Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 389

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black robe long eyebrow old man mood is indeed complicated, it didn’t expect, this mysterious ‘Monster Slayer’ Mindsea Hall history Ranked 1st, Divine Pagoda of War ranked fifth. While creating history, everything at Canghai School will also be handed over to the other party. It’s Dharma Protector in the seabed lonely tens of after ten thousand years, and finally want to really enter Human World again.

“No. 5?” Meng Chuan also saw the rankings appearing on the pillars and couldn’t help grinning, laughing. “Ha, hahaha …”

He smiled briskly, full of joy.

I really succeeded!

This is the 3rd sect of human history, and has a small part of the inheritance of ‘Cang Yuan Sect’. Taking this inheritance back will be a great supplement to Primeval Mountain. And like Master ‘Qin Wu’, they hope to go one step further and reach the point where Manifestation Realm is invincible. As long as a Manifestation Realm is invincible, the war will be completely won.

He Meng Chuan dreamed of that day.

“Congratulations.” Black robe long eyebrow old man opened the mouth and said, “These two tests are extremely demanding. Didn’t expect you to do it. From today, the entire Canghai School will belong to you. Just You remember, Canghai School lineage will continue in the future. “

“Do I need to set up Heart Oath?” Meng Chuan asked.

Heart Oath, Meng Chuan doesn’t understand, and hasn’t heard of it in Primeval Mountain.

But this Dharma Protector mentioned before, if you do n’t pass the 2 tests, you can still read the precious books in Building of Stars, just set up Heart Oath and help bring 3 excellent disciplines.

“No.” black robe long eyebrow old man looked at Meng Chuan, “You and the others will fulfill the promise for your own cultivation path in the future. Otherwise, the whole Canghai School will give you such a big cause and effect that will make you The cultivation path is extremely difficult. “

“Lack of cause and effect will affect cultivation?” Meng Chuan gently nodded, “It should be a long time ago.”

“When you become Emperor, you will know that the bigger the cause and effect, the more you need to repay.” Black robe long eyebrow old man turned over and took out a booklet and handed it to Meng Chuan. “This booklet is a list of rough records. I have everything that Canghai School has. As for the detailed records, there are too many, I will introduce one after another later. “

Meng Chuan took a look at the book.

The book first records three buildings: Mindsea Hall, Building of Stars, and Divine Pagoda of War.

“These three buildings are the most precious in Canghai School.” Dharma Protector said, “You know, the 3 secret arts in the Building of Stars collection are the most precious secret arts in the entire Human World. The Primordial in Mindsea Hall Spirit Secret Technique is also the strongest in Human World. Divine Pagoda of War can sharpen the actual combat strength and the means of seeing the powerhouses of all ethnic groups around the world. “

Knowledge is very precious.

Peak Secret art and powerful Primordial Spirit Secret Technique are enough to make Human World crazy.

“Other accumulations are weaker and cannot be compared to Primeval Mountain.” Dharma Protector said, “Our Tribulation Realm treasure weapon is only 5 pieces in total, and Emperor-level treasure weapon is only 2 pieces in total.”

Meng Chuan’s eyelids jumped.

Accumulated weak?

Blacksand Paradise is very strong, and has obtained 2 complete foreign territory inheritance, but the secret weapon of the Tribulation Realm level can also be counted on one’s fingers, which is mentioned by Master Qin Wu when chatting with him. The entire Human World has the most Treasure Realm level ‘Primeval Mountain’.

“The Tribulation Realm secret weapon that is suitable for Thunder and Lightning lineage and can be refined by the titled King Daemon, Primeval Mountain can take 3 pieces for me to choose.” Meng Chuan secretly sighed, “5 Tribulation Realm secrets of Canghai School Weapons, none of Thunder and Lightning lineage. “

“It’s estimated that Primeval Mountain’s Tribulation Realm secret weapon is probably ten times more than Canghai School, or even more.” Meng Chuan secretly thought,

“A lot of treasure.”

Meng Chuan watched the introduction of various treasures and was amazed by 10000 points.

Although Primeval Mountain values ​​Meng Chuan, sect has its own rules, and many treasures are kept secret, even the head of the team does not know. Only 3 Manifestation Venerable and Dao Protector know.

“It can’t be compared to Primeval Mountain.” Dharma Protector also sighed.

“A lot.”

Meng Chuan exclaimed.

“I Canghai School, Emperor has never been born, but there have been three Manifestation Realm invincible.” Dharma Protector said, “The head of the sect is generally the most powerful house, and the number of Manifestation Venerable from generation to generation is 3. After traveling, I also brought a lot of treasure from the foreign territory. Of course, I ca n’t compare with Cang Yuan Founder. Over time, many treasures have been used. ”

“Unusable ones are still piled in the treasure house.”

“At the end of the sect, Primeval Mountain is okay, and there is not much persecution. But other sects have been chasing our Canghai School and want to take the inheritance of my Canghai School.” Dharma Protector said, “Canghai School is getting harder and harder to receive the disciples, and the situation is getting worse. , For more than 10000 years, the inheritance was completely cut off. “

Meng Chuan nodded.

“I will use the small paradise that I can carry around to relocate the treasures of Canghai School.” Dharma Protector said, “I’ll leave it with you.”

“Not in a hurry.” Meng Chuan looked at the catalog and said, “I’ll first pick up some treasures and put them away separately. There is a treasure ‘Phoenix-feathered Clothes’ recorded here. Take me to see them.”


Sea-level treasure chest No. 3.

Inside the treasure trove, a colored feather coat was suspended, protected by the power of the treasure trove, keeping it intact under as time goes by.

Dharma Protector pointed and said: “This is Phoenix-feathered clothes. The Senior in the sect was obtained in the foreign territory. It is speculated that this feather coat should be collected from the bird feathers with ‘Phoenix Bloodline’ woven and then burned with runes. It is a very powerful body protection robe, worn on the body, the attack below the Venerable can hardly hurt. And with the robe, it can also release Phoenix Flame, which can be distributed around the surrounding zhang, and the flame formidable power is great. “

“The only threshold is that you need to be good at Flame lineage in order to trigger this Phoenix-feathered Clothes rune.” Dharma Protector explained, “At least it must be the titled King Daemon in order to play its part.”

“First received.” Meng Chuan nodded.


Treasury of Rare-level 5.

Meng Chuan looked at the 3 red and moist fruits in the treasure box.

“This is a rare fruit with a powerful fleshly body. You can take one if you take it, but mortals are too weak to take it. The titled King Daemon can be taken below. The titled King Daemon is taken at the level, and the effect is very weak.” Dharma Protector Say, “It’s just an aid, it can’t help Daemon to truly break through.”

“Also accepted.” Meng Chuan said.


One by one treasure, Meng Chuan searched the entire treasure house and found it suitable for father, mother, wife, children … all received first.

If the achievements of the children are not so high, these treasures can help. If it’s a high achievement? No need to worry about it, every Venerable will get Primeval Mountain maximum cultivation.

Emperor-level treasure chest No. 2.

“These are three Emperor-level foreign tribe corpses, which I got from the Canghai School seniors who wandered the Space-Time River and brought them back.” Dharma Protector pointed to the three corpses. “In fact, dozens of Venerables were collected. -level foreign tribe bodies are in another treasure house. “

“Also received.” Meng Chuan was also instructed.


Among the treasures of Canghai School, Meng Chuan first selected more than 2 hours, both suitable for himself and his family. But not even 1% of the treasures of Canghai School, like those of Tribulation Realm treasure weapons, 3 big buildings, etc. Meng Chuan intends to hand them all to Primeval Mountain. Emperor-level treasure weapons have chosen one. Submit to sect. Primeval Mountain can really play these treasures, he has never planned to establish the sect, so much to do?

The tests of Mindsea Hall and Divine Pagoda of War also made Meng Chuan more confident. He thought that he might become Emperor or even Tribulation Realm Supreme in the future.

But the most important thing right now is to win the war first.

If the war is lost, everything is empty talk.

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