Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 393

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“Now the Canghai lineage is back, and the years of hundreds of thousands prove that the path of Primeval Mountain is the correct path.” Li Guan said with a slight smile, he went to Divine Pagoda of War, “真 didn’t expect, Li Guan, before the deadline, has the opportunity to break into Divine Pagoda of War. “

Li Guan walked to the Divine Pagoda of War, Qin Wu, Luo Tang and Meng Chuan also walked past.

“I heard that the pillars in front of Divine Pagoda of War hid the rankings.” Qin Wu smiled. “As long as true yuan penetrates into the rankings, the rankings will appear. At the top are all famous people in my human history “” He said that a strand of true yuan penetrated into it.

Meng Chuan blinked.

Looking at the familiar ranking …

“Venerable Vigorous, Daoist Daybreak, Primeval Founder …” Qin Wu remembered the most dazzling names on it, and suddenly he frowned at the fifth name, “Monster Slayer?”

“Who is Monster Slayer?” Luo Tang also wondered, “This is in the top ten, everyone else knows, Venerable Vigorous, that is the Senior who created the ‘Vigorous Demonic Body’, and ran through Divine Pagoda with Venerable. of War 8th floor, the potential ranks first in history. Daoist Daybreak 6 12 years old became a Manifestation, and fell early after entering the Space-Time River. Yuan Chu and Canghai 2 Sect Founders, as well as Myriad Sword Island Lord and Azure Lotus guests , Emperor Anyang, etc., are the most dazzling group of existence in human history. “

This group exists, either become Emperor, or talented evil, or create their own Ultra-grade Daemon Body, or even become Tribulation Realm.

All of them make Venerables look up from generation to generation.

And now there is a ‘Monster Slayer’ in the top ten.

“Monster Slayer?” Li Guan wondered.

Qin Wu turned to look towards Meng Chuan: “Meng Chuan, your battle blade, also called monster-slaying.”

“Don’t hide your respect,” Meng Chuan said. “The reason why the disciples can get the whole Canghai School is because they have gone through Divine Pagoda of War and Mindsea Hall, and passed the test of Canghai School. The Monster Slayer ranked 5th is the discipline. “

“It’s you?” Qin Wu, Luo Tang, and Li Guan all looked at Meng Chuan in surprise.

In terms of skill realm in human history, potential 5th, what is the concept?

It will be clear who the top ten are.

“It can be ranked 5th.” Luo Tang unable to bear whispered, “We were blind, but did not see that Meng Chuan has such a talent in skill realm?”

“Large successes are also available, Meng Chuan reborn is better than then.” Qin Wu said with emotion, then looked towards Meng Chuan, “You said you broke into Divine Pagoda of War and Mindsea Hall, so you can get everything at Canghai School The threshold set by Canghai School must be very high before you can own Canghai School. “


Meng Chuan nodded and said, “Mindsea Hall is ranked in the top 5 and Divine Pagoda of War is ranked in the top 5. Both of them are done, and Canghai School will give it to me completely. Just ask a little and will not let Canghai lineage cut off in the future.”

“Mindsea Hall is also in the top 5?” Luo Tang flashed and went to Mindsea Hall, and urged, “Qin Wu, hurry up.”

Qin Wu also arrived at Mindsea Hall, a ray of true yuan penetrated into the pillar stone.

The pillar shows the ranking.

First: Monster Slayer

Section 2: Myriad Sword Island Lord

Section 3: Emperor Anyang


“Mindsea Hall Ranked 1st?” Luo Tang, Qin Wu, and Li Guan were all surprised, and all three of them turned to look towards Meng Chuan.

“In our Primeval Mountain this generation, such a monster-like discipline appeared.” Luo Tang unable to bear whispered. When he discovered that there was a discipline in this era, it could belong to the most evil kind in human history. Li Guan, their three Venerables are excited and happy, and they feel very complicated. Because they know how amazing this “enchantment” grows up in history.

titled King skipping a grade and battling Venerable.

Venerable skipping a grade and battling Emperor! This is simply normal play.

Created a powerful secret art, and created a new Ultra-grade Daemon Body …… There are many.

“We have to protect him and let him grow up well,” Li Guan sound transmission said. “As long as he is given enough time, he can solve this war.”

“Mindsea Hall ranked first, Divine Pagoda of War ranked fifth. This is beyond human Senior, all geniuses in human history, he is probably the closest to Cang Yuan Founder.” Qin Wu also sound transmission said, “A close We must protect the genius of Cang Yuan Founder as much as possible. “

“I can give him all the body protection treasure.” Luo Tang sound transmission said, “What else can we do?”

“No, we haven’t done enough, we can do better.” Li Guan sound transmission said.

Three of them negotiated.

Meng Chuan was on the side, but did not know what the three Venerables were secretly discussing.

This Mindsea Hall and Divine Pagoda of War rankings are too shocking for 3 Venerables. Both items are ranked in the top ten, ‘Myriad Sword Island Lord’ ‘Emperor Anyang’ ‘Primeval Founder’ … at least became Emperor! Venerable Vigorous, Daoist Daybreak, etc. are skill realm innate talents are very high, but primordial spirit limits them, making them stuck in Venerable-level.

And Meng Chuan is ranked in the top 2 of 5 items, human has never had. The closest to him is ‘Emperor Anyang’, Emperor Anyang is the closest human to Cang Yuan Founder, is ‘primordial spirit 3 Tribulation Realm’ Supreme.

“Senior brother Li, you have considered Meng Chuan too carefully.” Luo Tang sound transmission said.

Li Guan sound transmission said: “A genius comparable to Emperor Anyang, Primeval Founder, and Myriad Sword Island Lord was born in our time. It is the luck of our time. We must protect him. The world of cultivator is … Looking at the power of individuals, the birth of a super powerhouse can not only solve wars, but even change the fate of ethnic groups forever. “


“Meng Chuan.” Li Guan looked at Meng Chuan, said with a smile, “Canghai lineage is endless, you don’t need to worry. I Primeval Mountain will set up ‘Canghai lineage’ in the sect in the future, mainly based on the inheritance of Canghai Founder, However, until the end of the war, the Canghai lineage was temporarily hidden and will not be disclosed to the public. “

“Understood.” Meng Chuan nodded.

sect set up this lineage, also help yourself to solve the cause and effect.

“You have contributed greatly this time.” Li Guan smiled towards Qin Wu and Luo Tang on his side. “To be honest, we think about it, and it’s really rewarding. But my Primeval Mountain’s historical rules are not Treating heroes badly. So we negotiated and made an exception … letting you serve as the ‘controller’ of Primeval Mountain. “

“Controller?” Meng Chuan wondered.

“Now Primeval Mountain only has me, Qin Wu and Luo Tang as the three controllers.” Li Guan said, “As long as the three of us negotiate together, we can decide all matters of sect. Of course, we have to follow some rules left by Seniors, only special The situation can make an exception. “

“I act as a controller? It’s unnecessary.” Meng Chuan hesitated a little.

“It’s up to you to do it.” Li Guan looked at Meng Chuan. “You are already solving the threat of 1000000 Monster King. You even brought everything back to Canghai School. Your contribution has surpassed any Venerable in the history of Primeval Mountain. .Your strength is enough to match Manifestation. You are qualified to act as a controller. This is not just power, but more important is responsibility. You need to take responsibility. On behalf of the future, there is no more powerhouse to protect you from the wind and rain. You shield the sect from the wind and rain! “

“Need me to protect the sect from the wind and rain?” Meng Chuan felt more responsible for himself.

“At your growth rate, in decades, you will become the thickest tree in the sect.” Li Guan smiled, and Qin Wu and Luo Tang were also nodded.

It is quite normal for geniuses comparable to Emperor Anyang, Primeval Founder, Myriad Sword Island Lord to spend decades to achieve achievements comparable to Qin Wu and Li Guan.

It took more than 100 years? That is called cultivation slow!

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