Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 396

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With all the secret art inheritance of Thunder lineage, Meng Chuan still doesn’t agree with Primeval Founder’s original choice.

“These precious secret arts have systematically guided the direction and have a complete technique of cultivation.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Although after losing the Building of Stars, you can comprehend Emperor-level, Tribulation Realm level secret weapon, come The direction of clear comprehension cultivation. After all, the efficiency is much lower. Even the Space-Time River true powerhouse is a self-created secret art. Comprehend other people ’s secret art and learn from the wisdom of others … It is also good for creating secret art. “

“Of course, the height of the Primeval Founder station is different from mine.”

“He is Emperor, the most powerful house in Human World at that time, he may have a deeper idea.” Meng Chuan secretly thought.

Primeval Founder was invincible at the beginning, and has stood at the peak of Human World. He not only depends on the time, but also on the long-term future.

If you only care about happiness, Primeval Founder will leave all the heritage of Cang Yuan Sect in Primeval Mountain, and concentrate on the development of Primeval Mountain.

And in fact…

He was on thin ice, cautiously, thinking he might be wrong.

For humans, eggs cannot be placed in a basket.

2 bets on all sides.

Therefore, the invaluable ‘three major sect protection treasure’ was given to Canghai School, and a group of powerhouses such as Canghai Founder went to build Canghai School.

Primeval Mountain and Canghai School have invincible heritage. Regardless of the success of any faction, humans still have a strong foundation and can continue to flourish.


Jiang Prefecture City, in the afternoon.


Meng Chuan landed in the courtyard, Liu Qiyue reading the book in the courtyard got up and walked, unable to bear said: “A’Chuan, why didn’t you come back yesterday night?”

“Something has been delayed.” Meng Chuan said with a smile. At that time, he was undergoing a test in the paradise in Canghai School. “Isn’t it telling you that I am safe through the summons token?”

Meng Chuan prepared a set of communication tokens for the family members, and they also had some secret codes for each other.

Report safety, ask for help, etc.

“But I can’t contact you later,” Liu Qiyue said. “If you don’t report the safety in advance, I will ask Primeval Mountain for help.”

“Relax, ma’am.” Meng Chuan felt his wife’s concern, said with a smile, “Your husband and I are very strong, more cultivating to Blood Drop Realm, and also leaving blood in Primeval Mountain! This life-saving ability is very strong. The monster race in Human World can’t help me. “

“Well, I know you are great.” Liu Qiyue said with a smile.

“Right, I prepared a gift for you.”

Meng Chuan flipped his hands and gave his wife a set of plumes that exuded light. “You try it.”

Liu Qiyue was attracted at first glance, and the power of this plume was very attractive to her. She reached out and took it on her body, only to feel that the Phoenix Bloodline within the body resonated with this plume.

“It’s called Phoenix-feathered Clothes, I guess it should be for you.” Meng Chuan said with a smile.

“My Bloodline’s power can control it.” Liu Qiyue exclaimed, Phoenix illusory shadow appeared on the surface of Phoenix-feathered Clothes. This Phoenix illusory shadow also contained power, protecting Liu Qiyue, “can body protection, but also release The flames are so powerful that the surrounding area becomes Flame Domain. A’Chuan, I like this feather coat very much. “

Liu Qiyue is happy to be familiar with this feather coat.

“Where did this come from?” Liu Qiyue just reacted and asked.

“Let’s go, let’s talk slowly into the house.” Meng Chuan said with a smile, Building of Stars will gradually open to Primeval Mountain titled King Daemon, naturally things in Canghai School do not have to hide their wives.


After 2nd day, Meng Chuan started to hunt down Monster King again.



A stream of light, flying at high speed deep in the ground of Human World, Thunder-magnetic Domain probes again and again. Kill every monster king found. Only very few Monster Kings will be conquered by Meng Chuan and become monster servants.

In a small paradise, a dense room.

“True didn’t expect, Daemon who hunted Monster King on the ground on a large scale turned out to be Meng Chuan.” Monster Saint Qian Qu can perceive the young Daemon through the connection of Karmic Blood Curse.

Causal links are the most mysterious.

Tribulation Realm Supreme itself cannot be completely isolated, but can only be obscured as much as possible.

Meng Chuan did not comprehend the causal lineage at all, and did not know that he had been exposed, but he also knew that with the heritage of monster race, he had to be careful at all times.

“Boom.” Pushing open the door of the secret room, Monster Saint Qian Qu walked out.

“9 Yuan.”

Monster Saint Qian Qu came to a silent temple and shouted directly.

Soon, a silhouette of Monster Saint Jiuyan appeared on the throne in the temple, it said with a smile: “What’s the matter with me?”

“The Daemon identity of mass killing Monster King underground is 9% sure.” Monster Saint Qian Qu said.

“9% sure?” Monster Saint Jiuyan slightly frowned.

“I walked the world before, looking for 3000 Monster Kings in all parts of the world, and laid Karmic Blood Curse on them.” Monster Saint Qian Qu said, “The 3000 baits are completely scattered and irregular. Now there are 2 100 zero 5 The bait was killed, 2 100 zero 2 were killed by the same Daemon. “Monster Saint Qian Qu said,” I think the grasp is very large. “

“3000 bait, about 2 100 dead?” Monster Saint Jiuyan shook his head. “This matter is very involved. At this time, it’s not bad the past few days. My monster race will target the Daemon and perform a more powerful attack than the last time. Means. If you make a mistake, the consequences will be serious. “

Monster Saint Qian Qu looking thoughtful: “Actually, I have a lot of control now. If you have doubts, wait another half a month.”

“Wait for another half month, you will die more than 10000 Monster Kings.” Monster Saint Jiuyan didn’t care, “Yes, who are you finding out now?”

Monster Saint Qian Qu looked at each other and said with a smile: “Marquis Dongning Meng Chuan!”


Another half month passed.

Monster Saint Jiuyan and Monster Saint Qian Qu walk side by side.

“Today, 533 baits have died.” Monster Saint Qian Qu said, “527 of them were killed by Meng Chuan. You know, these bait Monster King are scattered all over the world, and there has been no large-scale siege recently. The actions of Monster Kings are almost dormant under the ground. In just one month, killing more than 500 bait? Impossible is a coincidence! “

Monster Saint Jiuyan also agreed: “It seems that Meng Chuan has already become a titled King Daemon, but it has been kept secret.”

“So you tried your best to find out who it was,” Monster Saint Qian Qu said.

Two Monster Saints came to a dark secret room side by side.

In the center of the dark chamber, there is a pool of water.

“I will contact Emperor here.” Monster Saint Jiuyan said, Monster Saint Qian Qu nodded.


Numerous sculptural patterns carved in the secret room bloomed in silver and white rays of light, and the picture gradually appeared in the central pool, which is what Emperor Xinghe looks like.

Monster Saint Jiuyan and Monster Saint Qian Qu both bowed slightly, with great respect.

“Emperor, I found out that Daemon’s identity.” Monster Saint Jiuyan reported respectfully.

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