Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 390

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“This is the Canghai Pavilion, where the Canghai School headed the cultivation.” Dharma Protector took Meng Chuan to a 7-story pavilion.

“The 1st floor is the place where the disciples teach. I want to take you to the 7th floor. Only the clansmen can enter in the past.” Dharma Protector said that the pavilion is not big from the outside, but from the inside, each floor space is To be 100 times larger.

Soon came to the 7th floor.

7th floor is very quiet.


As soon as Meng Chuan entered, he saw light and shadow converging, forming a thin man image.

“Canghai School has a new head?” The thin man stood there, smiling.

“Canghai Founder?” Meng Chuan has been to so many treasure houses before and saw the portrait of Canghai Founder, which can be recognized naturally.

“I’ve asked myself how clever I am in my life. I haven’t even cared about Sect Elder.” The thin man said with a smile, “It’s just didn’t expect. As time goes by, another disciple in Cang Yuan Sect is as good as mine. He is my senior brother ‘Yuan Chu’. He is very low-key and does not strive to be strong, but he surpasses many disciplines unconsciously. I’m rather happy because I am finally not lonely and have a real opponent. “

Meng Chuan listened silently.

He knew that this was the image left by Canghai Founder, which was left for generations to watch.

“I fought him all my life.”

The thin man said, “At the time Cang Yuan Sect, our two were the strongest, and we could beat Venerable by leaps and bounds, both cultivating to Manifestation Realm invincible. But in the end, he became Emperor.”

“In fact, in terms of cultivation, we must admit that in the invincible stage of Manifestation Realm, he has already surpassed me.” Said the thin man, “although either of us can sweep away the whole world all Venerable. But after all, he and I have On top of that. Based on the original Daemon Body, I created the ‘Azure Sea Demonic Body’ that suits me best. But he created a better ‘Primeval Divine Body’. “

There are ten or two kinds of Ultra-grade Daemon Body in human history, and they each created one.

You know, some Emperor failed to create.

Meng Chuan also admits that these two Sect Founder innate talents are very talented.

“Primeval Divine Body is indeed more powerful. Five Elements Rotation is another direction of ‘Reincarnation Divine Body’.” Said the thin man. “It is indeed stronger than me. He came to control Cang Yuan Sect. I was also convinced by mouth. “

“But I didn’t expect him to be so stupid.”

The thin man said, “At the time, I was invincible at the time, and there was only one sect in the world-Cang Yuan Sect. Yuan Chu thought that … The mountain faction inside Cang Yuan Sect stands in great numbers, more often in history. Infighting, if this continues, there will be more serious consequences. So he felt that he should relax his rule over the world, and even deliberately spread some cultivation methods to the mortal, and let the sect appear in the mortal. “

“He believes that external pressure will allow Cang Yuan Sect to unite.”

“It’s a joke.”

“I don’t think he deserves to be in charge of Cang Yuan Sect.” The thin man said, “He is a mess of Cang Yuan Sect’s senior generations. The Venerable is also on my side in the sect.”

“I lost that internal fight, he broke into Emperor, and I lost completely.”

“Yuan Chu did not kill to the last one. Instead, he decided to divide the sect divided into two and divide it into ‘Primeval Mountain’ ‘Canghai School’. The two are still Cang Yuan Sect lineage.” The thin man said, “Cang Yuan Sect ten 2 sect protecting treasure, he took out 2 pieces … let me choose 9 pieces to take away. Hahaha, really arrogant. I chose the most important cultivation secret book. “

“Building of Stars with secret art, Mindsea Hall with Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, and Divine Pagoda of War that can sharpen strength. I took them away.”

“I really don’t know what he is thinking, even these are handed over.”

The thin man coldly said, “I fought with him all my life, and my Canghai School now occupies half of the world, and the new sect master behind me gives me a sigh, and I will conquer the whole world, completely defeat Primeval Mountain, swallow Primeval Mountain, and re-swallow Restore my style of Cang Yuan Sect. “

“Unfortunately I can’t see it.”

“Although the limit of lifespan has come, I believe that I can only live longer at Canghai School. Primeval Mountain will decline if the sect is governed like Yuan Chu. If Primeval Mountain completely declines in the future, people in Canghai School will remember to swallow After Primeval Mountain, I independently placed the lineage ‘Primeval lineage’ in Canghai School. At least my senior brother never killed to the last one. “The thin man said this, and remained silent for a long time.

In his life, he was arguing with senior brother.

But it is only a battle of ideas and a battle of strength. Never divided between life and death.

“My lifespan has reached its limit, but he can live another 8000 years.” The thin man said, “Obviously cultivation is the foundation. Both the fleshly body and primordial spirit need attention. Realm has arrived, the primordial spirit has not arrived, and it cannot be an Emperor . That ’s what I did. “

“I’m talking about it below, it’s a big secret.” The thin man said again, “I went to foreign territory back then …”


Meng Chuan heard all the secrets that only the heads of generations could know.

In addition to the entanglement between the two Sect Founders, followed by Canghai Founder’s encounter in Space-Time River.

“The background of Canghai School is indeed quite deep.” Meng Chuan glanced at some books in the pavilion, these all are left by the heads of the past, recording many secrets that only the heads know, a sect of the history of thousands of years, before and after There are 100 Manifestation Venerable and 3 Manifestation Realm invincible. This accumulation is naturally amazing.

“Being a Manifestation Venerable is the lowest threshold to enter the Space-Time River. These secrets are still too far away for me.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “What’s more, Canghai School hasn’t fallen for more than 50 and 10000 years. A lot has changed. “

Meng Chuan thought about walking out of this Canghai Pavilion.

Outside the pavilion, Dharma Protector looked at Meng Chuan and said, “Now that you know everything about Canghai School, may I need to relocate all the treasures into a small paradise and give it to you?”

“No.” Meng Chuan said, “I will give it to Primeval Mountain.”

“It’s all Primeval Mountain?” Dharma Protector was surprised. “You just collected a few parts just now, but the real treasures haven’t moved.”

“This is sect treasure. How much can I personally use?” Meng Chuan smiled and shook his head. “I’m now calling Primeval Mountain to let them receive all this.”

“It’s up to you, anyway, everything at Cang Yuan School belongs to you, it’s up to you to decide.” Dharma Protector said.

Meng Chuan turned over and pulled out the token.

He did not want to move the treasure to go back directly, fearing that he would be attacked by the monster race in the middle. If the treasure of Canghai School fell into the hands of the monster race, it would be bad. Although I have confidence in myself … but the monster race attack can happen at any time and can’t be careless.

“I will send you this paradise first, otherwise I will not be able to contact the outside world.” Dharma Protector said.

Come to seabed mountain range again, the location of the ancient mountain gate.

Meng Chuan held the messaging token and issued the most common level of help.


Primeval Mountain, in the early morning, the warm sunlight shines on the courtyard.

Li Guan and their three Venerables are discussing things.

“Meng Chuan asks for help.” Venerable Li Guan turned over and took out the token, said to Qin Wu and Luo Tang on the side, “Don’t panic, it’s the lowest level to ask for help, there is no danger. Meng Chuan should have encountered some situations, let us Help in the past. “

“The lowest level for help?” Qin Wu and Luo Tang also relaxed.

Venerable Li Guan glanced at the token in his hand, said with a smile: “It’s quite far away, it’s a seabed in the far North Sea. I asked Primordial Spirit Avatar to visit. See what happened.”

(End of this episode)

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