Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 407

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Venerable Qin Wu and Meng Chuan flew over the Jiang Prefecture City, but the Jiang Prefecture City under the night was very lively. Just now a meatball-like ‘Dark Red World’ appeared over the Jiang Prefecture City, and the terror wave bursts awoke long ago Many people. There are 2/3 out of 7 people in the city, and see the Dark Red World suspended in the air! Some of them are getting up late, after all, the battle has maintained 1 eight breaths time.

“A big meatball just now.”

“Dark red meatballs, there are strips of meat on the surface twisted and wrapped on it, which is really scary.”

“When I see it from a distance, I feel panicked, and Monster Kings’ siege is not so terrifying.”

There was talk all over the city.

“Fortunately, the foreign beast intercepted first. Qiyue and I were also fighting Monster Saint Jiuyan in mid-air. That ‘Dark Red Prison’ didn’t affect the Jiang Prefecture City. It was really 10000.” Meng Chuan said at high altitude.

“Monster Saint Jiuyan’s goal is only you, and he is determined to kill you. Where does he care about a little mortal?” Venerable Qin Wu said.

Master and disciple 2 people landed in the yard, where Liu Qiyue and Iron Ox Beast were there.

“Thank you for protecting the Fa.” Meng Chuan looked at Iron Ox Beast and arched his hand.

“I should do it.” Iron Ox Beast said.

“Monster Saint Jiuyan has fled Human World, and he can go back to protect the law.” Venerable Qin Wu said.

“The strength of their husband and wife really doesn’t need me to protect.” Iron Ox Beast slightly nodded, following the 4 hooves and flying away from the void.

Meng Chuan looked towards his wife.

Seamless Domain can clearly perceive his wife’s lifespan, and can’t help feeling distressed, 89 years of lifespan!

“It is worthwhile to get rid of Monster Saint Jiuyan.” Liu Qiyue looked at her husband said with a slight smile.

“You saved the whole city.” Venerable Qin Wu said, “If you rely on Meng Chuan alone, you can only dodge your life, but you can’t threaten the life of Monster Saint Jiuyan. It’s your arrow … Let Monster Saint Jiuyan feel death Threatening, I dare not go on this battle and slip away immediately. “

Despite the influence of Meng Chuan’s Thunder-magnetic Domain, Monster Saint Jiuyan was unable to mobilize the power of heaven and earth for mass killing.

With the help of Tribulation Realm’s “Eye of the Dark World”, it can also kill 10 li endophytes in an instant. Jiang Prefecture City 200 li Scope … Monster Saint Jiuyan spends a lot of time, and it is not difficult to kill a few 1000000 people. Liu Qiyue’s arrow made it dare not stay. Staying there for a long time, I am afraid to hit ten arrows and eight arrows again, which is in danger of death.

“It’s all A’Chuan blocking in front.” Liu Qiyue even said.

“Haha, don’t be humble, you couple.” Qin Wu said with a smile, “But you show the means this time, monster race knows that you are guarding the Jiang Prefecture City, and may attack the Jiang Prefecture City in the future. Find ways to force you to Phoenix Nirvana. “

Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue have solemn faces.

Liu Qiyue is now of normal strength, and offensive is comparable to peak titled King Daemon, but its body protection ability is inferior.

“We will discuss it immediately and make a decision within a few days to help you change your defense.” Qin Wu said.

“Master, please.” Meng Chuan said.

“Haha, this war is too violent, it tears the walls of the world, and it must have alarmed Blacksand Paradise and Twin World Island.” Qin Wu said with a smile, “And monster race knows your strength, so you do n’t have to Concealed. We will soon announce to the world that there will also be someone on the Imperial Court side, who will officially give you both the titled King. The married couple titled King … this is definitely a good story. “

Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue looked at each other.

Married couple titled King is relatively rare in human history.

“Primeval Mountain will not conceal the merits of both of you.” Qin Wu said with a smile. “According to the previous rules of Primeval Mountain, Daemon’s achievements are public, and the heroes should not be obscured. The situation was forced before.”

It may be hidden for a while for special reasons.

But after a special stage, it will still be public.

“All achievements are public?” Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue were startled.

“If one person destroys 1000000 Monster King, it is time for the world to chant.” Qin Wu looked at Meng Chuan. “Also, it is also time to ask Blacksand Paradise for it. Blacksand Paradise must also guess that you are the mysterious Daemon who probes the world. “

Meng Chuan was silent.

The gentle silhouette in my memory appeared many times in my dreams when I was young.

Even now, there is little sleep. Occasionally the silhouette will appear in my sleep.

“If you have no opinion, Primeval Mountain will directly inform Blacksand Paradise.” Qin Wu said.

“Okay.” Meng Chuan only said this word.

Qin Wu nodded, pats disciple’s shoulder, left.

“A’Chuan.” Liu Qiyue took her husband’s hand and looked at her husband.

“More than 50 years.” Meng Chuan whispered softly, “It’s been a long time since I chased each and everyone Monster King in the world, and I really want to see my mother. It’s just a city layout, which titled Marquis Daemon guards All are confidential, and the titled Marquis Daemons are carefully hidden. Once exposed and deployed, they will soon have to be changed. I can only bear it. “

“After becoming a Blood Drop Realm, I know that it is expected to bring Niang back.”

“But I have to bear it, to prevent identity exposure from causing the monster race to be killed.” Meng Chuan said, “Fortunately, there are Tribulation Realm secrets, and fortunately I learned the Primordial Spirit Secret Technique from the Canghai School treasure, I survived the monster race attack. , Finally no longer need to keep secret. “

“Everything is fine.” Liu Qiyue looked at her husband. “Everything is getting better.”

Meng Chuan smiled: “Yes, everything is getting better. The whole Human World is getting better, and my mother can come back.”

“Qiyue.” Meng Chuan looked at his wife with pity, “Phoenix Nirvana is a secret technique that cannot be used anymore.”

“I still have more than 300 years lifespan, which is longer than many titled Marquis Daemons in my life.” Liu Qiyue said with a smile, “I am very content.”

Meng Chuan looked at his wife, nodded and said: “I hope to end the war as soon as possible, and our couple will enjoy our own time.” Once the couple said that they would rather fight together to die in the battlefield. At that time, they only felt that the hope of victory was slim, and they only spent their lives. To fight. Now, the couple really see the hope of ending this war!


Blacksand Paradise.

Bai Yaoyue, Meng Tiange and Mi Yu gathered together.

“The news came from Primeval Mountain.” Bai Yaoyue sat cross-legged, calmly said, “Acknowledge that Meng Chuan is the detective Daemon who solved the threat of 1000000 Monster King. He helped us” Blacksand Dynasty “to solve the threat of Monster King, We Blacksand Paradise promised that we will do our best to meet the request made by the Daemon. If we can’t meet it, we will also give ‘Transforming Dragon Pond’ thanks. “

“Yes, meet him with a request, or send Transforming Dragon Pond.” Meng Tiange nodded, “We promised, has he asked for it now?”

“What is required?” Mi Yu asked.

Bai Yaoyue expressionless said: “Bai Nianyun can no longer be stopped, and Bai Nianyun is allowed to go to Great Zhou Dynasty and Meng Dajiang to live together forever.”

“Just this request?” Mi Yu and Meng Tiange looked at each other and smiled.

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