Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 404

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Monster Saint Jiuyan without the slightest hesitation escaped, leaving Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue slightly blinded.

That monster arrogant, threatening death, escaped like this?

“It’s injured so much that it doesn’t dare to sustain it.” Meng Chuan soon understood that his 3 shots of ‘Demonic Awl’ seemed to be very harmful.

“Qiyue, I’ll follow it and don’t let it escape.” Meng Chuan sound transmission to his wife.

“Go, this is the best chance to deal with Monster Saint Jiuyan, and you should be careful yourself.” Liu Qiyue also stopped Phoenix Nirvana, the flame of the body surface quickly converged.

“Relax.” Meng Chuan Seamless Domain can clearly perceive the passing degree of his wife’s lifespan.

“In less than eight breaths time, even because Monster Saint Jiuyan fleshly body is too arrogant and stopped halfway without shooting arrows … Even so, it still took 89 years of lifespan?” Meng Chuan deplored, in Phoenix Nirvana state, if Shooting at full strength and not shooting arrows, naturally consume lifespan, there is naturally a difference in speed. But this time the average interest rate is still more than ten years, which is much faster than the titled Marquis Daemon.

89 years of lifespan.

How long is the titled King Daemon lifespan? In the following days, it is necessary to avoid the situation of letting wife Phoenix Nirvana.

“Monster Saint Jiuyan, take this opportunity to solve it. If you let it escape, then it will cause no end of trouble.” Meng Chuan stepped on the Bloodblade Plate quickly to catch up, and released a blood blade early to siege to Monster Saint Jiuyan.

Meng Chuan is fast and a blood blade is faster!

A blood blade is like electro-optic, continually entangled around Monster Saint Jiuyan.


Primeval Mountain.

Venerable Li Guan, Qin Wu illusory shadow, and Luo Tang illusory shadow all looked at the pictures appearing in the void ripples. With the rise of Liu Qiyue imposing manner and the increase of arrow formidable power, Monster Saint Jiuyan finally fled.

“It escaped.”

“it is good.”

Li Guan their three people are overjoyed.

Luo Tang said with joy: “Liu Qiyue in the titled King Daemon stage, Phoenix Nirvana burns lifespan fast, but its strength can also be improved quickly. Now it has been upgraded to the ‘Peak titled King Daemon’ stage. Under Phoenix Nirvana, it is comparable to the Peak Manifestation Realm ‘The divine archer has a good bow and arrow, and the arrows shot have the power of Manifestation Realm peak.’

The arrows of the divine archer have a formidable power.

Peak Manifestation Realm divine archer, attack against ‘Manifestation Realm peak’.

Manifestation Realm peak divine archer, attacking against the ‘Emperor-level threshold’. If there is a suitable ‘Tribulation Realm Treasure’, the threat can be increased!

“It’s also because of Primengial Spirit Secret Technique by Meng Chuan that hit Monster Saint Jiuyan. Monster Saint Jiuyan couldn’t stop Liu Qiyue’s arrow.” Venerable Li Guan said with a smile, “If Monster Saint Jiuyan is intact, it can naturally stop , And beheaded a divine archer at close range. “

“Haha, so their husband and wife joined forces to force Monster Saint Jiuyan back.” Luo Tang was happy.

“Demonic Awl forbidden move is really powerful.” Venerable Li Guan nodded, “I was a forbidden technique at Cang Yuan World Megatron Space-Time River at the beginning. Since Canghai School has not fallen behind, this secret technique has been lost. Now it has finally returned. . “

During the Cang Yuan Sect period.

Human World is also quite prestigious around the Space-Time River.

First, “Cang Yuan Founder” became famous, and then there are generations of Emperor and Manifestation invincible.

With powerful secret weapons and powerful secret technique, who is not afraid of Cang Yuan World powerhouse 30% around the area?

Primordial Spirit Secret Technique ‘Demonic Awl’ is the signature of Human World!

However, in the recent 5 6 100,000 years, this secret technique has been lost. In the recent 5 6 100,000 years, the number of powerhouses born has also been much less than in the past. In fact, human is gradually declining. The consumption of resources from generation to generation, and even ‘Cang Yuan Paradise’ will be consumed in the near future. In the last 50 to 60000 years, the birth of human powerhouse has become scarcer.

Cang Yuan World, now in the area around the Space-Time River, is also quite decaying, far from the reputation of the monster world.

“Qin Wu, you rush as soon as possible, be sure to take this opportunity to solve the threat of Monster Saint Jiuyan.” Venerable Li Guan said.

“En.” Qin Wu illusory shadow nodded.



Meng Tiange and Mi Yu are overjoyed.

Bai Yaoyue also smiled. The titled King Daemon Meng Chuan is now the key to war. From the perspective of the entire human, he cannot die! Monster Saint Jiuyan is coming, but the result is to make them happy.

“Monster Saint Jiuyan covered his head and wailed several times without seeing any injuries on the surface. It was Primordial Spirit Secret Technique.” Meng Tiange exclaimed, “Monster Saint Jiuyan is at least Primordial Spirit 5th-layer, making it primordial spirit a heavy hit, yes. Who performed the Primordial Spirit Secret Technique? Meng Chuan? Liu Qiyue? “

“Their husband and wife are very young. No matter who they are, they can use the Primordial Spirit Secret Technique to hit Monster Saint Jiuyan, which is amazing.” Mi Yu praised, “but I guess it should be Primordial Spirit Secret Technique by Meng Chuan. The stream of light formidable power that he drives is extremely large, and the probability is the Tribulation Realm treasure. The Tribulation Realm treasure driver generally has high requirements for primordial spirit. 2 As an exploration of Daemon, if the primordial spirit is too weak, the monster race has some tricks. Against. 3 Come … I read the information of Meng Chuan. When Meng Chuan visited Primeval Mountain at the beginning, the ‘spiritual sense test’ far surpasses of Entry Examination and others showed that the primordial spirit innate talent is extremely high. “

Bai Yaoyue watched silently.

“Junior sister Bai, your primordial spirit innate talent is also quite high, this Meng Chuan can have such innate talent, I am afraid that it will also give you a little credit.” Meng Tiange is in a good mood, and can’t help joking said with a smile.

Bai Yaoyue coldly snorted.

“Hahaha ……” Meng Tiange’s laughter became more and more hearty.

Bai Nianyun and Meng Dajiang, although Blacksand Paradise is kept secret. But even the ‘Taiyin Hall’ lineage Elder can see that Bai Nianyun is not a virgin body, and they quickly find out that it is related to Meng Dajiang. The two Manifestation Venerable, Meng Tiange and Mi Yu, are naturally understood.

They also know the relationship between Meng Chuan and Bai Family.

Count it …

Meng Chuan also has the Bloodline part of Bai Family.

And Bai Yaoyue is aptitude extremely evil, 53 years old becomes the titled King Daemon! Although primordial spirit innate talent is nowhere near as perverted as Meng Chuan, Primordial Spirit 40rd-layer is in his 3s, and primordial spirit innate talent is very high.

“Nianyun is the most like me of Bai Family’s younger generation, and his innate talent is high enough. But his self-control ability is not enough, and he is a mortal with Meng Dajiang. Even if he loses his virginity, it becomes a titled Marquis Daemon.” Bai Yaoyue secretly thought, “If you are self-disciplined, you might not be able to control Taiyin Hall in the future and become a Manifestation Venerable. It is cheaper than Meng Family.”

There is no doubt that Bloodline is hereditary.

The parents Bloodline inherited from their children, the more excellent the parents. The threshold for children is very high at the beginning.

When then the day’s hard work is more important! Powerhouse children also have dudes, and mortal children also amaze the world with a single brilliant feat. Weaknesses such as Human World can also produce Fleshly Body Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme, such as Cang Yuan Founder.

The couples Meng Dajiang and Bai Nianyun, the Daemons in human history are 1000 to 10000 stronger than them, but their son ‘Meng Chuan’ can be ranked No. 1 in the combined potential of Mindsea Hall and Divine Pagoda of War! It is not explained by the inheritance of the parents, but more and more of the transformation of Meng Chuan itself.

True powerhouse is to surpass yourself time after time in primordial spirit, spiritual will, perception, cognition, etc.!


Outside the Jiang Prefecture City, the golden armor messenger spied on a war in Jiang Prefecture City.

It represents ‘Peng Sovereign’, one of monster race 3 Emperor.

It will see it, and Peng Sovereign will see it.

So in the face of this messenger, Monster Saint Jiuyan and black robe Bei Jiao will be so respectful.

“9 Yuan escaped?” The golden armor messenger looked away, somewhat unbelievable, “We lost?”

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