Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 388

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After 9 powerhouses broke out their respective methods, Meng Chuan had a rough judgment on them.

From the aura of their self-destruction, the method of exposure, hiding in the distance or rushing … Judging from all aspects, among the 9 powerhouses, only 3 should be weak-Winged Woman, dark skin has tentacles The tall and thin old man and human old man. A pair of 9, relying on the speed body method, the most promising to kill these three.

xiu xiu xiu!! !!

one after another dazzling blade light split towards Winged Woman.

Under Magical Power ‘Quicksand’, usually Meng Chuan split a blade, but now it’s split a blade. The Winged Woman only felt the bright blade split.

Although she flapped her wings in an instant, more light appeared on her body. But the color of the body was split by ten consecutive blades, the wings were cut out of the wound, and his face was panic. Following her is a dazzling thunder at close range.

Magical Power ‘Heaven’s Wrath’!

When the body shattered and the wings were heavily wounded and could not be perfectly guarded, this thunder and lightning split, she completely suffered the strike, her body was paralyzed, and colored blood flowed from her mouth and nose.

At this time, Blade light splits out, completely splitting the paralyzed and heavily wounded Winged Woman, and her body suddenly burst into a lot of feathers to fly away.

“Huhuhu.” One after another blade swept the light, all feathers were swept, and none of them could escape.

All feathers are annihilated.

Winged Woman, killed.

It is slow to say, in fact, Magical Power Heaven’s Wrath and a dozen blades are cut out, which is a blink of an eye.

“Kill one.” Meng Chuan is full of joy, because cultivating ‘Primordial Spirit Stars’, plus Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, his thinking speed is no less than Manifestation Realm level.

Under Magical Power Quicksand, his thinking is ten times faster.

Fast thinking and fast body style.


Meng Chuan showed his body and struck a mysterious mark, killing the thin black old man with dark skin and tentacles. Even Thirteen Swordfiend at the Manifestation Realm level can hardly lock Meng Chuan completely, and each time only one or two passes can be hit.


“A titled King Daemon.” The human old man looked at it. “A pair of 9, also killed a Manifestation Realm level foreign tribe. This is the Winged Race ‘Saint that really existed.”

“The master said.”

“It is the strength that ultimately determines the destiny. At Space-Time River, no matter how the strength comes from, as long as it is strong, it will make all parties awe.” Human old man secretly thought, “he is a 59 years old young titled King Daemon It ’s really strong. He is very difficult to deal with in fleshly body, and it ’s okay to resist Sword Fiend several times. So the fleshly body has to be trained and there is a very high threshold. “

Space-Time River has its own constraints.

The more powerful the cultivation system, the higher the threshold. The more powerful the inheritance, the harder it is to cultivate. If you want to have strong strength, you have to break through many difficulties.

“Does he cultivating Desolate Cang lineage? Starry Sky lineage? Or War Body lineage?” The human old man secretly speculated that he followed Cang Yuan Founder for a long time and knew that it was some famous fleshly body powerful system in Space-Time River.

“And he cultivating 2 blade techniques.”

“One, the formidable power is so big and fast, that ten consecutive blades can’t hold Saint Wings.”

“A kind of unpredictable, with his speed is more difficult to resist, but the formidable power is inferior. His body is also strange and unpredictable, and can sneak into the depths of void.

Human old man looked at Meng Chuan, “And he guessed it was Law Domain Realm Great Accomplishment, actually had Time Lineage’s Magical Power.”

What is Magical Power?

is innate talent!

On behalf of fleshly body primordial spirit, there is innate talent in this regard. When the strength is weak, it is reflected by Magical Power. And the stronger the strength, become Manifestation Realm, become Emperor … will start comprehend its own Magical Power, master this power at a deeper level.

“He can dive into the deep void, obviously there is room for innate talent. There is time for innate talent.” The human old man thought to himself, “Having mastered these two forces so early, the potential is indeed amazing.”

Combination of space and time.

It is space-time.

To master the power of space-time, in the foreign territory is the cream of the crop.

According to normal cultivation, the titled King level will generally contact ‘void’, and Paradise Realm will only contact ‘time’, so Paradise Realm powerhouses can travel to Space-Time River.

Meng Chuan can be deployed so early, and can be Time Acceleration ten times, it is difficult for True Martial King to touch the “time”, it is difficult to achieve ten times acceleration. But the “Serenity Sea King” of Time Lineage can affect the time several times, but it can not reach ten times.

“If he reaches Paradise Realm, time and space will advance greatly.” The human old man thought.


Meng Chuan’s blade blade splits the thin black skinned tentacled old man. This thin black old man is cut like a stream of water, and it is cut again and again, and even scattered into dozens of thin black old man, still smiling at Meng Chuan.

“The wrong opponent was chosen.” Meng Chuan understood this.

Although this thin black old man casts a domain from a distance, the fleshly body aura is not strong, but he only knows when he actually fights … the other party is very difficult to kill.

He was wrong.

The three fleshly bodies he judged were weak. He judged Winged Woman very accurately, but was wrong with the thin black old man. Obviously in the face of foreign tribe powerhouse, simple speculation cannot be taken seriously.

“Swoosh.” Meng Chuan pounced at the human old man.

“Thirteen Swordfiend Armor.” Human old man thought, Thirteen Swordfiend was all around, intercepting Meng Chuan.

Others who were good at melee also came to the human old man, helped to resist together, and also besieged Meng Chuan.

There is also a rope to bind Meng Chuan.

“Whiz whiz whiz.” Meng Chuan flashed at a speed of 300 8 10 li, with the Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement, the other party couldn’t stop Meng Chuan at all.

But the human old man stays focused, and has the cooperation of his companions. Meng Chuan tried 2 rest times. Can only try to change the goal each and everyone.

Meng Chuan tried his best.

I tried three more powerhouses, but unfortunately these three, one fleshly body is stronger, close combat … one-on-one, I am afraid I have to fight for a long time to solve. Nowadays, one-to-many is simply impossible to solve in a short time. The other 3 people, as guessed, have a life-saving ability.

When the body feels extremely weak, and can no longer maintain Magical Power’s control of heaven and earth, multiple domains suppress themselves greatly, and their fleshly body is much weaker, and their strength is drastically reduced. Even if the Time Flow Speed ​​of “Magical Power Quicksand” is still ten times, the speed is sharply reduced to only one or more li.

“Pu.” A golden light from Monster Dragon was shot. Meng Chuan waved the blade to resist it and felt that he couldn’t control it anymore, and the blade flew in the hand.

golden light shot through Meng Chuan’s body! Indestructable Divine Armor and fleshly body are penetrated.

“I admit defeat.” Meng Chuan quickly recovered and shouted.

“Put away?”

The 8-bit powerhouse was shocked.

“Concede.” Meng Chuan felt the fatigue of his body. Under the suppression of multiple domains, his strength and speed were greatly reduced, and he couldn’t fight anymore.

He knows his strength.

There is usually only the threshold strength of Manifestation Realm. If you control heaven and earth and Quicksand 2 Magical Power at the same time, you can skyrocket to ‘Peak Manifestation Realm’ battle strength. But it can only maintain ten breaths time! Outside time has only passed away.

“I can show what I can show.” Meng Chuan secretly thought.

“I’m still ready to educate you. I will admit defeat immediately after a crazy attack. You Daemon is really cunning enough.” The human old man said with a smile, the other foreign tribe powerhouses around dissipated, “Well, you can go out. “

Speaking a wave.

Meng Chuan felt that the void was changing, so he went outside the tower door.

“En?” Meng Chuan looked around and was moved outside the tower door?

Beside, black robe long eyebrow old man is looking at the pillar.

“How do I rank?” Meng Chuan asked nervously.

black robe long eyebrow old man looked at Meng Chuan somewhat complicatedly: “You are ranked 5th in Divine Pagoda of War history.”

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