Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 394

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“Ceremony as a controller, wait a moment.” Li Guan said, “Before that, I will also tell you the true side of Primeval Mountain.”

“The real side?” Meng Chuan’s heart moved.

“Because of the rules set by Primeval Founder, we have hidden some key forces from Primeval Mountain.” Li Guan said, “The key point is ten 2 sect protecting treasure. Before, we only had 9 Primeval Mountain. You brought 3 pieces, which is also big Increase my heritage of Primeval Mountain. “

“The first piece of sect protecting treasure is the inheritance of Cang Yuan Founder itself.” Li Guan said, “Complete inheritance, from ordinary Daemon stage to Manifestation Realm, Emperor realm and even Seventh Tribulation Realm, the weapon and cultivating method in this process , A special place suitable for cultivating, precious resources, everything is prepared in detail. “

“As long as you inherit Cang Yuan Founder inheritance, you can get the best cultivation in the whole Human World, which is called Heaven’s Chosen Child. Human history’s” Manifestation Realm is invincible “, most of them are inheritors of Cang Yuan Founder lineage.” Li Guan said , “This is also an important reason why Primeval Mountain can maintain its prosperity for a long time.”

After the split of Cang Yuan Sect, most of the Manifestation Realm born in the world are invincible, all originated from Primeval Mountain. Can Primeval Mountain be strong?

“Just to pass the Trial of Reincarnation to get inheritance is very difficult.” Li Guan looked at Meng Chuan with a smile.

“Powerful inheritance, own threshold.” Meng Chuan nodded.

Luo Tang said with a smile: “But now we are a person of genius in our time, have broken through the Trial of Reincarnation and got the inheritance of Cang Yuan Founder, he is also named Meng.”

“It’s also surnamed Meng?” Meng Chuan eyes shined.

His son’s innate talent is extremely high, and he also cultivates Reincarnation Divine Body.

Is it…

“It’s Meng An.” Li Guan said with a smile, “Bloodline inheritance is indeed out of the ordinary. With a father like you, no wonder Meng An can be so good at a young age. But the difference between him and you is that there is no I have experienced war, I have not experienced real hardship. “

I used to think that Meng An is expected to become ‘Manifestation Realm invincible’, but it is estimated that at least 200 years, and I think it is too difficult to support 200 years.

Take a look today …

Meng An his father ‘Meng Chuan’ is even more wicked. In history, the two potentials are extremely high, and they are at least Emperor.

Emperor pose! Tribulation Realm is promising! Human is the genius closest to Cang Yuan Founder.

“An’er is still young and will have his experience in the future.” Meng Chuan is still very happy. Although he got the Primordial Spirit Secret Technique inheritance of ‘Supreme Feiyu’, it is only a secret technique. As for how to cultivate? What resources are there to cultivate? What powerful weapons? Is there a suitable place for cultivating? None, only secret technique.

Meng An This kind of ability can be regarded as a true inheritance disciple! All-round cultivation.

“The second sect protecting treasure is the great hall.” Li Guan pointed to the most majestic great hall, which is also the great hall where many source treasures such as ‘Scarlet Cloud Heaven’ ‘Azure Cloud Heaven’ were originally hidden. The entrance to the paradise.

“This is Heaven and Earth Hall.”

Li Guan said, “It is also the ‘World Source’ of the entire Human World.”

“World Source?” Meng Chuan froze.

Qin Wu also lamented: “In those days, Cang Yuan Founder made human’s ‘World Source’ visible, refined Heaven and Earth Hall to protect World Source. And made World Source stronger and improved! The whole Human World was upgraded from ‘lower world’ to ‘Medium world’, there is a qualitative change. Human cultivation in the world will be much easier. “

“Like your source treasure ‘Azure Cloud Heaven’, the source of power is this Heaven and Earth Hall.” Qin Wu said with a smile, “Of course maintaining a little source treasure is just its most unremarkable function. It has other big features. The first thing is to guard Primeval Mountain. “

“Mobilize the power of Heaven and Earth Hall to guard the entire Primeval Mountain.”

“As long as there is Venerable to urge the formation, or 3 titled King Daemons to urge at the same time, you can perfectly guard the entire Primeval Mountain. It is the digital Emperor who teamed up to attack and also do not want to break Primeval Mountain.”

Qin Wu looked at Meng Chuan, “Because of the defense, Primeval Founder is willing to let other sects grow.”

“This ‘Heaven and Earth Hall’ has another major function.” Li Guan said with a serious expression, “That is to completely inspire World Source’s Power, with the help of ‘World Annihilation Formation’ in Heaven and Earth Hall, to move all places except Primeval Mountain All are destroyed, this is the ‘destiny’. “

“Destroy the world?” Meng Chuan was shivered.

“Yes, Cang Yuan Founder also thought that if there is a strong foreign enemy in the future, infiltrate Human World.” Li Guan said, “What can we do that humans can’t resist? The last way is to destroy the world! We humans are hiding in Primeval Mountain, destroy all places except Primeval Mountain, and destroy all creatures. “

“The mountain gate of Cang Yuan Sect is now Primeval Mountain.” Li Guan said, “After the demise, let the mortal creatures in Primeval Mountain be put down the mountain and let them reproduce.”

“Destroy the world is our human’s most painful choice in the face of strong enemies.” Li Guan looked at Meng Chuan. “After all, the mortal that Primeval Mountain can accommodate is very limited. Once the world is destroyed, more than 99% of the creatures must die. All cities , All flowers, trees, mountains, rivers and lakes will be destroyed. Everything will be bred again. “

Meng Chuan nodded.

“Heaven and Earth Hall, there are some other small functions, when you become a controller, you slowly understand.” Li Guan then said, “The third sect protecting treasure is the Cang Yuan Paradise you have entered.”

“Cang Yuan Paradise is Cang Yuan Founder’s various opportunities for traveling the Space-Time River for a long time. Cang Yuan Founder feels that these opportunities are unique. So one after another collection, put in Cang Yuan Paradise. Primeval Mountain only has incomparable evil spirits The genius is qualified to enter Cang Yuan Paradise, so that those geniuses get the best chance for them, like a tiger that has grown wings, soaring into the sky. “Li Guan said,” Historically, Cang Yuan Paradise’s opportunity Very important. Many Seniors such as Venerable Vigorous, Myriad Sword Island Lord, etc., got their chances in Cang Yuan Paradise, and they have been more rapidly improved. It is you Meng Chuan who also got the opportunities in Cang Yuan Paradise. “

“Only in the Cang Yuan Sect era, Cang Yuan Paradise opened too many times, and the opportunities contained therein became less and less.” Li Guan sighed, “In the era of Primeval Mountain, we naturally cut the number of openings greatly. Otherwise, we will soon run out Yes. Ten 2 sect protecting treasure, the most important of these three major sect protection treasure … I am afraid that Cang Yuan Paradise is the first to disappear. “

“Yes, the remaining opportunities today are less than the earliest ones.” Luo Tang also said.

“During the Cang Yuan Sect period, too many treasure resources were consumed.” Qin Wu also said.

“In the beginning, Primeval Founder put away all three major sect protection treasures, and another 9 pieces of sect protection treasure were selected by Canghai Founder.” Li Guan said, “The remaining 9 pieces are also out of the ordinary, ranking fourth. , Is an arm. “

“Arm?” Meng Chuan froze.

“It’s secret, we don’t know.” Li Guan said, “Cang Yuan Founder set the formation, must reach the Emperor-level to know the secret of this arm. According to the recognition of the seniors who have become Emperor in the past, arrange it On the 4th sect protecting treasure. “

“Section 5 sect protecting treasure, you come with me …” Li Guan said.


Meng Chuan really watched the 2 1 sect protecting treasure, but could not help but secretly feel the depth of the sect created by a ‘fleshly body Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme’.

“Monster race has a longer history, more Tribulation Realm powerhouses have been born, and Fleshly Body Sixth Tribulation Supreme has more than one birth.” Meng Chuan warned, “You must be more careful.”

After watching many sect protecting treasures, Meng Chuan returned to Heaven and Earth Hall.

In Heaven and Earth Hall.

Three Dharma Protectors, such as black robe long eyebrow old man, also came. They were also the three Dharma Protectors in the initial period of Cang Yuan Sect.

“Become a controller, protect the sect, protect the human, and stay dead. Meng Chuan, do you know?” The three Dharma Protector stood in front of Meng Chuan, while Li Guan, Qin Wu, Luo Tang watched the ceremony.

“Disciple Meng Chuan, this life must protect the sect, protect humans, and stay dead.” Meng Chuan promised in the Heaven and Earth Hall, in front of 3 Dharma Protector and 3 controllers.

The Dharma Protector giant led by handed a golden token to Meng Chuan: “King Dongning Meng Chuan, from today, you will be my 4th controller of Primeval Mountain present age.”

“Disciple takes orders.” Meng Chuan solemnly took it.

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