Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 406

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monster world.

Ice Palace suspended in the depths of the sky, Peng Sovereign came here with Monster Saint Jiuyan. Empress Xuanyue and Emperor Xinghe stood side by side, looking at Monster Saint Jiuyan coldly. Especially Emperor Xinghe aura decay look pale, unstable aura affects everywhere, and also affects Monster Saint Jiuyan.

“The subordinate is incompetent and fails to kill Meng Chuan.” Monster Saint Jiuyan said, knelt down even after being scared for 10000 points.

Reason tells it …

Three Emperor, in order not to let other Monster Saints chill, it will not kill it 3 Yuan.

But I’m afraid of 10000 one! It is clear how much Emperor attaches importance to this matter.

“You have been a Monster Saint who has been cultivating for many years, and has the Tribulation Realm treasure, but can’t kill a titled King?” Empress Xuanyue sneered.

“He is as powerful as Manifestation Venerable, but also has Tribulation Realm secrets.” Monster Saint Jiuyan even explained, “And his Primordial Spirit Secret Technique is very powerful, can be turned into a black awl, easily penetrate and tear me. primordial spirit, my primordial spirit has lost more than 100% of its origin. I am afraid it will take 1 years to completely recover. The primordial spirit is seriously damaged, and the subordinate’s strength is greatly damaged.

It is very difficult to restore the origin of primordial spirit. For example, Meng Chuan has ‘Primordial Spirit Stars’ inheritance, which can primordial spirit self-cultivating, and has amazing recovery ability. Monster Saint Jiuyan and other primordial spirit injuries, Meng Chuan also needs 2 years to recover.

For 2 years, the strength is in a state of ‘breakage’, which is very dangerous.

For those who do not have the inheritance of “Primordial Spirit Stars”, Demonic Awl breaks and needs decades to recover. It is indeed a forbidden move. If you use the ‘30% primordial spirit ‘cultivating Demonic Awl, it will cost ten times more to break once.

“Black awl?” Empress Xuanyue, Emperor Xinghe, Peng Sovereign looked at each other.

“Demonic Awl.”

Empress Xuanyue whispered, “It has been a long time since I heard about the ‘Demonic Awl’ secret technique, and Cang Yuan World has Daemon practiced this secret technique again.”

Demonic Awl Secret Technique was once the most famous killing move of Cang Yuan World Daemons of Space-Time River. Unlike ‘Primordial Spirit Stars’ which are restricted by Space-Time River rules, there are very few cultivators and the threshold is extremely high. This Demonic Awl Secret Technique is unrestricted. Those who travel the Space-Time River, overwhelming majority all have this Primordial Spirit Secret Technique.

Unfortunately, no one can cultivating to the point of Perfection, no one can write the original. The entire Human World is also the original copy of ‘Mindsea Hall’. It was Cang Yuan Founder’s accidental harvest that year.

This terrifying forbidden move was created and perfected by ‘Primordial Spirit’s Tribulation Realm Supreme’.

Some younger generations like Meng Chuan, although they learned to use it, knew it and did not know why. I only know how to construct the ‘Primordial Spirit Weapon’ as described in the secret technique and burn the runes. As for why these rune structures are so constructed? But I don’t understand. On the day when it is truly understood, you can compete with the creator in this secret technique and write the original.

It’s just that the forbidden technique was harvested by Canghai Founder, and the strongest secret technique except ‘Primordial Spirit Stars’. Suspected of being created by ‘Primordial Spirit Seventh Tribulation Realm’, the lowest is also created by ‘primordial spirit 6 Tribulation Realm’. Human juniors want to cultivate to Perfection, it is too difficult.

“Even if it’s not Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, his strength is enough to match Peak Manifestation Realm.” Monster Saint Jiuyan said, “And his fleshly body is extraordinarily strong, once met force with force connected to subordinate move, fleshly body actually resisted . And his wife Liu Qiyue and Liu Qiyue Phoenix Nirvana are also threatened by arrows … “

“Okay, go on.” Peng Sovereign waved his hand.

Monster Saint Jiuyan was very happy.

“According to what I said before.” Empress Xuanyue looked at Monster Saint Jiuyan. “Tribulation Realm’s” Eye of the Dark World “will continue to be used by you until your lifespan reaches the limit. If you want to leave monster world and go to foreign territory … you must Return to Eye of the Dark World first. “

“Subordinate understands.” Monster Saint Jiuyan ecstatic, even said.

“Go.” Empress Xuanyue said.

“Subordinate retires.”

Monster Saint Jiuyan flew away immediately.

The assassination failed, and its reward was the least, but Monster Saint Jiuyan was also quite satisfied.

“It’s a waste.” Emperor Xinghe watched Monster Saint Jiuyan leave and shook his head.

“In order to make Monster Saints willing to play, I am willing to give up.” Peng Sovereign said, “This Meng Chuan fleshly body primordial spirit is exceptionally strong, and its positive strength is comparable to Peak Manifestation Realm. Except for the rough skill, there is no weakness. Also understand Demonic Awl Secret Technique! “

“Across a world, we can’t take him at all.” Empress Xuanyue said, “With him in, the monster race’s numerical advantage can’t be played, and then only rely on ‘World Gap’ and ‘World Gate’. Just pass World Gap, By sending a large group of 5th-layer Monster King into Human World, we will be able to regain our advantage and may even force humans to admit defeat completely. “

“Well, there are a total of 9 Manifestation Realm humans, mostly guarding the super large-scale city gates and sect old nests. They do n’t dare to move easily. Our 5th-layer Monster Kings are enough to break through each and everyone city and kill each and everyone titled King Daemon. “Emperor Xinghe nodded and said.

The monster race system is weaker than the Daemon System.

But there are a lot of monster races, so the well-know figure is also extremely powerful, like some 5th-layer Monster Kings but even True Martial King. These 5th-layer demon Capitals are eager to come to humans to get a lot of credit and get Emperor Bestowed.

“As long as it’s sent in, we have an advantage.” Peng Sovereign said, “It’s just very difficult to send in.”

“One, we need to find the” connection point “from Human World, and we have to find multiple connection points as alternatives. This needs to be able to see the ability of Space-Time River.”

“2. Blast the Human World membrane wall in a short period of time, blast the World Gap membrane wall, and quickly enter the World Gap. 10000000 Don’t be blocked by human powerhouse.”

“3. Then go to World Gap and find the corresponding location.”

Human World and World Gap, each determine a place. 2 places can be connected.

Peng Sovereign said: “Be careful to be squatted by humans. Once squatted, the 5th-layer Monster Kings will be punished as soon as they enter Human World.”

If dozens of 5th-layer Monster King enter Human World, as soon as they enter, they face Venerable Qin Wu, which is a nightmare.

“It’s hard.”

“The whole process, as long as there is a failure, it fails completely.” Peng Sovereign said.

“At World Gap, our strength is superior.” Empress Xuanyue said, “This plan, I think there is a 50% chance of success. If this fails again, then this war can only hope in World Gate. “

Over time, World Gate will gradually increase.

Perhaps there will be a World Gate that accommodates the passage of Monster Saints.

“Maybe the world gate that will never appear and let Monster Saint pass.” Peng Sovereign said, “We can’t hope for luck, the greatest hope is still ‘World Gap’.”

“Be prepared.” Emperor Xinghe said, “If we fail again, we are afraid that we will have to wait for several hundred years, and we will never even wait for the hope of success.”

Peng Sovereign and Empress Xuanyue are both nodded.

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