to the deeper void, the greater the impact of the twisted void, and he would be forced to appear at the distance of hundred zhang. .

“Hundred zhang distance is enough for me to be killed by a blade.” Meng Chuan revolved around middle-aged man all directions and kept besieging the blade.

“Clang clang clang.” One after another blade light.

Or fast as lightning, or strange and unparalleled.

But the middle-aged man waved his sword easily and stopped it again and again, and the dripping water was not leaking: “In the domain of my sword, all of your shallow blade techniques are useless.”

“Boom.” Meng Chuan showed his true body and rushed into the scope of thehundred zhang directly, approaching the past at close range.

The opponent of formation is human Daemon, whose sword technique skill is superb, but the fleshly body is weak. His own Blood Drop Realm fleshly body is powerful, of course, he can use his own strength to attack the enemy’s short, and have to fight personally!

“Yes, physical arrogance is your advantage, so you should get close.” The middle-aged man still wields his sword easily. Every sword pushes Meng Chuan back. “Unfortunately, my dual sword is divided into yin and yang.


Suddenly a large lightning burst suddenly, the lightning speed is far surpasses any weapon, any body method.

It is said that Meng Chuan’s body is about to become a beam of light, but he does not rely on the Bloodblade Plate. His normal flight is only a few dozen li away from the flash, the real lightning … It is much faster than Meng Chuan, and it passes the entire Human in a blink of an eye. World now.

So in the face of real lightning, there is no way to hide, and you must be hit.

“Boom.” The middle-aged man sword technique is even more superb, and it is also struck by lightning. Although the domain of his sword weakens the lightning formidable power, the body surface also has Yin and Yang body protector sword light, which can reach the Thunder and Manifestation Realm formidable power. Lightning rage, he was still spitting blood from strikes, his body was a little paralyzed.

“Boom.” “Boom.” “Boom.” “Boom.”

Magical Power Heaven’s Wrath!

And it’s Heaven’s Wrath Five-chained Burst!

Every Heaven’s Wrath is comparable to the normal Manifestation Realm strike. The fatal thing is that the middle-aged man secret technique is difficult to play. It can only be resisted by the domain and body sword light. Under the strike, his body began to be paralyzed and the body sword light All started to collapse, 2nd Strike hurt even more, 3rd Strike 4th Strike 5th strike! After Five-chained Burst, the middle-aged man’s body was burnt and fell to the ground, 2 swords were thrown away by thunderbolt, and the burnt and black body collapsed and disappeared between heaven and earth.

“Guard up without water leaks? Face thunder and lightning, see how you guard!” Meng Chuan also felt a emptiness of the body. In order to ensure that he could cross the 4th floor, just inside the body thunder just blasted out completely.

“Take a rest first.”

Under Meng Chuan sit cross-legged, even mobilize the Paradise Source Power to quickly restore the thunder and lightning of the inside of the body to get to the 5th floor in the best condition, so you have to wait for the body of the thunder and lightning to return to Perfection.

“Heaven’s Wrath’s move, the effect is indeed very good. It was this move that saved Serenity Sea King’s life.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “This move, winning at super fast speed can not dodge, and even a little paralyzed effect. To deal with fleshly The weaker body has amazing effects. “


“Did you cross the 4th floor?” In addition to Divine Pagoda of War, Dharma Protector was a little surprised with 10000 points. “The opponents of the 4th floor are generally aimed at Daemon’s weaknesses and form the Manifestation Realm threshold level opponents. It’s very good to kill easily.”

Each Daemon enters, and the opponents he encounters will change.

The opponent will be formed against Daemon’s weakness in the tower, so the more difficult it is to break back.

“The ranking has improved, Twelfth name.” Dharma Protector looked at the pillar doubtfully, “59 years old, killing Manifestation Realm threshold level opponents, this strength is amazing. Divine Pagoda of War also believes that the potential of Monster Slayer is not qualified for top ten?”

“It’s not possible to cross the 5th floor, it usually requires a Peak Manifestation Realm to cross.” Dharma Protector secretly thought.


After 3 hours of rest, Meng Chuan came to the 5th floor only after the paradise source power was completely restored.

5th floor.

“En?” Meng Chuan looked at him.

A human old man stood there, his Paradise Domain shrouded in 100 miles, and he was powerful. This Paradise Domain is formed by the imitation of Divine Pagoda of War, but formidable power is not inferior.

“True didn’t expect, you, a human Daemon, still have such a strong Magical Power.” Human old man opened the mouth and said, “Every thunder formidable power is amazing. For 5 consecutive times, I have suffered. “

“I also tried to break through the Divine Pagoda of War.” Meng Chuan said, “Now that Human World is facing disaster, I must be in the top 5 to help Human World.”

Meng Chuan hopes.

Expect to say that this can make the other party partial.

“Human is facing disaster?” Human old man wondered.

Meng Chuan told the external situation again, and the human old man listened carefully. After all, it was too lonely for too long, and it was also on the Human World side.

“I want to help you, but I am Divine Pagoda of War, and I have to follow the rules set by Cang Yuan Founder.” Human old man opened the mouth and said, “This 5th floor, your opponents are all real Manifestation Realm Level. There are 9 in total. “

Just after speaking, the power of the formation began to gather one opponent after another.

In addition to this human old man, there is Monster Saint of Monster Race. The meandering Monster Dragon has a length of 3 4 miles. There is also a foreign tribe powerhouse with wings and golden light all over the body. There is also a tall and thin old man with dark skin all over his body and 2 soft tentacles on his forehead …

A total of 9 Manifestation Realm levels exist.

Human old man apologizes: “This is a rule, there is no way. I can tell you that each of the 9 powerhouses here is equivalent to ordinary Manifestation Realm. They each have their own specialties, good at fleshly body, good at domain, They are good at long-range attacks … They will cooperate with each other and work together against you. And you need to kill them all to pass the 5th floor. Historically, it was usually the Peak Manifestation Realm to cross the 5th floor. “

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