Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 401

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Qin Wu is carrying his sword, and his sword is united, rushing towards Jiang Prefecture City at super high speed.

After the last time I rushed to Path without hesitation, the injury is naturally better now. Qin Wu’s ‘Heaven-splitting Sword Escape Technique’ has also been improved, and the physical damage during flight has been reduced by half.

“Meng Chuan, hold on.” Qin Wu is very worried about his discipline.


Primeval Mountain.

Li Guan, Qin Wu illusory shadow, and Luo Tang illusory shadow all looked away from the direction of Jiang Prefecture City. When Monster Saint Jiuyan slammed into the Iron Ox Beast, they all felt it when the world ’s membrane wall collapsed.

“Meng Chuan asked for help before, and I really rushed away.” Qin Wu said, “It will take thirty breaths at any cost.”

“Guardian Divine Beast is also asking for help, it can’t even carry it.” Luo Tang was surprised, “What danger is Meng Chuan facing?”

Li Guan flicked his sleeves.

Void ripples in front of my eyes, revealing the picture faintly.

On the comprehend of ‘void’, Li Guan cultivating Primeval Divine Body can be called the world’s first, without the help of any treasure, you can view distant places, but only shine in one place! Only when the induction of the world membrane wall breakage is confirmed, can Li Guan lock the position.

In the ripples, the battle scene appears.

Dark Red World spread, and under the umbrella of Monster Saint Jiuyan, Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue tried their best to resist.

Then Dark Red World completely converged into an ultra-small world.

“Dark Red Prison?”

“Dark Red Prison of monster race.” Li Guan, Qin Wu and Luo Tang were all surprised.

Monster Race and Human World, originally in the same area of ​​Space-Time River, have known each other for a long time. Of course, the foreign territory information is generally not known until the Venerable level.

Among the monster race’s Tribulation Realm treasures, ‘Dark Red Prison’ is also quite famous.

Because different Tribulation Realm weapon treasures, the purpose is also different. The Dark Red Prison is a special Tribulation Realm treasure, which is very suitable for catching enemies.

“Monster Saint Jiuyan comprehend’s own Magical Power, comprehend’s trick is called ‘Land of the Nine Abyss’, this ‘Dark Red Prison’ is very suitable for it, enough to multiply its strength several times.” Li Guan said, “But Meng Chuan Their husband and wife are also very strong, blocking the palm of their heads. With the strength of Meng Chuan, plus the treasure, such as Armor Stone Rune, save your life. “

“Meng Chuan and his wife are likely to want to protect the lives of more than 2 people in Jiang Prefecture City 1000 and don’t want to escape.” Luo Tang worried, “If you lose your own life, it will be bad.”

She also cares about 2 and 1000 lives.

But if the Meng Chuan couple died with Jiang Prefecture City, she would rather sacrifice Jiang Prefecture City. And Meng Chuan is now the key to the entire war. If he dies, the war will be much more fierce, and the human population will therefore die much more than a Jiang Prefecture City.

“The two of them have experienced so many, and at a critical moment, they will know how to make a choice.” Qin Wu said, watching silently.



The three Venerables Bai Yaoyue, Meng Tiange, and Mi Yu looked at the mirror in front of them. This is the Emperor-level treasure ‘Heaven Prying Mirror’. As long as there is no strong barrier, they can peep anywhere in Human World.

“this is?”

Bai Yaoyue They were all a little surprised to watch. They sensed that the world’s membrane wall was broken, and then they spied there immediately.

The battle scene is now reflected in the mirror: Monster Saint Jiuyan shot with all his strength to repel Iron Ox Beast and was jointly resisted by the Meng Chuan couple.

“It’s the couple Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue, aren’t they both named Marquis Daemon, how can they resist this palm? This is definitely the palm of the Manifestation peak.” Mi Yu said in surprise.

“Looking at the two of them, it should have been the titled King Daemon.” Meng Tiange said, “It is not surprising that Liu Qiyue Phoenix Nirvana has such strength. This Meng Chuan is also a bit weird. He does not have such a” Phoenix Nirvana “. move .is it possible that Primeval Mountain gave him the secret of Tribulation Realm? With the help of Tribulation Realm, such formidable power broke out? “

“Tribulation Realm treasure, given to the titled King Daemon, True Martial King and Serenity Sea King are not qualified.” Mi Yu looked at the scene in front of her, it was too shocking and contained too much information.

“The silent breakthrough, these two people, maybe innate talent is far more than you and I imagine.” Meng Tiange said, “And monster race Monster Saint Jiuyan, even at all attempts to intercept, even more strange. When the mysterious Daemon was ambushed, It was just sending some Monster Kings such as Huang Yao Old Ancestor. This time, it was Monster Saint Jiuyan to deal with the Meng Chuan couple. “

Bai Yaoyue looked, but his eyes narrowed.

Meng Chuan?

This is ‘Bai Nianyun’ and the son of Meng Dajiang! Bai Yaoyue has never cared about it, but now this Meng Chuan has burst out Peak Manifestation Realm battle strength, which makes her a little surprised and complicated.

At a young age, you have reached this step?

“You two think about it, it’s not so crazy to deal with the exploration of Daemon, monster race. Why is it so crazy to deal with the Meng Chuan couple now?” Meng Tiange said.

“Liu Qiyue impossible, thanks to Phoenix Nirvana, has such strength. It broke out several times and lifespan has to be exhausted. It has little effect on the monster race.” Mi Yu said, “The key lies in this Meng Chuan.”

“Did you see the weapon he used, a stream of light.” Meng Tiange said, “In the beginning there was a person mysterious Daemon, rescued in Yushang City, a stream of light flew out and killed a 5th-layer Monster King, save Marquis Xiyue. “

“Meng Chuan is the mysterious Daemon?” Mi Yu was startled.

“Make the monster race so crazy, at any cost … most likely, Meng Chuan is the one who probes Daemon.” Meng Tiange said, “Especially seeing his fighting methods and fighting strength, I am more sure. Obviously after the last defeat , Monster race can only use stronger means. “

Mi Yu is worried about 10000 points: “Meng Chuan’s life must be preserved anyway. His life is related to 1000000 Monster King and to the war.”

“I also want to help him, but separated by several tens of thousands of li, we are too late.” Meng Tiange said.

Bai Yaoyue looked at it silently and said: “Meng Chuan, although I don’t like your father and son. But I still hope you survive! For the entire human, you must also survive.”


“Monster Saint Jiuyan is dealing with the Meng Chuan couple at all costs? The Meng Chuan couple have such strength?”

Twin World Island naturally also has a secret to spy on the world.

At the moment Xu Yingwu they are watching everything.

Based on information from Twin World Island and information that Meng Chuan had shot in Yushang City, the intelligence of all parties was integrated, and Twin World Island also made some guesses.

“Primeval Mountain has a peerless genius like Meng Chuan? But, for the entire human, you must survive. You must not die.” Xu Yingwu they also looked forward to.


Jiang Prefecture City.

The Meng Chuan and his wife blocked the palm, but the dark red heaven and earth around them completely blocked and formed a super-small world with a range of about 10 li.

“This is?” Meng Chuan divided a blood blade. The blood blade streamer speed was too fast, and Monster Saint Jiuyan was too late to resist. The blood blade streamer directly pierced the Dark Red World membrane wall, chi chi chi, dark red membrane wall was After puncturing, I found a fascia hidden behind the dark red membrane wall. These fascia seemed to be alive, twisting and entangled, also very tenacious.

Blood Blade cannot be broken through.

This is Tribulation Realm’s secret ‘Dark Red Prison’, Monster Saint Jiuyan chuckled secretly, his hands stretched out, and the magnificent dark red power gathered on it, and a gorgeous dark red-clothed robe was condensed on the body surface, Monster Saint Jiuyan Feel the power of the world converge on yourself, and every move of the formidable power is greatly increased: “Here, I am the master of the world.”

“Meng Chuan, this time you have no Path to escape!”

Monster Saint Jiuyan’s voice echoed through the Dark Red Prison, and at the same time had turned into a dark red afterimage, killing the Meng Chuan couple.

“Boom.” Iron Ox Beast growled and rushed past again bravely.

“Go, Demonic Awl!”

Meng Chuan’s eyes flashed sharply.

Ten 2 blood blade accelerated to the extreme, all with Iron Ox Beast to kill Monster Saint Jiuyan, and in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, Primengial Spirit Weapon ‘Demonic Awl’ that Meng Chuan had long refined, also moved, ‘Demonic Awl Forbidden Technique ‘is the strongest secret technique for attacking the enemy in human Mindsea Hall. Meng Chuan also spent a full percentage of primordial spirit cultivating a’ Demonic Awl ‘.

Demonic Awl, the whole body is dark, contains a lot of mysterious lines, and it is palpable to watch alone.

call out!

Although the arrows of Iron Ox Beast, 2 blood blade, and Liu Qiyue were shot in succession, it was still the handle of Primordial Spirit Weapon ‘Demonic Awl’ who first killed him in front of Monster Saint Jiuyan and drilled directly into his within the body.

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