Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 402

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Monster Saint Jiuyan feels the world power of ‘Dark Red Prison’ converging in one body, the unprecedented sense of power makes it intoxicating.

Kill Meng Chuan?

It has full confidence.

“Dead.” Monster Saint Jiuyan turned into a dark red residual image and killed it. As for Iron Ox Beast, 2 blood blade and Liu Qiyue arrows, they completely ignored it.


Monster Saint Jiuyan complexion changed.

Naked eye’s invisible ‘Primordial Spirit Weapon’ struck in an instant. Its Primordial Spirit Domain saw it. It was a strange awl with black paint. Just seeing it, Monster Saint Jiuyan couldn’t help but panic.

too fast.

Monster Saint Jiuyan had no time to react, and Demonic Awl got into it within the body and into the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Among the Sea of ​​Consciousness, the powerful primordial spirit that has been cultivating for many years, surrounded by dark red shadows, was also panicked in the face of the Demonic Awl.

As a ‘world class’ Tribulation Realm treasure, Dark Red Prison also helps primordial spirit. Of course, this benefit is also limited … I can’t compare with the “Bloodblade Plate” of the law-protecting treasure. ‘Bloodblade Plate’ is Primordial Spirit’s Tribulation Realm Supreme specially made for the recipe, and the protection is ranked first place. The ‘Dark Red Prison’ is, after all, the most important thing is to arrange the world.

“Pu.” Black Demonic Awl, pierced the dark red shadow in an instant, and pierced into the primordial spirit of Monster Saint Jiuyan.

primordial spirit Although tenacious is solidified, it can still be forcibly penetrated!

A large hole was pierced.

While penetrating, the teeth on the edge of the ‘Demonic Awl’, known as offensive, also wrecked the primordial spirit, which destroyed the origin of the primordial spirit to the greatest extent.

“Ao !!!” The original self-confident Monster Saint Jiuyan suddenly uttered an extremely painful wailing sound, and his condensed ‘dark red-clothed robe’ began to collapse uncontrollably.

Pain, pain, pain!

The severe pain caused Monster Saint Jiuyan to groan over his head.

“Puff puff puff …”

In the case where the dark red-clothed robe is broken and completely unresistant, Monster Saint Jiuyan only wears the Blood Demon Battle Armor, which is somewhat protective, but a blood blade avoids the Battle Armor and shoots into the head of Monster Saint Jiuyan, Abdomen, throat and other exposed positions of Battle Armor.

“Boom.” Iron Ox Beast also fiercely hit the monster Saint Jiuyan body, although the move is rough, but the pure power Iron Ox Beast is comparable to the Manifestation peak, this collision makes Monster Saint Jiuyan tenacious’s body shattered into 2 Amputated, broken from the waist. Monster Saint Jiuyan’s upper body still covered his head in pain, and he couldn’t ignore these attacks.

“Puff puff puff.” Three consecutive arrows also shot at Monster Saint Jiuyan’s body, making the body more broken.

“It really hurts.” Monster Saint Jiuyan growled.

The broken body instantly became one, intact.

Its eyes opened, and the yellow eyes stared coldly at Meng Chuan in the distance, but the severe pain of the primordial spirit made his face twitch slightly.

“Really strong’s fleshly body.” Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue were both startled.

“Monster race is good at fleshly body.” Meng Chuan sound transmission to his wife, “My fleshly body can only be regarded as all 5th-layer Monster King. Compared with Monster Saints … At least this Monster Saint Jiuyan, the body is stronger than me. Life force recovery is estimated to be close to me, and it is estimated that Blood Drop can be reborn. “

Killing the 5th-layer Monster King and killing it into seventeen-eighteen pieces is very difficult to kill.

Kill Monster Saint?

Monster Saint life force is even more perverted, and Monster Saint Jiuyan is Monster Saint who has been cultivating for many years. It’s not comparable to the new Monster Saint.

“Good primordial spirit killing move.” Monster Saint Jiuyan growled in a low voice, and at the same time slammed towards Meng Chuan again.

“Demonic Awl.”

Meng Chuan is a single thought again.

Demonic Awl once again drilled into the Sea of ​​Consciousness of Monster Saint Jiuyan, and forcibly penetrated the primordial spirit of the 9th abyss. At the same time, the sharp teeth on the surface of ‘Demonic Awl’ naturally shattered the primordial spirit. Monster Saint Jiuyan’s primordial spirit tenacious resisted, and after thorough penetration, a crack appeared in Demonic Awl.

“Demonic Awl is damaged?” Meng Chuan was shocked. “Although the formable power is very strong, it can be damaged too easily.”

Demonic Awl forbidden move, pursuing the ultimate of formidable power, but also has many defects.

First, it takes a long time to pay for primordial spirit to maintain it.

2 It is too easy to break, too sharp and unmatched. The enemy primordial spirit will try its best to block it, and the Demonic Awl will be damaged. If it is impenetrable, it will be broken directly.

Even if it penetrates, it has to be crushed a few times.


Once penetrated, the effect is excellent.

The enemy’s primordial spirit is almost painless and has little power to fight back.

“Ao 嗷 !!!” Monster Saint Jiuyan stopped his head in pain and stopped. Even with the help of Tribulation Realm’s “Dark Red Prison”, he could barely keep a touch of the outside world.

“Being attacked by this primordial spirit, I almost lost control of the outside world, and I could only keep awake awkwardly, and could not display mysterious move at all.” Monster Saint Jiuyan secretly thought. This bizarre primordial spirit attack, only 100000000 times, cost me 10000% of the primordial spirit origin. After 2 or 2 times, I will lose part of my memory. “

“It hurts the origin, and now the primordial spirit is extremely painful.” Monster Saint Jiuyan felt the pain from his primordial spirit bursts. “I can’t perform too delicate move now.”

“Only the rough and rough move can be performed.”

Monster Saint Jiuyan secretly thought.

“Use the secret technique, strike to kill the enemy! Can’t drag!”


The dark red-clothed robe once again condensed on the body surface, Monster Saint Jiuyan looked at Meng Chuan in the distance, but the entire Dark Red Prison began to shrink, shrinking sharply from the 10 li range … constantly shrinking.

“En?” Meng Chuan and Iron Ox Beast both noticed the shrinkage of Dark Red Prison.

“A’Chuan, why didn’t your Primordial Spirit Secret Technique show up?” Liu Qiyue sound transmission said.

“Maybe once again, Primordial Spirit Weapon will be broken.” Meng Chuan sound transmission said, “So it can’t be used easily.”

He regretted it at the moment.

If the 20% primordial spirit source is used to form a ‘Demonic Awl’, the formidable power will definitely rise. Perhaps Primordial Spirit Secret Technique alone directly killed ‘Monster Saint Jiuyan’. Can no medicine for regret in the world! Meng Chuan chose a 1% primordial spirit origin … also because after more than one cost source, he began to have a significant impact on himself.

Although it is clear that it is more than 30% of the origin, it begins to lose memory, and the perception drops.

But Meng Chuan can feel that just using 2% of the primordial spirit has already had a little impact. For example, the primordial spirit thought slowed by one point, and the stability dropped by one point. Obviously, the more the source is used, the greater the impact. Even invisible, there may be some influence on ‘spirituality’ ‘perception’, but the influence is too small at first.

This secret technique is, after all, a forbidden move.

Meng Chuan is also thinking of becoming a Manifestation as soon as possible, so as to reach Manifestation invincibility and even the Emperor environment faster. Completely resolve this war.

“You don’t have to regret it when you choose.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “Use a cost source, and use 20-30% of the source. Maybe it makes me Manifestation Realm, a difference of 20 years and 1 years. Pairing Emperor, maybe there is qualitative. influences.”

Monster Saint Jiuyan continues to narrow the range of Dark Red Prison to 3 miles.

Dark Red Prison can be expanded or contracted, the limit of which is 3 miles.

“too close.”

Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue are a little uneasy.

The shrinkage of Dark Red Prison brought them closer and closer to Monster Saint Jiuyan. Fight with a fleshly body Monster Saint in close quarters?


Monster Saint Jiuyan punched out without warning.

It hit the Meng Chuan couple with a punch. It’s too close! Fortunately, source treasure ‘Azure Cloud Heaven’ formed a three-layer thunder and lightning shield.

“Boom.” A punch with the power of the world, puff puff puff, three layers of thunder and lightning shields collapsed one after another.

It’s this fist, not for Meng Chuan, but for Liu Qiyue!

Because Meng Chuan is so slippery! This is the experience of Huang Yao Old Ancestor after their interception.

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