Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 391

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Li Guan’s Primordial Spirit Avatar flew at high speed between clouds and mist, and flew to the estimated position before diving into the water.

“It should be in this area.” Li Guan Primordial Spirit Avatar quickly approached the past in the dark sea with the help of the position sensed by the communication token.

“Why didn’t you see Meng Chuan?”

Li Guan was a little puzzled.


Deep in front of the seabed, the void is distorted, revealing an ancient seabed mountain range, and Meng Chuan took the initiative to fly over.

“Venerable.” Meng Chuan’s face had a happy look.

“Meng Chuan, what happened, call me over?” Li Guan Primordial Spirit Avatar said with a smile.

“Venerable, and look over there.” Meng Chuan pointed far away, in one of the huge seabed mountain ranges, there is an ancient mountain gate.

Li Guan looked closely and recognized the handwriting on the mountain gate: “Canghai?”

His face changed.

“Canghai School?” Li Guan certainly knew the relationship between Canghai School and Primeval Mountain. The 2 are the 2 branches of Cang Yuan Sect! Of course Primeval Mountain won most of the Cang Yuan Sect inheritance, and Canghai School won a few.

“You found Canghai School?” Li Guan looked at Meng Chuan in surprise. “Okay, but don’t break into it. Although Canghai School has been hundreds of thousands of years old and has no news, it should have no successor, but it still has Cang Yuan Sect part. Inheritance is internally dangerous, and even the Manifestation Venerable can be killed. We need to figure it out, without the Manifestation Venerable host, it is a dead thing after all. We spend more time, 100 years, 1000 years, and finally we I can get it completely. “

Li Guan is well prepared and spent 1000 years to conquer.

“I saw Dharma Protector at Canghai School, and now I have everything under control at Canghai School.” Meng Chuan even explained, “I asked Venerable to bring these to Primeval Mountain.”

“You’ve got everything at Canghai School?” Li Guan said, “Is it to Primeval Mountain?”

“I invite Dharma Protector to meet Venerable.” Meng Chuan said with a slight smile, looking towards behind, a black mist condensed into black robe long eyebrow old man, black robe long eyebrow old man bowed to Li Guan saluted: “The host said Now, everything at Canghai School is handed over to Primeval Mountain. I can move everything from Canghai School to a small paradise in just a moment.


“What, Meng Chuan got everything from Canghai School?” Qin Wu and Luo Tang were shocked.

“Canghai School and other sects, even if they fail, Meng Chuan can’t easily overcome them.” Qin Wu shook his head.

“He has called Dharma Protector to see me.” Li Guan exclaimed. “He didn’t dare to return with the entire sect. He was afraid of an accident in the middle. I didn’t dare to let Primordial Spirit Avatar carry the entire Canghai School … if it was a monster The race really came to attack, there was a trace of mistakes, and the treasure of Canghai School was lost. Then I will be the sinner of Primeval Mountain. “

“My Primordial Spirit Avatar is returning. I will go to Sword Sovereign City to replace you.” Li Guan looked at Qin Wu. “Junior brother Qin, you went there in person and moved Canghai School back.”

“Complete Canghai School?” Qin Wu and Luo Tang were both shocked.

“The 2 sect protecting treasures left by Cang Yuan Founder that year, and our Primeval Mountain left 9 sect protecting treasures. Canghai School won three major sect protection treasures.” Luo Tang unable to bear said, “Now I want to return? Meng Chuan With such great achievements, how should we treat him? “

Qin Wu is also gentlely nodded: “Primeval Mountain has rules, rewards and penalties are clear, and no one can be chilled by any hero. Meng Chuan set up such an extraordinary work, which is the 3 Emperor in the history of Primeval Mountain. Compare with Meng Chuan. “

“If the three major sect protection treasure returns, his credit goes beyond any discipline in history.” Li Guan nodded.

They are very clear.

Any sect protecting treasure is worthless. It is much more precious than Tribulation Realm secret treasures, and it was prepared by Cang Yuan Founder for future generations at all costs. Although the disciples of the younger generation also appeared Emperor, also appeared ‘Primordial Spirit’s Tribulation Realm Supreme’. But what the younger generation brought to sect is far from comparable to Cang Yuan Founder’s 2 1 sect protecting treasure.

“How can I reward such a great job?” The three Venerables looked at each other.

Li Guan shook his head: “He has got a whole Canghai School. Rarely can we give more precious than a whole Canghai School? There is no reward.”

“The treasure for the individual is precious and impossible beyond the entire Canghai School.” Qin Wu said, “It really cannot be rewarded.”

“Always give a statement, not just the benefits.” Luo Tang said.

“Let him also act as a controller.” Li Guan said with a smile. “As a controller, sect treasure is free to choose within the rules. It is also his responsibility to grow sect. But it is an exception for a titled King Daemon to act as a ‘controller’. , All three of us must agree. “

“I agree.” Qin Wu nodded, “He is now comparable in strength to Manifestation. With his talents, it must be Manifestation.”

“Beyond any discipline in the history of Primeval Mountain, and act as a controller in advance, I agree.” Luo Tang said.

“Okay, then our Primeval Mountain will be 4 controllers in the future, everything will be decided by us 4 together.” Li Guan nodded.

The highest power of Primeval Mountain is decided by the controllers through consultation.

They decide everything about sect.

They pay no attention to sect. Of course, within the scope of the rules, they are all optional. sect All resources are allocated by them.


Deep in the seabed.

Venerable Qin Wu arrived here in person and met Meng Chuan and Dharma Protector in the seabed mountain range.

“The entire Canghai School was relocated to 3 small paradise.” Dharma Protector handed over 3 beads to Meng Chuan. “Now it is up to you to decide.” When Meng Chuan is collected, Dharma Protector will immediately turn into black mist. Drilled into one of the beads.

“Master,” Meng Chuan handed it over seriously.


Venerable Qin Wu received 3 paradise beads, it is hard to hide the excitement, “Mindsea Hall, Divine Pagoda of War, Building of Stars, can they all be in it?”

“It’s all there, intact.” Meng Chuan said.

“it is good.”

Venerable Qin Wu even nodded, Primeval Mountain is most concerned about this three major sect protection treasure, he looked at Meng Chuan, and said with emotion, “In those days Cang Yuan Sect divided into two, Building of Stars and other 3 pieces of sect protecting treasure arrived at Canghai School In my hands. Now that nearly 8 100,000 years have passed, these three sect protecting treasures are finally back, Meng Chuan, your credit is too great this time. “

“Mindsea Hall, Divine Pagoda of War, Building of Stars, placed in Primeval Mountain, I can go to the same place and go through the classics.” Meng Chuan said with a smile, “Exclusively, it is a waste of Cang Yuan Founder’s efforts.”

Qin Wu smiled and looked at Meng Chuan.

Many of these secret art classics of Building of Stars are original, unique and unmatched! The original value is unimaginable.

The power of Divine Pagoda of War 9th floor is expected to kill Emperor! It can also be used to guard sect.

Mindsea Hall can test Daemon and attack enemies.

With this three major sect protection treasure, Canghai School lasted for 200,000 years, with 100 Venerable being born in history. Even to date, no other sect has been able to break through Canghai School. Meng Chuan also completed 2 major tests, and Dharma Protector took the initiative to give everything to Canghai School. Really take it? The forces of Primeval Mountain, which have the same origin, intend to conquer it in 1000 years.

“Let’s go back to Primeval Mountain.” Qin Wu said nothing, and returned with Meng Chuan.

master and disciple 2 people flying for a long time.


Seeing the endless Primeval Mountain mountain range, Qin Wu and Meng Chuan were relieved and successfully brought Canghai School back!

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