Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 403

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Primeval Mountain.

Li Guan, Qin Wu illusory shadow, and Luo Tang illusory shadow all looked nervously at the pictures appearing in the void ripples. The original imposing manner The monster Monster Saint Jiuyan held his head and wailed, and continued to be attacked and let them relax.

But followed closely, Monster Saint Jiuyan recovered without injury (primordial spirit injury can not be seen from the outside).

Dark Red Prison is shrinking, Monster Saint Jiuyan is using the secret technique, and punched out with all his strength.

this fist mighty too terrifying.

“So insidious.”

“If you deal with Meng Chuan, Meng Chuan will avoid it! If you deal with Liu Qiyue, Meng Chuan will take the initiative to block it.” Li Guan and the three of them can see at a glance.

Seeing it, there is no way.


“Don’t stop it.” Bai Yaoyue clenched his fists, looking nervously at the picture in Heaven Prying Mirror.

“This fist carries the power of the entire Dark Red Prison and cannot be blocked.” Meng Tiange is also anxious. “Under Monster Saint Jiuyan’s secret technique, this fist may be close to the Emperor threshold for formidable power.”


“You can’t stop it, it’s definitely going to die.” Xu Yingwu of Twin World Island also watched nervously.


At the Manifestation Venerable level, the formidable power level of this fist can be implicitly inferred.

Mobilizing the power of the entire Dark Red Prison is really close to the threshold of Emperor. Such a punch? Can the titled King Daemon block it?

However, Monster Saint Jiuyan this fist is insidious killing Liu Qiyue, this fist is too fast, the void is smashing, Meng Chuan can’t make Liu Qiyue a paradise orb.

“Qiyue.” Meng Chuan was shocked. When the three layers of thunder and lightning shields collapsed one after another, the body protection’s ten eight blood blades instantly expanded the range to include side Liu Qiyue.

“A’Chuan.” Liu Qiyue played Phoenix Nirvana, the more pure “Phoenix Bloodline” power was triggered, so that the primordial spirit and fleshly body were transforming, and even Flame lineage’s perception continued to rise in the mind. The state of ‘sudden enlightenment’ at this moment is at the expense of lifespan. Liu Qiyue felt that he was strong enough, but in the face of Monster Saint Jiuyan’s punch, it was still difficult to match.

Husband Meng Chuan blocked it.


A huge dark red fist smashed Azure Cloud Heaven’s 3 layers of thunder and lightning protective cover, followed by smashing into the protective layer formed by ten 8 blood blades.

Blocked by Azure Cloud Heaven, not worth mentioning. But the protection of 8 blood blades is much stronger. This is the Tribulation Realm treasure that is completely used for body protection. The body protection ability is much stronger. It is controlled by Meng Chuan’s own realm, which is enough to resist the mad attack of Peak Manifestation Realm. Not broken. It’s just that Monster Saint Jiuyan this fist formidable power is too strong, all approaching the threshold of Emperor.

At the same moment of one punch with ten blood blades, a black Demonic Awl pierced the Sea of ​​Consciousness of Monster Saint Jiuyan again.

Demonic Awl, which already has cracks inside, chose this critical moment to forcibly penetrate the primordial spirit of Monster Saint Jiuyan again!


Monster Saint Jiuyan was painful and unbearable. He still managed to maintain his sobriety with his supernatural will. This fist still broke out, and the eight eight blood blades collapsed, but the power was scattered, and the formidable power was greatly reduced.

The huge dark red fist, with its mighty power and formidable power greatly reduced, still hit Liu Qiyue.

Meng Chuan held the Monster-slaying Blade with both hands, and took the initiative to meet him.


Magical Power-Take control of heaven and earth!

Magical Power-Quicksand!

2 Magical Power has completely exploded. Even if the formidable power is greatly reduced and scattered, Meng Chuan also spare no effort.

“Unstoppable.” Under the anxious attention of Bai Yaoyue, Li Guan, Xu Yingwu and each and everyone.

“A’Chuan!” Liu Qiyue was more anxious, only hating that she was not strong enough, she fully mobilized the power of Bloodline.

For Meng Chuan, everything is slowing down.

Meng Chuan has ten times as much time as the outside world. The same “Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Blade Technique” is displayed, but the degree of sophistication for the outside world has soared. ‘Controlling heaven and earth’ also made him burst out with stronger strength and speed, and ‘Indestructable Divine Armor’ is also getting stronger.

The move blade technique he used was the unloading move.

Try to unload!

Bring most of the power aside.


The moment the blade and fist collide.

Meng Chuan’s whole body was shocked, there was blood mist rising on the body surface, and many bones and organs were cracked, but Meng Chuan still held the Monster-slaying Blade with his steady hands. In an instant, the bones and muscles and organs of the body Completely restored.

“En?” Monster Saint Jiuyan punched out, and finally Meng Chuan was blocked in front of Liu Qiyue, which made Monster Saint Jiuyan happy.

“Even if I was attacked by the primordial spirit, even if the bombardment was obstructed, this fist still had 30% formidable power remaining, enough to bomb him.” Monster Saint Jiuyan thought about it, but it turned out that this fist was largely unloaded, really After being blocked by the ‘Indestructable Divine Armor’, Vernon finally caused a blood mist to explode on the surface of Meng Chuan, and then it was completely restored.


Monster Saint Jiuyan is unbelievable. The pain of the primordial spirit is coming, and it feels too hard to manipulate ‘Dark Red Prison’ now.

“Blocked.” Meng Chuan was very happy.

That punch is too strong.

Even if the remaining 30% formidable power, if it is very delicate, it is definitely not its own Cloud Mist Draconic Snake Blade Technique. In fact, strikes himself within the body, he is most likely to be bombed!

If there is no ‘Demonic Awl’, Monster Saint Jiuyan can perfectly explode his strength. If he resists head-on, he must be swept away, there’s no resistance. Only his wife was included in the paradise orb early and escaped by ‘Armor Stone Rune’. But like that … Monster Saint Jiuyan failed to anger the Jiang Prefecture City, and more than 2 people in Jiang Prefecture City will die.

“I can get the strength of the Tribulation Realm. This strength is indeed terrifying after the Monster Saint Jiuyan gets a powerful treasure.” Meng Chuan was shocked. “Fortunately, I cultivated the Demonic Awl Secret Technique, which greatly damaged its strength.”


The black Demonic Awl, now covered with cracks, seems to be broken at any time, but it is not broken.

Meng Chuan immediately received his income from Sea of ​​Consciousness, which was warmly maintained.

If you wish …

This ‘Demonic Awl’ which can be broken at any time can also issue a strike strike, of course, it loses its own origin of primordial spirit. The ‘Primordial Spirit Stars’ secret technique also takes time to slowly recover. And if this Demonic Awl is full of cracks, if it is cultivated in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, it can be restored in two weeks.

“Failed?” Monster Saint Jiuyan’s primordial spirit injury, so that it can only barely manipulate Dark Red Prison, it is difficult to break out of the formidable power move just now.

“No, you must succeed, and then come to the final strike.” Monster Saint Jiuyan resisted the injury and tried to punch again.


And Liu Qiyue behind Meng Chuan, aura suddenly rose sharply, and the power of terror made Meng Chuan look back.

After reaching the titled King Daemon, she cast Phoenix Nirvana, and the power of Bloodline ignited is getting closer to the real Phoenix! And lifespan consumes naturally faster. From the first moment of the battle, Liu Qiyue has been Phoenix Nirvana. It has been 7 years since the fight. This long time has been a long time for Liu Qiyue.

Her perception of Flame lineage has reached a new realm.

“Boom.” Liu Qiyue looked at Monster Saint Jiuyan, the bow was rounded, and a flaming arrow burst through the sky, but the power was more terrifying than before.

“Not good.” Monster Saint Jiuyan noticed the threat with a single arrow.

“Boom.” The invisible Star Fluactation also diffused.

It is Meng Chuan Primordial Spirit Stars ’most commonly used move, Star Fluactation, which fluctuates the monster Saintial Jiuyan ’s primordial spirit. The primordial spirit is extremely injured, and it is even more uncomfortable at this moment. It has not been able to block the arrow.


An arrow shot in the chest, directly penetrated the dark red-clothed robe and the Blood Demon Battle Armor, shot through the body of Monster Saint Jiuyan, and a golden flame continued to burn in the wound.

“Not good.” Monster Saint Jiuyan panicked. “If I don’t go, I’m afraid I won’t go.”

If in good condition, one-on-one, even if Liu Qiyue broke, Monster Saint Jiuyan is sure to kill easily.

But now primordial spirit is extremely injured, Star Fluactation is still hitting! The strength can only be exerted by 30-40%, and it starts to panic in the face of Liu Qiyue’s arrows.

“Things can’t be done, go!”

The Dark Red Prison broke apart, and the Monster Saint Jiuyan silhouette quickly fled towards the distance.

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