Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 405

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Monster Saint Jiuyan escaped with all his strength, but Meng Chuan was always following, and a blood blade besieged.

“Only under the ground, there is the possibility of getting rid of Meng Chuan.” Monster Saint Jiuyan suddenly dived down and swooped into the earth.

Xiū xiū xiū ……

A blood blade also burrowed into the earth, always surrounding Monster Saint Jiuyan, and Meng Chuan followed the Bloodblade Plate and followed.

“Boom.” Just entering the ground, the original escaped Monster Saint Jiuyan turned back with a punch!

Punch through void and through the distance of several li to Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan stepped on the Bloodblade Plate, flashing a little, this fist brushed off by ten zhang or so beside him.

“9 Yuan, your boxing skills today, simply hit me.” Meng Chuan said with the help of Thunder-magnetic Domain sound transmission, he followed each other easily.

“He is too slippery.”

Monster Saint Jiuyan was also annoyed.

primordial spirit If the injury is too serious, there will be more than 1% of the original loss, and the injury will be serious. The primordial spirit is twitching all the time, and it can’t perform a too delicate move at all. And rough boxing … how can you touch Meng Chuan? Anxious to Meng Chuan, Meng Chuan and Magical Power ‘Quicksand’, affecting Time Flow Speed, making himself dodge more slippery.

Monster Saint Jiuyan flew towards the depths of the ground at high speed. When flying to the depth of more or more li, his body suddenly divided into 9 and fled towards all directions. But was killed by one after another blood blade!

“If I reach Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, I can let Primordial Spirit Avatar entangle him, and the true body escapes easily.” Monster Saint Jiuyan only felt that Meng Chuan was too sticky and could not escape.

“No, if it is Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, I can resist his Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, and I will kill him head-on.”

Monster Saint Jiuyan also panicked at this moment.

It has already performed 7 methods of escape, but it has been strangled by more than ten blood blades, smashing all its hopes of escape.

“It won’t take long for Primeval Mountain’s Manifestation Venerable to be here.” Monster Saint Jiuyan thought, “I can’t get rid of Meng Chuan, and will certainly be caught up by Manifestation Venerable.”

” Lost.”

“Lost defeat.” Monster Saint Jiuyan shook his head secretly. “Emperor will certainly be disappointed.”

At this moment it already understood that it lost.

Even it is waiting, waiting for the arrival of Manifestation Venerable.


Monster Saint Jiuyan flew more than 200 li deep into the fluid layer of the earth, and a blood blade still surrounds it.

“En?” Monster Saint Jiuyan eyes shined, stopped and turned to look at the distance.

Monster Saint Jiuyan stood there, Tribulation Realm treasure ‘Eye of the Dark World’ formidable power broke out, the power of terror swept around, the position of Monster Saint Jiuyan station, the world’s membrane wall was smashed, and even the aftermath spread around the surrounding li, making In several li, the rock metal is turned into powder.

In the distance, Meng Chuan showed a silhouette, and the aftermath swept through, and he didn’t hurt him.

He is void in depth, protected by Bloodblade Plate, and is also a Blood Drop Realm fleshly body, and his body is slippery. Monster Saint Jiuyan is helpless to him.

“Venerable Qin Wu.” Monster Saint Jiuyan looked at the distance, Qin Wu was near, and he finally arrived.

“Monster Saint Jiuyan.” Venerable Qin Wu looked at it, and at the mouth of the shattered world membrane wall around Monster Saint Jiuyan.

“True didn’t expect, I tried my best to fail to kill even one of the titled King Daemon. This Meng Chuan is a great Primordial Spirit Secret Technique.” Monster Saint Jiuyan sighed, and the world membrane wall around it continued to smash, maintaining the severe A huge hole big in feet, “However, at the end of this war, you humans will definitely lose, I will watch it in monster world.”

After talking, Monster Saint Jiuyan turned his head and crossed the hole of the world membrane wall.


The sword that Venerable Qin Wu carried was suddenly a sword, and a terrible sword light was hacked from the opening of the world’s membrane wall, making the openings torn to the severe ten zhang, chasing and killing Monster Saint Jiuyan.

The scary sword light came behind Monster Saint Jiuyan almost instantly, but the sword light was wiped out by the darkness and completely dissipated. Monster Saint Jiuyan was unharmed.

“Monster race Emperor.” Venerable Qin Wu looked through a hole in the world’s membrane wall and looked at a silhouette standing in the foreign territory void.

This silhouette was hidden before.

Since the shot, there is no need to hide the silhouette, which is a golden robe blond silhouette of the horror aura, that silhouette looked at Qin Wu coldly through the mouth of the world film wall, and looked at Qin Wu side Meng Chuan.

“Monster race Emperor.” Meng Chuan glanced at the other party, and all felt palpitations, knowing that if they were in the same world, the other party would be able to kill themselves if they were moving.

“It turned out to be Peng Sovereign.” Venerable Qin Wu said with a slight smile.

Meng Chuan also saw it.

“Monster Saint Jiuyan was intentional.” Meng Chuan knew at this moment, “but it also feared my Master, first blasted the membrane of the world and could escape at any time. It escaped, if my Master is true Will be chased out. They will be shot and killed by Peng Sovereign hidden in the foreign territory. “

monster race Emperor, the weakest Emperor, also reached ‘Heaven and Earth Realm’ and ‘Primordial Spirit 7th-layer’.

All-round suppression.

Want to skip a grade and battling Emperor? At least human, these Manifestation Realm are far away now.

“You human Daemon, don’t dare to enter foreign territory.” Peng Sovereign said coldly in the dark foreign territory void, “Just keep hiding, see when you can hide.”

Then he took Monster Saint Jiuyan away.

The opening of the world membrane wall is healing.

“Lure me out and ambush me?” Venerable Qin Wu shook his head. “It’s really stupid of me.”

“Monster race 3 Peng Sovereign of Emperor.” Meng Chuan stood aside, this was the first time he saw an Emperor, fear of life instinct.

“What are you afraid of across a world?” Venerable Qin Wu said with a smile, “Don’t say it’s an Emperor, even Tribulation Realm Supreme can’t break through the obstacles of the world, and enter the world of other races, this is the rule of the entire Space-Time River Is also a refuge for the weak creatures in the world. “

Meng Chuan nodded.

Many worlds are still very weak, such as the earliest Human World, the most born Venerable.

The Space-Time River powerhouse, the weakest is Manifestation Venerable. If you let in and out, some weak worlds have long been destroyed. Space-Time River’s rules, World Source’s asylum, also allow Space-Time River to have countless civilizations.

“But it’s right.” Venerable Qin Wu sighed, “Since the war with the monster race, our human Manifestation Venerable will not dare to enter the ‘foreign territory’, unless there is a secret secret technique to try. Going to foreign territory in real life … Found by monster race, that is courting death. In the area around the Space-Time River, Monster World is quite influential, with 3 Emperor and a group of Monster Saints, which is one of the top 5 forces . Many weak worlds are willing to please monster world, and our Human World status is much worse now. “

“Think too far.”

Venerable Qin Wu looked at Meng Chuan with a smile, “What is the most important thing for our human beings today is to win this war. Today, we have won a big battle. Although we were not able to kill Monster Saint Jiuyan, But it was forced to flee to foreign territory and could not get in when it went out. Unless Possession becomes a weak monster race. “

Meng Chuan nodded: “Without 9 Yuan, monster race’s strongest battle strength in Human World is gone.”

“In Human World, I want to appear a real Monster Saint again, I am afraid it will take 100 years.” Venerable Qin Wu said happily, “This is a turning point! The turning point of the entire war. Since then, monster race 1000000 army no longer It ’s useless and loses Monster Saint battle strength. Hahaha … the days will be much better in the future. “

“En.” Meng Chuan was also excited.

The maximum battle strength and the 1000000 army are gone, and the threat of monster race will be greatly reduced.


The master and disciple 2 soared through the layers of mud and rocks, and quickly flew out of the ground, toward the Jiang Prefecture City.

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