Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 387

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“Peak Manifestation Realm?” Meng Chuan had a pimple in his heart, even if he tried his best to stay away from the peak Manifestation Realm.

Master Qin Wu is the Peak Manifestation Realm without using Tribulation Realm weapons. Of course, because of cultivating Thirteen Swordfiend Demonic Body, the master belongs to the peak Manifestation Realm.

Countless Daemon system, divine archer attack is the strongest.

Although any kind of Daemon Body can theoretically become a divine archer, but the divine archer has a weak life-saving ability and few cultivators, and it is difficult to grow up. Human is now a Manifestation Realm divine archer. If Liu Qiyue is Phoenix Nirvana, the strength of Manifestation Realm divine archer can be exploded in a very short time, but as the strength is stronger, Phoenix Nirvana consumes lifespan faster, whether it is husband Meng Chuan or sect, will not allow Liu Qiyue easily Phoenix Nirvana.

“General peak Manifestation Realm is the only way to get through?” Meng Chuan opened the mouth and said, “That is, is there an exception?”

“If there is a very comprehensive method and the Peak Manifestation Realm with extremely high combat intelligence, there is also hope.” The human old man said, “But your realm now stays at Law Domain Realm, the skill is too rough, there is no hope.”

Meng Chuan slightly nodded.

Draw 15 Paintings of Thunder, his cultivation points directly to the essence of thunder, and can comprehend Bloodblade Plate, and now “Endless Blade” and “Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement” have reached Law Domain Realm Great Accomplishment.

Of course, ‘Great Accomplishment’ is relatively easy, and ‘peak’ is difficult, and it is ten times more difficult to become ‘Paradise Realm’.

“Can’t get through?” Meng Chuan recalled what Dharma Protector said.

“Divine Pagoda of War is divided into 9-Layer, which layer you go to is not the most important. The important thing is to show yourself. You show your strength in it as much as possible. Divine Pagoda of War may give you a higher evaluation. This higher point may be the difference between 5th and 6th. “

Dharma Protector said clearly.

“Which level is not the most important, the important thing is to show yourself.” Meng Chuan muttered to himself.

“come on.”

human old man said with a slight smile.

Hong long long ~~~

9 powerhouses of all ethnicities at the Manifestation Realm level have released their means.

The void around it started to solidify, layers of mist rolled around, and even more amazing repulsive force swept all directions.

“They cooperated a little, and the perfect combination of multiple domains is so amazing.” Meng Chuan stood on the spot, all feeling the repulsive force sweeping over himself, shaking himself to work hard to stand.

domain is not the more the better.

For example, one side is solidifying void, and one side is smashing void. If they are displayed at the same time, they will only affect each other, and the domain will be greatly attenuated. The 9 Manifestation Realm powerhouses selected by Divine Pagoda of War are naturally perfect.


As soon as Meng Chuan moved, he entered the deep void, and the original repulsive force could not be felt.

As he approached the nine powerhouses, the void became more solidified, and even Meng Chuan deep in the void was difficult to hide.

“I can’t get close to them within 3 miles.” Meng Chuan tried to show up.

Because at this moment the distance is more than 3 miles.

Multiple domains are completely suppressed.

void solidifies like huge ice cubes, and is itself the fish frozen in it. Although you can continue to act, you need to break the frozen void. And the fog is still fully restrained and the repulsive force is more amazing … making Meng Chuan difficult to get close to these nine foreign tribe powerhouses.

“Under the limitation of multiple domains, my strength has been greatly reduced, only the strength of the titled King peak. It is estimated that I can’t get close.” Meng Chuan understands this, a single opponent is just a regular Manifestation Realm, one-on-one also has a stalemate. But nine of them united and made me desperate.

“You must rely on Magical Power.”

“You must show yourself as much as possible to improve your ranking.”

As soon as the thought moved, every Particle Heaven and Earth within Meng Chuan’s body within the body exploded, which is actually very similar to the outbreak of the secret technique of ordinary Daemon. But Blood Drop Realm explodes more thoroughly, is the potential to explode every particle completely. So that the body’s strength, speed, toughness and many other aspects have been greatly improved. Even ‘Particle Heaven and Earth domain’ is completely released. A tiny Heaven and Earth Domain alone is very fragile. Countless miniature Heaven and Earth Domains can be completely released and completely superimposed to form a qualitative change.

Become a domain, and also affect the heaven and earth within 100 miles.

Magical Power-Master heaven and earth!

This is a very common type of Magical Power in Blood Drop Realm powerhouse, but it is also extremely powerful. It is the Magical Power when you really fight.

Because this Magical Power can only maintain about ten breaths time, after the ten breaths time, Blood Drop Realm fleshly body can no longer be maintained.

“This kind of feeling is really wonderful.” Meng Chuan feels his strong body, and feels his domain’s resistance to the surrounding multiple domains, making the suppression effect of multiple domains much weaker.

Meng Chuan’s forehead 2 side also appeared silver mysterious lines, a ray of silver lightning flashing around the head, with both eyes also has silver lightning.

This is another Magical Power performed by Meng Chuan at the same time.

A Magical Power-Quicksand that is not recorded in the inheritance!

Meng Chuan restricts the impact of time only to his own fleshly body, so it consumes the least amount.

At this moment everything is slowing down … or faster.

The outside world passed away for a while.

However, he has ten breaths time, which naturally makes Meng Chuan’s every move ten times faster.


Controlling Heaven and Earth Domain constantly impacts the suppression of multiple domains, making the effect of the enemy ’s multiple domains greatly reduced. As soon as the Meng Chuan silhouette moves, it will rush through the obstacles of the domain and kill the 9-bit powerhouse.

In a flash, there are a full 300 8 10 li.

In fact, in ten times, from the outside, everything in Meng Chuan is ten times faster than in the past. Even with the Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement, it can reach a speed of more than 500 miles in a flash, but only under the influence of multiple domains, it was reduced to 300 8 10 li. This is already the result of the domain offset controlling most of heaven and earth.

“So fast.”

The 9 powerhouses were all surprised and did their own tricks.

Monster Dragon rushed towards Meng Chuan, the giant of zirty zhang high held a long lance, and a petite Winged Woman blinked, and 7 colorful lights flew from her back wings to Meng Chuan …

These 9 powerhouses, who are good at melee and some at long distance, are all doing their best at this moment.


Meng Chuan is too fast.

Although it is impossible to hide into the deep void, it can be so fast, but it still makes the 9-bit powerhouse a little flustered.

“He is too fast.”

“We simply can’t catch up.”

With 9 foreign tribe powerhouses, only 3 long-range attacks can catch up with Meng Chuan.

They are ‘Thirteen Swordfiend’ by human old man, ‘7 colors of light’ by Winged Woman, and a golden light shot from Monster Dragon’s forehead, which can also catch up with the speed of Meng Chuan’s 300 8 10 li.

“Xiū xiū xiū.”

Meng Chuan is not only fast, but also unpredictable.

On the change is still on Heaven and Earth’s Roaming Dragon Blade, the flight trajectory is difficult to determine, and it is always in a state of yin and yang change. Sometimes it penetrates ‘Meng Chuan’, but it is found that it only penetrates a residual image.

Xiū xiū xiū ……

Most of the attacks of human old man, Winged Woman and Monster Dragon have been missed, and they cannot touch Meng Chuan.

“Pu.” Only 2 Sword Fiend and a colorful light touched Meng Chuan. Meng Chuan blocked the Sword Fiend and the colorful light by the blade and fleshly body also resisted a Sword Fiend.

Sword Fiend formidable power is strong.

Under the control of the explosion of heaven and earth, Meng Chuan fleshly body has been improved in all aspects, and Indestructable Divine Armor formidable power has also greatly increased. The Sword Fiend barely pierced the Indestructable Divine Armor, leaving a wound on Meng Chuan, and the Blood Drop Realm fleshly body recovered in a blink of an eye.

It’s slow, but in a blink of an eye, Meng Chuan, a phantom streamer, has already broken through and came to Winged Woman.

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