Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 397

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“Identified?” Emperor Xinghe, expression congeals and oppression appear even more in the pool.

“Yes,” Monster Saint Jiuyan respectfully said.

“Subordinate is sure.” Monster Saint Qian Qu also said.

“Who?” Emperor Xinghe coldly said in the pool.

Monster Saint Qian Qu continued: “Human Primeval Mountain disciple ‘Marquis Dongning Meng Chuan’, 9 Yuan and I both think that this Meng Chuan should be far more talented than the outside world knows, secretly became the titled King Daemon. Only because he is good at the ground Probe, so humans try their best to hide their rays of light and hide their messages. “

“Marquis Dongning Meng Chuan?” Emperor Xinghe opened the mouth and said, “Are you sure? I want … to be sure.”

Because setting a goal requires a lot of money. The last time I arranged the ‘Three Absolutes Formation’, Huang Yao Old Ancestor had lost his life and failed in the end. This time it is necessary to beheaded, which naturally costs more.

If it is wrong?

Monster Saint Qian Qu is not enough to lose his life.

“Reporting to Emperor.” Monster Saint Qian Qu respectfully said, “subordinate searched for 3000 Monster Kings, leaving Karmic Blood Curse on them. They are completely scattered around Human World and there are no rules to follow. Now 533 have died Monster King decoys, including 527 Monster King decoys, all died in the hands of Marquis Dongning Meng Chuan. “

Monster Saint Jiuyan also said: “If subordinate does not have a token, let subordinate keep searching all over the world, it is simply to find a needle in a haystack. In one month, I am afraid that 50 Monster King bait will not be found. Meng Chuan If you can kill so many people, it must be the Daemon who is good at exploring the ground. “

“Meng Chuan?” Emperor Xinghe in the pool was silent before asking, “Can he be sure of his activity track?”

“After confirming that it was him, in the last half month, I often used Karmic Blood Curse to determine his location.” Monster Saint Qian Qu said, “During the day, he has been almost everywhere in the world, seabed in 4 seas, under the land, in short Underground everywhere. And Monster King of our monster race was mainly slaughtered, mainly during the daytime. It is totally corresponding. And at night, he returned to ‘Great Zhou Dynasty Jiang Prefecture City’. “

“During the day and the earth everywhere? Back to Jiang Prefecture City at night?” Emperor Xinghe slightly nodded, with a smile on his face, “Qian Qu, you did well.”

“It is the honor of subordinate to serve Emperor.” Monster Saint Qian Qu bowed slightly.

Emperor Xinghe smiled and looked at the two Monster Saints with satisfaction, and the silhouette in the pool disappeared.


monster world.

At the Ice Palace suspended at a high altitude, 3 Emperor gathered here.

“The intelligence of human Daemon ‘Meng Chuan’ is all here.” Peng Sovereign said, “From the intelligence point of view, Meng Chuan entered Primeval Mountain as the entry Ranked 1st, or when he was the Great Sun Realm Daemon, shortly after going down the mountain. , He once teamed up with his companions to kill the ‘Heishui Palace Lord’ of Celestial Monster Sect, because he is extremely fast and good at rescue. Peak 4th-layer Monster King ‘Black Rock Monster King’ once killed Meng Chuan, but as a result, Black Rock Monster King failed, and the Meng Chuan couple immediately followed the announcement that they became titled Marquis. “

“More than ten years later, my monster race attacked human city on a large scale. We can make sure that the monster race has shot him several times and has at least Peak titled King strength. I guess he was already the titled King Daemon at that time.” Peng Sovereign Said, “So guessed that he might have become a titled King Daemon for more than ten years.”

“If his talent is as evil as speculation, maybe ten years later, it will reach the titled King peak.”

“Cooperate with some special opportunities, powerful treasure, can completely defeat Huang Yao with one enemy 3.”

“And he is Thunder and Lightning lineage.”

“Huang Yao and Bei Jiao also determined that the Daemon was good at Thunder and Lightning lineage when they besieged the mysterious Daemon.” Peng Sovereign said, “Meng Chuan really fits together.”

Empress Xuanyue whispered: “You forgot a little, he is extremely fast. Being able to detect underground is so powerful, in addition to the detection secret technique, the fast speed can also greatly improve the efficiency of exploration.”

“Now that I’m sure, I will prepare.” Emperor Xinghe looked at the two companions.

“Get ready.” Peng Sovereign and Empress Xuanyue both looked at him.

Emperor Xinghe nodded.

He waved his hands down and placed a huge black disk directly in an open land. There was a little light in the black disk.

“Cang Yuan World, Great Zhou Dynasty, Marquis Dongning, Meng Chuan!” Emperor Xinghe right hand fingers write each and everyone words on the disc, each text is condensed with blood, integrated into the black disc.

Human World is also called ‘Cang Yuan World’ in Space-Time River.

Many worlds are named after the most powerful house in the history of this world. After all, ‘Cang Yuan Founder’ is well-known and has spread to so many worlds. Those other world powerhouses who think of Cang Yuan Founder’s home world will naturally call it ‘Cang Yuan World’.


As Emperor Xinghe wrote the words each and everyone on the black disk, he and Human World’s ‘Meng Chuan’ began to have a weaker causal connection.

Through illusory causality, Emperor Xinghe vaguely saw a silhouette of a young man.

“Unfortunately, there is no blood and hair as a guide.” Emperor Xinghe shook his head gently. “And there is a world apart. Human World is too much for me. I lock Meng Chuan very hard.”

“This Meng Chuan, can be one enemy 3, Three Absolutes Formation can’t help him. It is impossible to quietly get his hair and blood.” Peng Sovereign said, “It’s just the ordinary titled King Daemon, Seamless Domain under the envelope, how could it be possible Others took the hair and blood. If the hair and blood can be taken away quietly, he can also take his head. “

“Ok, I know.”

Emperor Xinghe nodded, “I need to worship him on the 9th, write a complete mantra for him, and wait for the 9th to start, curse formidable power to reach the maximum.”

“We have waited for so many years, and of course we have patience for these 9 days.” Peng Sovereign said with a smile.

“Xing Xia worshipped him on the 9th. Once the ninth day curse came, he would know that he would die, that’s all.” Empress Xuanyue said, “If he really resists and survives, he will discover his identity. Strengthen his protection. The next time you want to do it again, the difficulty will be much higher. So this time the plan is more detailed, and no weak spot is left.

“What do you mean?” Peng Sovereign and Emperor Xinghe looked at Empress Xuanyue.

“To do it, just do it. The last layer plan is also secretly prepared.” Empress Xuanyue also said, “We will prepare what we can prepare for Meng Chuan. This time, we must get rid of him. He is alive, our The plan failed most of the time. “


Peng Sovereign and Emperor Xinghe are both nodded.


Peng Sovereign began to do other preparations, and Empress Xuanyue was to protect Emperor Xinghe.

black disc.

Emperor Xinghe knelt down in the motionless, every hour he would write a ‘curse mantra’ with blood on the black disc. In the Emperor Xinghe induction, the silhouette of the originally vague young man gradually became clear.

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