Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 408

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“What do you two say?” Bai Yaoyue looked at two people.

“Bai Nianyun is the clansman of junior sister Bai. This matter is of course decided by junior sister Bai.” Meng Tiange said with a smile.

“Yes, you decide by junior sister Bai.” Mi Yu said.

Bai Yaoyue’s status in Blacksand Paradise is indeed very high, and the cultivation time is short, but he quickly surpassed the two same sect and became the most powerful house of sect. Even looking at the entire Human World is also in the top 2.

Manifestation Venerable has 2000 years lifespan.

Bai Yaoyue, before the limit arrives, comprehend ‘Heaven and Earth Realm’ is possible. Even her primordial spirit innate talent is not bad, and there is even a very small possibility … become Emperor!

With such talent, Meng Tiange and Mi Yu still follow her. After all, in the next 2000 years, Bai Yaoyue will be the pillar of Blacksand Paradise!

“If I want to hand over Transforming Dragon Pond, would you also like it?” Bai Yaoyue looked at the two.

“Hand over Transforming Dragon Pond?” Mi Yu and Meng Tiange froze.

“Junior sister Bai, this Transforming Dragon Pond unique and unmatched, is my only Blacksand Paradise.” Meng Tiange unable to bear said, “With this Transforming Dragon Pond, for so many years, Dragon Divine Body cultivator has mostly been willing to join me Blacksand Paradise. “

“Transforming Dragon Pond is invaluable, and its value can be comparable to the secret of Tribulation Realm. Just hand it over?” Mi Yu looked at Bai Yaoyue.

“You two, it seems that you are not willing to pay Transforming Dragon Pond.” Bai Yaoyue nodded.

“No, although this treasure is precious, it is only for the Dragon Divine Body cultivator. The Dragon Divine Body cultivator was only produced on average in 1000 years, and there are very few who can become the titled King.” Transforming Dragon Pond “belongs to the relatively partial treasure, “It has a limited impact on Blacksand Paradise’s strength.” Meng Tiange said, “If junior sister Bai insists on handing it over, I agree.”

“In any case, we are still on the side of junior sister Bai.” Mi Yu said, and the impossible to bear said again, “But to be honest, Meng Chuan has made great contributions to the entire human and changed the direction of the entire war. , We do n’t have to hate him. “

Bai Yaoyue, who has always been expressionless, has a slightly raised corner of his mouth, showing a smile: “He also has a part of the Bloodline of Bai Family flowing, which is naturally excellent. Rest assured, I am not such a foolish person.”

“Junior sister means …” Meng Tiange looked at Bai Yaoyue.

“Promise Meng Chuan’s request.” Bai Yaoyue said with a slight smile.

“Junior sister Gao Yi.” Meng Tiange and Mi Yu smiled and touted.

“You two, are you really stupid?” Bai Yaoyue shook his head, “Handing over Transforming Dragon Pond, for me Blacksand Paradise, the loss is quite big. It also hates Primeval Mountain and Meng Chuan. It is not good for anyone. And I promised to ask … they are all happy. “

Bai Yaoyue said: “Nianyun this girl, and that Meng Dajiang, are ordinary people. Meng Chuan is different! He has a great contribution to humans and deserves our admiration. But more importantly, he is very young! Look, it has long become a titled King Daemon. Primordial Spirit Secret Technique can hurt Monster Saint Jiuyan, which means at least Primordial Spirit 5th-layer. “

“Primordial Spirit 50th-layer in his 5s? With skill realm.” Bai Yaoyue whispered, “Although I am proud, I also know that my aptitude is much worse than Meng Chuan.”

“In this life, I have some hope to achieve Manifestation Realm invincibility. I also barely hope that there will be an Emperor.”

“But Meng Chuan… almost complete assurance, invincible Manifestation Realm. Most hope, can become Emperor.”

Bai Yaoyue said, “If you don’t consider it for yourself, you have to consider it for the sect. Naturally, you can’t hate him.”

“Also, the most important thing is that, like Daemon, the mother family is my Bai Family, and my Bai Family Bloodline also flows.” Bai Yaoyue said with a slight smile, “With this relationship, he will become Emperor in the future, nor It would be too ugly to do Blacksand Paradise. “

Mi Yu and Meng Tiange are both nodded.

“Junior sister looks high.” Meng Tiange said.

They don’t know.

According to the potential rankings of Mindsea Hall and Divine Pagoda of War, Meng Chuan’s potential ranking is enough to rank first! It is higher than Myriad Sword Island Lord, Emperor Anyang and the others.


Jiang Prefecture City experienced the 3rd day of the night sky ‘Dark Red World’, the emissaries sent by Imperial Court arrived, and they all arrived in Jiang Prefecture City by bird.

Before the messenger team came to ‘Meng Residence’, most of the people of Meng Family are now in Jiang Prefecture City, but stay in Dongning City is a handful, only more than 3000 people.

Meng Family present age patriarch leads Elders to welcome you.

The Imperial Court messenger read the titled King’s book, the voice grandiose, the power of several dozen li heaven and earth are roaring, can be heard anywhere in Jiang Prefecture City.

“Titled King?”

“Married couple titled King?”

Everyone in Jiang Prefecture City was stunned, each and everyone stopped their work and listened carefully to the text.

King Dongning Meng Chuan! King Ningyue Liu Qiyue!

A couple, also titled King. It is rare in the entire human history.

“I never heard that couples can become the titled King Daemon.”

“Have you heard, the book says, King Dongning Meng Chuan, has done a great job to humans, and one person has killed more than 1000000 Monster King, true and false, I heard it right?”

“You heard it right, the original text of the book said ‘Monster-slaying Wang Yu 1000000’. A Monster King can kill the county town in the past. King Dongning killed so many Monster Kings. It’s terrifying.”


“I didn’t say before that 1000000 Monster King entered Human World, do you want to kill all parties. Now King Dongning has killed 1000000 Monster King alone, haha, monster race I believe it will soon be defeated.”

Jiang Prefecture City discusses spiritedly everywhere.


Couples named King, the news quickly spread all over the world.

Among Daemon, the news is extremely fast! Great Zhou Dynasty hasn’t disclosed the titled King yet, and it has been spread throughout Daemon.

“Younger sister Nianyun.” A white clothed woman quickly came to see Bai Nianyun.

“Senior sister Liu.” Bai Nianyun politely said.

“Did you know? A major occasion happened and we were not far from winning this war.” White clothed woman excitedly said.

“The war is not far away from winning. What happened?” Bai Nianyun also exulted, asking excitedly.

The white clothed woman said: “Monster race ambushed Marquis Dongning Meng Chuan at any cost, and even sent Monster Saint, but the result … Marquis Dongning Meng Chuan husband and wife two people have long become titled King Daemon, and all have leapfrog The strength of the battle, the two of them joined together to block the monster race Monster Saint. Primeval Mountain has admitted to the Daemons under the door that the Meng Chuan couple has long been named King, and the Meng Chuan beheaded the Monster King has exceeded 1000000, and will soon be the world ’s best. Monster King is cleaned up, and monster race is also a hurried jump from the wall. “

Bai Nianyun listened in a trance.

Son Meng Chuan?

Killed Monster King over 1000000? Is war not far from victory?

“I am well-informed. It is estimated that within a day, Daemon will know all over the world.” White clothed woman excitedly said, “major occasion, major occasion, how long have we waited for this day.”

“I waited a long time.” Bai Nianyun gently nodded.

“For so many years, so many same sect died in battle, and now finally see hope.” The white clothed woman’s eyes were tearful.

At this time a bird messenger came.

“Your Highness Saintess, a letter from sect.” The Bird Envoy respectfully presented a letter.

Bai Nianyun move hand, the letter fell into the hand, and opened it directly. The letter paper explained the reason in detail. Bai Nianyun looked at the letter in disbelief, even looking over and over again, carefully reading word by word … … lest I understand it wrong.

Bai Nianyun looked at it, and tears couldn’t help but shed.

“Junior sister, don’t cry. Now the war sees hope and should be happier.” White clothed woman said.

Bai Nianyun folded the letter and put it in his arms, showing a bright and moving smile: “I am very happy, unprecedentedly happy.”

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