Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 395

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After becoming a controller, Meng Chuan came to Building of Stars.

Li Guan, Qin Wu and Luo Tang their three people also came here and began to read the classics.

“The secret art of Building of Stars, haven’t you seen it yet?” Qin Wu smiled.

“I got Canghai School, and I thought about sending it back to Primeval Mountain as soon as possible.” Meng Chuan said, “Looking at secret art and carefully comprehend, it’s not overnight, so I’m not in a hurry.”

“Building of Stars, Divine Pagoda of War, Mindsea Hall, I plan to gradually open to Primeval Mountain’s titled King Daemons.” Li Guan looked at the classics and said, “Of course Divine Pagoda of War, Mindsea Hall ranking Your name must be hidden by Dharma Protector first. When you become a Manifestation Venerable and completely fearless of the monster race, it is not too late to make it public. “

Qin Wu, Luo Tang and Meng Chuan all agreed with nodded.

“You don’t have any opinions, so do it.” Li Guan nodded, “As for the Building of Stars secret art and Mindsea Hall Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, it is still based on the old rules of the Cang Yuan Sect period, limited by strength and credit.”


They are all old-fashioned rules, and they are very lenient to Daemon.

“Okay, things are so settled. Knowing that your mind is on this secret art.” Li Guan smiled and began to read intently.


The four controllers first simply read through the secret art classics before finding their own lineage secret art.

“The secret art of Thunder lineage has a total of Six Sect.” Meng Chuan sat in the corner of Building of Stars, holding the Six Sect secret art in front of him. Among them, 5 secret arts are all books and one secret art is a piece. Spacious crystal jade. Human Seniors created their own secret art using ‘Heavenly Book of Black Iron’ because Human World makes it easier to obtain the material ‘Meteorite Iron’. The secret art obtained from Space-Time River is mostly text and picture books, and a few of them are unique materials.

“One Venerable-level secret art, three Emperor-level secret arts, and two Tribulation Realm secret arts.” Meng Chuan’s eyes shined.

There are very few Venerable-level secret arts that can be selected by Cang Yuan Founder in the ’98 secret art ‘ranks.

This Venerable-level secret art is called “Descent of the Golden Lotus”.

“It is obviously a Venerable-level secret art. According to the above description, the concept profound mystery contained is only ‘Paradise Realm Perfection’. But the method of incomparably exquisite use … makes this” Descent of the Golden Lotus “have The extremely terrifying formidable power is a secret art that is expected to kill Emperor over a step. “Meng Chuan looked at this secret art, immersed in consciousness, and began to acquire this inheritance.

“Descent of the Golden Lotus.”

It was a golden lotus, purely formed by thunder and lightning.

The extremely dazzling lotus flower is the most dazzling in the concept world, with the power of radiance, exuding the power of ruining the world, it slowly rotates, and the petals contain the power and rotate to converge to the next one, accumulating . The more it rotates, the more terrifying the formidable power becomes.

And it has 2 layers of petals, and the 2 layers rotate slowly and staggered, containing the endless Yin and Yang Profound Mystery.

“Chi chi chi.”

The rotating golden lotus fell downward, seemingly slow, but when it fell, it shattered everything, smashed everything, pierced everything, and nothing could stand in front of it.

The whole world will be pierced by it!

Meng Chuan couldn’t help but think of the ‘purple lightning’ that tore the Space-Time River, the thunder and lightning tree that constantly spread and burst, and the power that constantly tore the space-time. If you say ‘purple thunder and lightning’ is the force naturally formed by Space-Time River, and this rotating golden lotus… is more like condensing a thunder and lightning tree into a lotus, the power is completely united and constantly twisted Broken, crushed, chiseled.

Its formidable power has been superimposed.

The rotation of the lotus is the gathering of power. formidable power seems to increase in the Supreme limit.

Very terrifying secret art, if the exhibitor is allowed to brew, this move formidable power will continue to increase until it exceeds its own controlling ability. “Meng Chuan secretly thought,” Even if the enemy wants to suppress, this is a secret art that can skip a grade and battling Emperor. It may even be skipped a grade and killed Emperor. This is even better than Guo Ke Senior’s “Blade of Intent”, no wonder he was selected by Cang Yuan Founder. “

“But cultivation is difficult.”

“It’s much harder than the average Venerable-level secret art.”

“I once painted 15 Paintings of Thunder. According to this secret art description,” Painting of Light and Lightning Flash “,” Yin and Yang Painting of Life “,” Endless Painting of Destruction “,” Atavism Painting of Destruction “,” Nihility Painting of ” “Destruction” 5 is the perfect combination to move this cultivating Perfection. “Meng Chuan secretly thought,” The destruction of Thunder and Lightning lineage dominates. “


Meng Chuan looked at 3 Emperor-level secret art again.

“Emperor-level secret art” Thunderwalk “,” Thunderfire Body Refinement Technique “,” Lightning of Darkness “, these are secret arts with a partial bias.” Meng Chuan also learned these three inheritances, “” Thunderwalk “is a body Once practiced, the law will be completely transformed into lightning, with a speed comparable to that of real lightning. “

Meng Chuan knows how terrifying that speed is.

It is the vastness of Human World, and the real lightning can pass through the entire world in an instant. Emperors are generally able to teleport 1000 miles, but 1000 miles are not worth mentioning in front of the “real lightning”.

So this “Thunderwalk” made Cang Yuan Founder take it seriously, and also included in Building of Stars.

“” Thunderfire Body Refinement Technique “is actually used to cultivating fleshly body? Is the fleshly body cultivating the same as the Emperor-level weapon? Cultivating to the point of Perfection, even if it does not become Tribulation Realm, but the strength is strong, the defense is strong, but it is It is comparable to ‘Fleshly Body Fifth Tribulation Realm’, Emperor skipping a grade and battling Fleshly Body Fifth Tribulation Realm? “Meng Chuan secretly thought,” True didn’t expect Thunder lineage, and can also cultivate such a strong fleshly body. “

According to the inheritance description, Thunderfire Body Refinement Technique also needs to repair Flame lineage, and each body refinement has a heavy burden on the fleshly body, and it is extremely difficult to achieve Perfection.

“” Lightning of Darkness “, once practiced as Perfection, Shi unfolds, as if disappearing from space-time, ordinary Tribulation Realm Supreme can not be found.”

After finishing these three courses, Meng Chuan felt that they all achieved some kind of extreme secret art.

Perhaps the ordinary Emperor-level secret art can no longer attract the attention of Cang Yuan Founder.

“Tribulation Realm-level secret art.” Meng Chuan learned heart before he was relaxed, “This is the normal secret art.”

There are 2 secret arts in Tribulation Realm.

A door called “Thunder World”, this secret art is to control void, cultivating to the extreme, once read, the surrounding thousand li turned into Thunder World! It is itself the “master” of Thunder World. The so-called ‘Lightning of Darkness’ ‘Thunderwalk’ ‘Thunderfire Body Refinement Technique’, even if the cultivation Perfection is within the range of hundred thousand li Thunder World, it has to become a ants, there’s no resistance, and they are easily pinched to death.

This secret art was created by a Fleshly Body Sixth Tribulation Supreme, and with this secret art, the space-time river is vertical and horizontal. The strength is close to Seventh Tribulation Realm.

According to Cang Yuan Founder evaluation, this is a secret art that will ‘void’ comprehend to Perfection.

A door called “Blade of Three Eras” is a lineage secret art that controls time with thunder and lightning. Although the creator died before he could perfect the blade technique, it is also a time secret that can threaten Seventh Tribulation Realm. art.

Any system.

Flame, thunder and lightning, water flow … In any aspect, comprehend to space-time in the end.

Because everything is derived from ‘Space-Time River’.

This is the most fundamental force.

void is more real, more accessible, and easier to master. The titled King Daemon level generally begins to gradually comprehend, and of course it is very far from cultivating to the perfection of “Thunder World”. And time is more illusory, and it is more difficult to control.

Tribulation Realm-level secret art is mostly secret art of time and space, but the angle of entry is different. Meng Chuan’s 2 Tribulation Realm-class secret arts all start with Thunder lineage to control time and space.

“” Thunder World “and” Blade of Three Eras “are orthodox secret arts, which is the ultimate direction of cultivation.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “I need to spend more time on these 2 Tribulation Realm-class secret arts.”

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