Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 392

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Li Guan and Luo Tang greeted at high altitude.

“I’m not disappointed.” Qin Wu said with a slight smile. “I have brought Canghai School back.” He said that he opened his palm and there were 3 paradise beads in his palm.

Mysterious’s 3 pearls, but 3 small paradise, store the accumulation of the entire Canghai School, worthless.

“Finally, ten 2 sect protecting treasures have gathered together again.” Li Guan said with emotion, “I Li Guan can see these before the limit, and really die, Meng Chuan, thank you.”

“I also met by chance.” Meng Chuan said, he felt Li Guan’s deep feelings for Primeval Mountain.

After a long time managing a sect, and breaking your heart, how can you not have a deep feeling?

“Meng Chuan, you should explore the world, and you should meet the hidden Canghai School. This may be fate.” Qin Wu said, “Fate is destined to be in your hands to make Canghai School return.”

“Go, we quickly installed sect protecting treasure.” Li Guan said.

“This is a book.” Meng Chuan immediately turned over and took out a book. “Simple record of the treasure owned by Canghai School. In addition to three major sect protection treasure, there are 5 pieces of Tribulation Realm secret weapon …”

Meng Chuan handed it over.

Li Guan glanced over briefly, and nodded applauded: “Canghai School has accumulated a lot.”

“Emperor-level secret weapon, the recipe has already taken one piece.” Meng Chuan said, “I have made a list of the treasures that I took away.”

“Emperor-level is a treasure weapon, there is no need to talk about it.” Li Guan said with a smile, “These are yours, no need to say which one you took.”

Looking at the book, Li Guan, Qin Wu and Luo Tang took Meng Chuan and flew into the Cang Yuan Founder scroll again into the great hall.

Out of the hall door, in the square.

“Boom.” “Boom.” “Boom.”

Three buildings fell one after another, Building of Stars, Mindsea Hall, Divine Pagoda of War, around the central great hall.

“came back.”

Li Guan, Qin Wu, Luo Tang 3 people all watched excitedly.

“Building of Stars is rumored to have 98 secret arts.” Luo Tang looked at it with fiery eyes. “Tribulation Realm and Emperor-level secret art are the main ones. Very few are Venerable-level secret art. They all passed through Cang Yuan Founder. It ’s the one that ’s collected in the selection. “

“These secret arts, only two Seniors in history have been thoroughly trained before recording the Heavenly Book of Black Iron.” Li Guan said, “So all but two Venerable-level secret arts are lost. We humans, in Peak level secret art, so there is a big lack. “

Meng Chuan unable to bear said: “As far as I know, when Cang Yuan Sect split, Primeval Founder has become Emperor and has an absolute advantage. Why did he come up with 9 sect protecting treasure and let Canghai Founder choose 3 to take away? Building of Stars has secret art, and Mindsea Hall also has Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, but they are all very important. “

“There is also some secret behind.”

Li Guan said, “Meng Chuan, can you imagine a sect ruling the world for hundreds of thousands of years? It is always this sect that is ruling. If you want to become a Daemon, you must become the disciple of this sect.”

Meng Chuan was slightly surprised.

“Cang Yuan Sect is too strong.” Li Guan said, “Cang Yuan Founder can still control the overall situation at the time, so that the sect will not be too eroded. And after the death of Cang Yuan Founder, Cang Yuan Sect will be out of control. There is no any Foreigners, disciplinary quotas are not must be given to the best, but to the powerful Daemons willing to give. “

“Even if you are extremely talented and you don’t get the quota, you won’t be a Daemon.” Li Guan said.

Qin Wu also said: “Absolute Control world, bring erosion, horrible to see. Although there are generations of powerhouse want to change, but can not change people’s hearts.”

“There is no external trouble, leading to Primeval Mountain’s infighting, which is only terrifying. In history, many Venerables died because of infighting. There are even disciples who have defected from the sect and want to retaliate against Cang Yuan Sect.”

“Depending on the Great Sect department, some advocate choosing the best and choosing the best in the world to teach. Some advocate cultivating the clansman of Daemon. Some advocate looting the world and let the world be Daemon’s servants …”

“Cang Yuan Sect has been on the verge of destruction several times in factional battles and power struggles.”

“It’s Primeval Founder this generation.”

“Primeval Founder understands that he can affect sect when he is alive. But when he dies, Cang Yuan Sect will still face the plight of the past.” Li Guan said, “So Primeval Founder made a determination to publicize his ideas intentionally and arouse opposition within sect. . He cut all the opposition factions out, and he was worried that he had done something wrong. So he took out 9 sect protecting treasures and let the opponents choose. So there was Canghai School. “

“Primeval Founder feels that he is right.”

“But he also believes that no one is omnipotent and omnipotent. So 2 Paths, each lineage. Any lineage can carry forward, Cang Yuan Sect can flourish again.”

Li Guan said, “And history proves that Sect Founder’s choice is right.”

“There are external threats. We need to fight Primeval Mountain with other sects. Historically, fight with Canghai School, fight with Myriad Sword Sect, and fight with Blacksand Paradise … but internally they are very united.” Li Guan said, “And we have 9 big sect protecting treasure, even if other forces were born Emperor, we hide in Primeval Mountain, secretly go to the world to choose some recipes can also maintain the inheritance. “

“From generation to generation, other sects have been ups and downs, Primeval Mountain is always the sect of present age one of the very best.” Li Guan said, “In fact, we have many opportunities to completely unify the world. But always follow Primeval Founder’s set Rules. Let the world have soil for the rise of other sects. “

Meng Chuan asked: “Sect fight, it will be very tragic.”

“Below Venerable, let it fight.” Li Guan said, “When you reach Manifestation Venerable, all major sects will be constrained. More is to explore foreign territory and run into Space-Time River. We are all Daemons in the same world, running into Space-Time. River will always be a companion. “

“Occasionally, because the hatred is too deep, Venerable-level will also fight.” Luo Tang said, “But most of them are very sensible, knowing that it is possible to go further with the Space-Time River, so human history has reached Venerable-level but it is more peaceful. .Unless a certain group has the strength of sweets away the whole world, then Primeval Mountain is willing to be forbearing temporarily. “

Meng Chuan nodded: “Even if the opponents are separated, it is not necessary to divide Divine Pagoda of War, Building of Stars, Mindsea Hall.”

“Sect Founder is intentional.”

Li Guan said, “First of all, the lineage that has been split out must really stand on its feet. Inheritance must be enough sect protecting treasure for a long time. So Sect Founder took out 9 pieces of sect protecting treasure and let Canghai Senior choose.”

“In the past 2, the most important Primeval Mountain has been collected. The remaining 9 pieces are all considered by Sect Founder and can be handed over to each other. Divine Pagoda of War, Building of Stars, Mindsea Hall, which is also expected by Sect Founder in.”

Meng Chuan wondered: “It is expected that Primeval Mountain will have no cream of the crop secret art, cream of the crop Primordial Spirit Secret Technique.”

“Divine Pagoda of War, has the power to kill ordinary Emperor. Mindsea Hall can also attack the enemy primordial spirit. With these two, Canghai School can gain a foothold.” Li Guan said, “As for the loss? Sect Founder once told us …… Cultivation to Manifestation Realm, it is good to have a secret art, but the one who really has Great Accomplishment is to find the Path by himself and create a secret art.

“Sect Founder has seen almost everything in Space-Time River.”

“Without Peak level secret art, Primeval Mountain Venerable will be forced to create secret art.” Li Guan said, “As for the direction of cultivation, Tribulation Realm secret weapon and Emperor-level secret weapon contain runes, emperor and tribulation. Realm level direction. “

“There are directions, treasure body protection, and secret art. This is the path that Primeval Founder has set for Primeval Mountain.”

Meng Chuan was shocked.


I am a comprehend Bloodblade Plate rune, and then promote the improvement of Endless Blade and Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Movement.

Qin Wu also said: “The loss of Building of Stars, Mindsea Hall, Divine Pagoda of War is very heartbreaking. But for Cang Yuan Sect of that era, it is so divided into Primeval Mountain, Canghai School … maybe the most beneficial. “

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