Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 400

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Monster Saint Jiuyan stood silently in the clouds above Jiang Prefecture City.

It is the only true Monster Saint of Human Race in Human World! The only super strong battle strength!

If it is damaged, it may take nearly 100 years for the monster race to make the second real Monster Saint appear in Human World. Until now, the monster race will not let it be easily involved in risk. Even if it is responsible for attracting some Monster King to come in, it is also a great way to grasp. monster race doesn’t care much about the deaths and injuries of other Monster Kings, only Monster Saint Jiuyan can guarantee safety.

Now Meng Chuan is too threatened! Emperor Xinghe failed after 100 years of lifespan curse.

There is really no way, only the last Path-let Monster Saint Jiuyan shot.

From this, it can be seen that the Emperor of 3 places the safety of Monster Saint Jiuyan more important than Emperor Xinghe ’s 100-year lifespan, which shows the degree of attention.

The Monster Saint Jiuyan will also be horrified by 10000 points, because the monster race treasure caused 5th-layer Monster Kings to urge. And forcing a Monster Saint to urge, formidable power is completely different.

“En?” Monster Saint Jiuyan felt a sense, “still want me to do it?”

It overlooks below.

“Just there.”

It locked a common house in Jiang Prefecture City at a glance, this is the Meng Chuan residence where the monster race was locked in advance. And just when curse was encountered, Meng Chuan’s power and curse’s power collided with aura and leaked, Monster Saint Jiuyan also noticed.

“This is the first time I came to Human World to give my full shot, and for this battle, the Emperor gave me the most wanted Tribulation Realm secrets, which made me achieve an unprecedented Realm.” Monster Saint Jiuyan’s brow suddenly There is a dark red eye open. This eye seems to contain a dark red world. When it opens, the heaven and earth around it begin to twist and gradually become dark red. Dark red is still spreading in all directions.

“Let me try my best, you should be proud.”

Monster Saint Jiuyan swooped down and swooped directly towards the house below.

heaven and earth’s twisted terror wave shocked the Meng Chuan couple.

It also alarmed the neighbors of the Meng Chuan couple. One of the many houses around the Meng Chuan couple was dedicated to stone carving. At the moment, one of the seemingly ordinary stone carvings suddenly opened, looking towards the dark red sky.

“It really assassinated Meng Chuan.” The stone sculpture suddenly rose into the sky and turned into a stone beast-like foreign beast. It took the initiative to welcome the monster Saint Jiuyan with a terrorist power under the suppression of the void.


Monster Saint Jiuyan brows slightly wrinkle, it can be seen at a glance that this Iron Ox Beast is not a real life, but similar to Protector Yu puppet.

These law-enforcement puppets, not to mention strength, are generally called ‘Indestructible Body’.

“Boom ~~~” The huge palm collided with Iron Ox Beast.

Iron Ox Beast strong as an ox, but the move is too rough, but there is also Peak Manifestation Realm battle strength. As a bodyguard, it is much better than Peak Manifestation powerhouse. Manifestation Realm powerhouse Few dare to dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety.

A loud noise.

Heaven falls and earth rends !

It was indeed cracked, the world’s membrane wall was cracked, and I saw the scene of foreign territory-a dark, palpable heart.

“Humph.” Iron Ox Beast Although strong as an ox, Monster Saint Jiuyan who encountered stronger and more mysterious power was also directly blasted. After getting the most suitable Tribulation Realm treasure, Monster Saint Jiuyan has far exceeded the strength.

“Primeval Mountain even has Manifestation Realm’s foreign beast, and it’s secretly sent to guard it. It’s treasure Meng Chuan.” Monster Saint Jiuyan secretly said in one’s heart, the palm of the palm changed slightly and continued to shoot towards the house .

The Meng Chuan couple also flew out of the quiet room long ago.

Also saw the arrival of Dark Red World! Seeing Iron Ox Beast soaring into the sky and being blown away by that palm.

As a controller, Meng Chuan knows that Primeval Mountain has 9 ‘titled King-level’ protection beasts and one ‘Manifestation-level’ protection beast. According to the rules of Primeval Mountain, places like ‘Cang Yuan Paradise’ must have more than half of the controllers to open. The same is true for the ‘Manifestation level’ foreign beast, which must be approved by more than half of the controllers.

“Master, they secretly sent a foreign beast.” Meng Chuan was secretly grateful and nervous.

The surrounding world began to become Dark Red World.

Although the speed of the palm is not too fast, but like a world is coming, avoiding is inevitable.

“go with.”

Meng Chuan a single thought.

Bloodblade Plate appeared at the foot, and a blood blade flew out, turning into one after another dazzling streamer across the sky.


Liu Qiyue, without the slightest hesitation, exhibited Phoenix Nirvana, holding an ancient divine bow, and immediately shot with an arrow.


Seeing his wife show Phoenix Nirvana, Meng Chuan was also anxious.

But seeing the collision between Iron Ox Beast and the palm, he knew the terrifying of that palm.

After Meng Chuan reached Blood Drop Realm, the expansion of dantian space and the improvement of skill realm made Seamless Realm’s True Yuan more refined! Nowadays, the control of the “Blood Blade” can instantly explode the strength of ordinary Manifestation Realm. If it continues to accelerate through Thunder-magnetic Domain and accelerate to the extreme, Peak Manifestation Realm battle strength can be exploded.

“Azure Cloud Heaven.”

Meng Chuan instantly urged source treasure, azure cloud appeared around, and there were 3 layers of thunder and lightning shield layer around, protecting Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue.

“Xiū xiū xiū.” One after another blood blade released by Meng Chuan kept accelerating in the ‘Thunder-magnetic Domain’.

It was Liu Qiyue’s arrow, which was first shot on the huge palm.

Bang! bang!

Each arrow formidable power is terrifying.

Because the Emperor-level bow and arrow weapon that suits you very well, and the Archer’s arrows are very threatening, each arrow is comparable to the Peak Manifestation Realm strike. Although the power is not as good as the collision of ‘Iron Ox Beast’, it is more penetrating and extremely destructive under the flame. Directly caused that huge palm to be shot one after another bloody potholes, flames burning in the bloody potholes.

“Xiū xiū xiū.” The blood blade surrounds the fast flying terrifying, and in a flash, it accelerates to the extreme within the Thunder-magnetic Domain.

A full 2 ​​blood blades, each and everyone successive strikes on the huge palm, each strike also reaches the Peak Manifestation Realm level. It is slightly inferior to Liu Qiyue’s arrows, but it also has 70-80% formidable power. And the number is better.


This palm was pressed down and struck by arrows and blood-bladed strikes before reaching the Meng Chuan couple.

“Why is Monster Saint Jiuyan so strong?” The Meng Chuan and his wife couldn’t believe it. According to intelligence, Monster Saint Jiuyan has a long cultivation period, but it is ‘paradise late stage’. According to the strength division of Human World, it can only be regarded as a relatively strong level of Peak Manifestation Realm. It is not too far away from ‘Manifestation Realm peak’.

So the Primordial Spirit Avatar of Venerable Li Guan was said to be able to block Monster Saint Jiuyan.

Looking now?

With just a slap, Iron Ox Beast was defeated successively, suppressing Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue’s desperate moves. This is definitely not the strength of Peak Manifestation Realm! It is the strength of ‘Manifestation Realm peak’.

“The palm that unites the power of the world, it seems to shoot Undying them.” Monster Saint Jiuyan calmly palmed, “but the power of the world has spread enough, Dark Red Prison, come!”

The heaven and earth around have long been dark red.

At this moment, Dark Red World condenses completely and converges into an ultra-small world, all of which form the world membrane wall.

The secret of Tribulation Realm obtained by Monster Saint Jiuyan is its yearn for something even in dreams-‘Eye of the Dark World’.

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