Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 409

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Bai Nianyun thought about the content of the letter. This letter was written by Bai Yaoyue himself. He made the whole sequence of events clear. Blacksand Paradise decided to agree to Meng Chuan’s request.

“It’s really rare to make Old Ancestor bow his head.” Bai Nianyun secretly thought.

Old Ancestor Bai Yaoyue Bai Nianyun is naturally very clear about his temper.

Cold, unforgiving, short-sighted …

Although the protection is short, it only takes care of the entire Bai Family.

As for the clansman alone?

But only the strength and potential are valued, and there is potential Old Ancestor will take a look at it and cultivate it well. As for the ones with no potential? In the eyes of Old Ancestor, it is ‘Ant’!

“Old Ancestor is so temperamental, I am afraid it is also related to Taiyin lineage inheritance. The higher the depth of cultivating, the more cold and ruthless. Only those who have no prospect of cultivation will marry.” Bai Nianyun secretly thought, she was still shallow in cultivation before she could It’s easy to move, and having a child with Meng Dajiang has also affected her Taiyin lineage cultivation. Even if the innate talent is quite high, the progress of becoming titled Marquis is very slow.

It’s just that Bai Nianyun doesn’t regret it.

“When I struggled with my life, Old Ancestor spared Meng Family. But I have never liked Meng Family.”

“But now I bow my head …”

“It’s really Old Ancestor’s temper, which puts more emphasis on strength. Meng Chuan’s strength makes Old Ancestor change his mind.” Bai Nianyun secretly thought, even if he is not clear about his son’s primordial spirit innate talent, from the news I heard: 50 Multi-year-old titled King Daemon, skipping a grade and battling Monster Saint! Bai Nianyun also knows what this means.

One person solves 1000000 Monster King, this achievement is even more dazzling.

“Meeting soon.”

“As long as I change my defense, I can leave.” Bai Nianyun looked forward to it.


A major city in a desert oasis.

In a house, Marquis Wuyang looked at the letter in his hand, face sank like water, but his heart trembled slightly.

“How could this be?”

“Meng Chuan is the titled King Daemon. And it should have become the titled King secretly? Can he skipping a grade and battling Monster Saint? He killed 1000000 Monster King alone?”

Marquis Wuyang looked at the letter. The news of Meng Chuan cheered Daemons everywhere, but Marquis Wuyang panicked.

Because he once calculated the father of Meng Chuan.

Goddess, who has been pursuing for decades, was handed by a mediocre generation. He had suffocated himself in order to get rid of evil thoughts, so he took this secret hand. And because he was afraid of ‘Primeval Mountain’, he didn’t dare to do too much. Instead, he was charged with Primeval Mountain’s hand to remove Meng Dajiang.

“At the beginning, this Meng Chuan was also a Great Sun Realm Daemon. Although I already knew that innate talent is quite high, I can become a titled Marquis Daemon. But I am also a titled Marquis Daemon.” Marquis Wuyang secretly thought, “And they belong to different sects. Treat him as a threat. “

“Who wants to be a titled King.”

“Even the titled King Daemon, across the sect, is not a big threat to me.”

“But he is a titled King Daemon in his 50s! Can skipping a grade and battling Monster Saint’s titled King Daemon! Still solve 1000000 Monster King by one person, have great gratitude to Blacksand Paradise and Twin World Island, and have great contribution to the whole human. Titled King Daemon. “Marquis Wuyang panicked.” There are more ways to deal with me. “

Marquis Wuyang regrets his annoyance.

How did you do that in the first place?

As a titled Marquis Daemon, he has great power, and he occasionally crushed some small ants, he didn’t care. It’s just calculated to Meng Dajiang … backlash came after more than 20 years!

“I did it cleanly and knew very few people. The hands-on ‘Chunyu Mu’ was the Illusory Demon lineage Daemon that reached Dao Realm, and he died long ago.” Marquis Wuyang secretly thought, “Venerable Yaoyu knows this, But there is no need to actively inform Primeval Mountain. “

“The news is leaked. There are two possibilities. One is the Blacksand Paradise seniors such as Venerable Yaoyu. The more seniors you know, the bigger the leak. 2 is Chunyu Mu! Did Chunyu Mu leak the news to more people? “Marquis Wuyang thought anxiously that as long as there is always a weak spot in his work, it is now a bit difficult to make up for it.


Capital of Blacksand Dynasty.

“Meng Chuan, one person solves 1000000 Monster King? Has already become the titled King Daemon, skipping a grade and battling Monster Saint?” A middle-aged man looked at the letter with coldness in his eyes, “Marquis Wuyang, I’m afraid you haven’t arrived Today. “

“My father’s illusion technique has reached ‘Dao Realm’, and he did a lot of dirty work for you during his lifetime, just because the ‘Meng Dajiang’ thing did not do well enough, let the Blacksand Paradise senior know that you have been severely punished, you will anger me Chunyu Family. “Middle-aged man secretly thought,” Fortunately, my father had expected it. As an Illusory Demon, my father left a lot of hands for the family before the family could survive. “

A ‘Dao Realm’ Illusory Demon, can change the ordinary Daemon memory, more easily control the mortal.

So leaving behind for the family, it is more top secret.

“My dad held some handles for you to do several dirty work, but these handles have no full evidence, and they won’t overturn you.” , Not only promised me no benefits of Chunyu Family, but also angered me Chunyu Family, suppressed my Chunyu Family. Forced my Chunyu Family to be divided into 2 veins, and the lineage of the lineage were all changed. “

“My Chunyu Family has endured for more than 20 years.”

“I thought I would endure forever. Who wants Meng Chuan amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, can skip a grade and battling Monster Saint, and even cut 1000000 Monster King. It is really the most dazzling titled King Daemon of the present age.” Middle -aged man had hatred in his eyes, immediately sat at the desk, picked up the brush and started writing letters.

Write to Meng Chuan.

“My father also left a handwritten letter before he died.” The middle-aged man put the letter he wrote and the father’s handwritten letter together. “The 2 letters were sent together, so King Dongning would believe more. . “

He didn’t know …

Meng Chuan had long known that the shot was ‘Chunyu Mu’, but because of the cross-sect, he couldn’t help it at the time.

On the same day, the middle-aged man sent the letter through the ‘Monster Extermination League’ branch in Capital. He will not go through the ‘Blacksand Paradise’ channel to prevent the possibility of leakage. Monster Extermination League is different. The power of Monster Extermination League is all over the world … The relationship with the three major sects is also excellent. Letters will be sent directly to Primeval Mountain through Monster Extermination League, and then transferred to Meng Chuan.

“A letter to King Dongning will cost 5,000 taels of silver.” The middle-aged man shook his head secretly.

He is a very ordinary Daemon himself, also good at illusion technique. In addition to the legacy of father … 5,000 taels of silver is not worth mentioning to Chunyu Family, but Chunyu Family is already a yellow flower yesterday, and even lineage has been changed.

You should know that Chunyu Mu is the Illusory Demon of ‘Dao Realm’, and cultivating the primordial spirit, although he stays in the Great Sun Realm Daemon because of his age. But Chunyu Family is also booming.

How dazzling at the beginning, it seems how stifling now.

The middle-aged man is even more annoyed by Marquis Wuyang, who wants to ‘pull’ this Marquis Wuyang fiercely down.


This letter took 2 days from the Monster Extermination League channel to Primeval Mountain, and it took another day to send it to Jiang Prefecture City Meng Chuan.

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