Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 399

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In the Sea of ​​Consciousness of Meng Chuan, the primordial spirit is a huge star.

After getting Canghai School for nearly a month, he also worked hard to comprehend cultivating “Primordial Spirit Stars”. This is the highest inheritance he got. Feiyu Senior is primordial spirit 8 Tribulation Realm. This inheritance is further restricted by Space-Time River rules. Although Cang Yuan Founder inheritance is called the first human inheritance, it is comprehensive in all aspects, but it has not been encountered. Space-time rule restrictions. Coupled with Meng Chuan’s primordial spirit innate talent potential in ‘Mindsea Hall’, Ranked 1st, he naturally worked hard in this regard.

Now that the 2nd chart of “Primordial Spirit Stars” is in the cultivating part, this huge star is getting thicker and heavier.

This inheritance is not too strong in killing enemies, and it is not as good as the Primordial Spirit Secret Technique of some Fifth and Sixth Tribulation Realm in the early stage, and Meng Chuan is also a “Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique”.

It is strong, it is strong in 2 aspects.

One is that primordial spirit can one’s own cultivation, and the greater the advantage in the future. It didn’t help Meng Chuan in the early stage.

2 is stable defensive, primordial spirit is extremely stable after cultivating, defensive increase more than ten times.

These two points are enough to defy the endless Space-Time River.


Meng Chuan Primordial Spirit Stars were attacked by mysterious, want to decompose primordial spirit from the inside, destroy primordial spirit.

This destructive power made Meng Chuan’s consciousness roar, but Primordial Spirit Stars still slowly rotated, strangling the destructive power inside naturally.

“En?” Meng Chuan returned to his consciousness in an instant, and the primordial spirit was intact.

“My fleshly body.”

Meng Chuan also sensed that there was mysterious destructive power, which was madly destroying the fleshly body from within.

But Meng Chuan’s fleshly body is also a perverted pervert! Blood Drop Realm’s fleshly body is simply called the fleshly body of the cream of the crop at the titled King Daemon level in the Space-Time River. It is stronger than the fleshly body of human Manifestation Realm. This mysterious destructive power, although evil terrifying, just splits the organs, muscles and bones in many places and seems to be drenched with blood, but in fact the fleshly body has not really shattered.

Even if it is really smashed, as long as it does not destroy the ‘particle space’, the Blood Drop Realm fleshly body is Undying.

“Hehe!” Meng Chuan a single thought.

Accelerate the recovery of fleshly body, resisting the internal destructive power.

This destructive power is passive water, and as it consumes less and less, Meng Chuan fleshly body quickly improves.

“Bang.” The door of the quiet room was directly smashed, and Liu Qiyue, holding the bow and arrow, rushed in, full of worry: “A’Chuan.”

The consciousness of being attacked just now is blurred, and Meng Chuan cannot naturally converge on his aura.

The spontaneous resistance of fleshly body and the collision of curse power, aura leaked out, which also caused Liu Qiyue to worry.

“It should be karmic killing move.” Meng Chuan’s body surface disappeared, and his clothes returned to clean. He also said.

This is the case.

He only thought of the possibility of ‘causal killing’ this. His Seamless Domain, Thunder-magnetic wave domain and many other methods were not aware of it. The attack was so strange, and now no murderer was found. As if it was a move that came from nothing, with Meng Chuan’s knowledge, it only thought of ‘causal move’this.


monster world.

Emperor Xinghe sat on his knees in front of the black disc. On the 9th, he wrote a complete mantra, and a terrifying curse broke out, which consumed his 100 years of lifespan.

“Have you succeeded?” Empress Xuanyue and Peng Sovereign both stood sideways and watched nervously. If it can succeed, it is naturally the most smooth.


Emperor Xinghe’s face suddenly turned red.

A force of terror recoiled into it within the body.

“Pu.” A mouthful of blood spewed out of his mouth, and the terrifying backlash power raged on him within the body.

Curse is a double-edged sword.

It is naturally best to kill the enemy successfully.

But if it fails … it will backlash the exhibitor.

“Impossible.” Emperor Xinghe felt the power of the backlash destroying the fleshly body and primordial spirit, but still did not panic. No matter how serious the injury is, it is also in the monster world nest, which can be recovered slowly.

Can curse fail?

“My curse, targeting both primordial spirit and fleshly body, how could it fail?”

“Even the Primordial Spirit 5th-layer has to be strong enough to withstand it. Even if it resists, the Primordial Spirit should be hit hard and its strength greatly damaged.”

“Human Daemon’s fleshly body is generally weaker, much weaker than my monster race. Those titled King Daemon’s fleshly body can’t bear curse. It must be Manifestation Venerable’s fleshly body to resist.”

“Primordial spirit can’t carry it, it will definitely die.”

“The primordial spirit resisted, if the fleshly body collapsed and disappeared, the primordial spirit would be much weaker, and it would be much weaker, and it must be annihilated by curse.” Emperor Xinghe secretly thought, “My curse, in terms of 2, how can it fail?”

It stands to reason that cultivation has shortcomings.

It is very difficult to have no shortcomings in skill realm and primordial spirit. Emperor Xinghe is separated by a world’s curse and it takes 100 years of lifespan. Few human titled King Daemon can bear it.


Meng Chuan has no shortcomings!

Meng Chuan primordial spirit innate talent is outstanding, and has primordial spirit 8 Tribulation Realm inheritance “Primordial Spirit Stars”, solid terrifying, only by the consciousness of the curse moment, the primordial spirit itself is intact.

Also cultivating Starry Sky lineage inheritance, ‘Blood Drop Realm’ fleshly body is much stronger than monster race 5th-layer Monster Kings.

fleshly body and primordial spirit are all strong!

“How is it?” Empress Xuanyue and Peng Sovereign both approached and asked.

“Failed.” Emperor Xinghe shook his head. “His fleshly body and primordial spirit are very strong. I even doubt that this Meng Chuan is a Manifestation Venerable Possession reborn. At a young age, how can there be no weak spots?”

“Failed?” Empress Xuanyue and Peng Sovereign looked at each other.

“Let’s execute the beheading plan.” Empress Xuanyue said directly.

Peng Sovereign slightly nodded, disappeared out of thin air.

Emperor Xinghe look pale, sitting weakly there, sighing: “curse a titled King Daemon has failed, the final beheading plan must be successful, otherwise the trouble will be great.”

“It will definitely succeed.” Empress Xuanyue’s face was also cold.


Quiet room.

The door of the quiet room had long been crushed, and Liu Qiyue even said: “A’Chuan, you have been killed by cause and effect, you must immediately report to Primeval Mountain.”

“I have already asked for help.” Meng Chuan calmly said, “I have learned the information of Monster Saints,” Cause and Kill “is very difficult even for Monster Saints. Monster world Many Monster Saints only there is a person ‘Monster Saint Qian Qu ‘is extremely good at causality. The other Monster Saints are very common. Could it be said that Monster Saint Qian Qu came to Human World and returned to Monster Saint strength? “

curse formidable power is so strong.

Monster Saint Qian Qu, if it is restored to 5th-layer Monster King, curse is tickling Meng Chuan, there is no threat at all.

“It will take a long time to recover to Monster Saint,” Liu Qiyue said. “And now I haven’t heard of Monster Saint Qian Qu coming to Human World.”

“In addition to Monster Saint Qian Qu, there is only Monster Race 3 Emperor.” Meng Chuan said.

Emperor level, generally understand the cause and effect of attack and kill.

“A certain Emperor of the monster race, carrying a causal attack on me across a world?” Meng Chuan whispered, “This probability is the highest. It seems that the monster race is forced by me.”

“They killed you, on behalf of A’Chuan, your identity has been exposed.” Liu Qiyue worried, “Monster race may also know your position, do you have to avoid it?

“Wait for Primeval Mountain Venerable to arrive, and then discuss what to do.” Meng Chuan said, “At this time, I can’t leave. If I fled, the monster race really struck … You and Jiang Prefecture City 2 1000 more than 10000 people, how Resist the monster race? “

Liu Qiyue looked at her husband.

“Relax, fight head to head, the Monster Kings of Human World, including Monster Saint Jiuyan, no one can fear me.” Meng Chuan said.


Both Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue sensed a terrifying wave appearing above Jiang Prefecture City.

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