Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 398

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On the other side, Human World, inside a small paradise.

The golden armor messenger stood there, while Monster Saint Jiuyan and black robe Bei Jiao took the initiative to greet them, saluting quite respectfully: “Envoy.”

“9 Yuan, what the Emperor ordered you to do, you are understood.” The golden armor messenger said.

“Subordinate knows.” Monster Saint Jiuyan respectfully said.


The golden armor turned over and took out a crystal clear and near-transparent about one chi long box, and handed it to Monster Saint Jiuyan, “This is yours, 10000000 don’t let Emperor disappoint.”

Monster Saint Jiuyan looked at the box with fiery eyes, and took it excitedly, saying, “Even if the Emperor are at ease, subordinate will do their best.”

It’s been waiting too long.

Even if its Possession infiltrated Human World, and even recovered to the strength of Monster Saint, it is the only real Monster Saint in Human World in Human World. The most precious thing Emperor gave before was the Blood Demon Battle Armor.

And what’s inside this box is its true yearn for day and night, monster race legendary treasure.

“True didn’t expect, because of this Meng Chuan, but let me get this treasure in advance.” Monster Saint Jiuyan secretly thought, “Do n’t care if Emperor ’s plan succeeds or fails, at least, I get what I want Okay. I hope everything will go well and Meng Chuan will die well. “

“Bei Jiao.”

The golden armor messenger is instructed, “From now on, you will take over this small paradise for the time being, and you will also temporarily command all the monster races in the Human World by your Commander.”

“Yes.” Black robe Bei Jiao responded respectfully.

Monster Saint Jiuyan and black robe Bei Jiao also handed over, and the golden armor messenger left.

“These vulgar things are handed over to you, brother Bei Jiao.” Monster Saint Jiuyan left with a smile on his face, and black robe Bei Jiao wondered: “What plan is to be carried out? Even 9 Yuan should be mobilized?”


Peng Sovereign is secretly dispatched, preparing for the plan to ‘kill Meng Chuan’. For the monster world 3-bit Emperor, Meng Chuan must be removed at all costs. This time, I tried my best.

monster world.

Peng Sovereign came to Empress Xuanyue and watched Emperor Xinghe write a spell.

“Are you ready?” Empress Xuanyue asked.

“According to the previously planned plan, everything is ready.” Peng Sovereign said, “I can do everything I can to deal with the Meng Chuan across a world. If it still fails this time, then Meng Chuan will really do nothing. Gone.”

Empress Xuanyue shook his head: “Impossible failed! Our preparations are very thorough. In fact, Emperor Xinghe has done a lot of lifespan curse for 100 years, and he has already grasped a lot. Our other preparations may be redundant.”

“100 years lifespan? Should we let Xinghua consume more lifespan, such as 200 years, 300 years?” Peng Sovereign said.

“We need to pay several times the price, even ten times the price, he will agree.” Empress Xuanyue shook his head, “And to be honest, the consumption of 100 years of lifespan, and 200 years of lifespan … the effect is not much different, curse formidable Power is only increased by 20-30%. If you want curse formidable power to produce qualitative changes, you have to consume 1000 years of lifespan. This is the promise of Xingban impossible. “

Lifespan is 10000 years of Emperor, 100 years for them … like a year of mortal lifespan.

Even if it is mortal, how many will easily give up a year of lifespan?

The Emperor lived another 100 years, and perhaps the last 100 years of breakthrough came to ‘Tribulation Realm’! lifespan can also be greatly increased.

So Emperor’s lifespan, not only the survival time, but also represents the hope of breakthrough. I really encountered scourge. The plan of 3 Emperor may be ended by Meng Chuan, so Emperor Xinghe is willing to spend 100 years of lifespan to curse. Otherwise, he can make the following Monster Kings desperately do, he is absolutely reluctant to consume his lifespan.

It is the death of ten and eight Monster Saints, where it is important to keep up with your 8-year lifespan.

“Okay.” Peng Sovereign nodded, “It’s hard to get Xinghe out, I hope everything goes well.”

“It will go well, then human Meng Chuan will surely kill there’s no resistance, and die instantly.” Empress Xuanyue said, with hope in his eyes.

time flies.

Every day passed.

Emperor Xinghe writes mantras every hour of the day. The mantras are all blood condensed. In fact, they are more integrated into the lifespan of Emperor Xinghe. At a huge cost, the mantra formidable power is enough.

Finally, it’s ninth day.

Peng Sovereign and Empress Xuanyue, who watched silently from the side, were a little nervous. The key shot, success is ten times easier to conquer Human World, and failure to conquer Human World becomes difficult.

“Hua hua wow.” Emperor Xinghe wrote the last mantra calmly.

At this moment in his induction, the appearance of the distant young man suddenly became 100 times and 1000 times clear, and the cause-effect relationship exploded sharply.


Emperor Xinghe read it softly, and it was also the first time he had written a mantra in 9 days, while pointing his finger at the black disc.

Bang!! !

A terrorist attack, through the cause and effect of extremely mysterious and abstruse, instantly flew out of Monster World, passed through the obstacles of Human World, and flew directly into Meng Chuan within the body of Great Zhou Dynasty Jiang Prefecture City.

The world barrier is very strong!

Emperor can’t normally move to penetrate another world, but if it is through ‘causal transmission’, it will be different. In the vast Space-Time River, countless cultivating people have causation. Killing the enemy through cause and effect is the common move of Tribulation Realm level powerhouse. No matter how far you hide, no matter where you hide, you can at most obscure the cause and effect, weaken the cause and effect, and cannot be truly isolated. Cang Yuan Founder, including Supreme Feiyu, cannot isolate cause and effect.

Alive, there are causes and effects.

Of course, Human World, as a medium world, also greatly suppresses and weakens causality.

If not weakened? dignified Emperor curse A titled King Daemon, no need to consume lifespan at all.


Emperor Xinghe On the 9th, curse came out and landed on Meng Chuan.


Meng Chuan is comprehend Tribulation Realm secret art “Thunder World” and “Blade of Three Eras” in the quiet room. During the day to investigate and hunt down Monster King, it will still take a lot of time to comprehend the 2 secret arts he got, these 2 The secret art also made him gain a lot.

Emperor Xinghe’s previous daily ‘bye’, he was unaware.

Only at the moment when the whole mantra was written, and the moment when the causality between them exploded, Meng Chuan felt fear and panic in the underworld.

“What’s going on?” Meng Chuan resurfaced the idea.


As soon as I thought of it, curse followed.

Curse is too weird and invisible, Meng Chuan doesn’t know how to resist.

“Humph.” Meng Chuan’s nostrils bleed, but eyes opened, his eyes were startled.

“Puff puff puff.”

Meng Chuan’s body appeared one after another gritty wound, blood stained his robe instantly, within the body organs began to split apart, followed by Meng Chuan’s consciousness roared, only to see everything in front of him was fuzzy.

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