Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 410

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At night, the Meng Chuan couple had dinner together.

“A’Chuan, there are 2 letters here.” Liu Qiyue put the letter on the table, “all sent to you.”

2 The letter was not opened.

In fact, the bird messenger sent the letter directly to Liu Qiyue, which means that the importance is not so high. If it is a top-secret letter, Meng Chuan must receive it personally.

“2 letters?” Meng Chuan glanced in surprise. “One is a letter from Blacksand Paradise and one is a letter transmitted through Monster Extermination League? I don’t know who it is, write it to me through Monster Extermination League letter.”

Monster Extermination League, as the hidden Four Great Influences of Human World, will not easily send private letters to Meng Chuan.

You must be a member of the Monster Extermination League to qualify. If you are a member of Monster Extermination League mortal, you need ‘50,000, 5,000 silver taels’ to write to Meng Chuan. For Daemon of Monster Extermination League, you also need ‘1 taels of silver’ to write to Meng Chuan. This is because … Monster Extermination League also needs to be transferred through Primeval Mountain, Primeval Mountain is not willing to disturb Meng Chuan at will, and it needs to set a high enough threshold.

So I got a letter from Monster Extermination League, Meng Chuan was still surprised.

“Blacksand Paradise.” Meng Chuan opened the letter of Blacksand Paradise that he cared about most. Looking at the content of the letter, Meng Chuan showed his excitement.

“Blacksand Paradise has an answer?” Liu Qiyue asked.

“Well, they agreed.” Meng Chuan nodded excitedly said, “However, if my mother leaves, she needs to change her defense, so I will go to Blacksand Paradise after half a month to pick up.”

“A’Chuan, your wish for many years is finally fulfilled.” Liu Qiyue is also happy for her husband.

“Wait for this day, it’s been more than 50 years, too long.” One Path foul wind and bloody rain came, and he was a 6-year-old when he was separated from mother. Now he is the titled King Daemon of name shakes the whole world, Meng Chuan The emotions in my heart are also agitated, and I can’t hide the excitement. “I believe, my father will know this news and he will be very happy.”

“Daddy, he’s still patrolling Daemon.” Liu Qiyue said, “You can’t leave your post without permission.”

Meng Chuan shook his head and explained: “Now the three major sects are planning to gradually reduce the patrolling Daemon and let the patrolling Daemons go home batch by batch. Half a year later, no patrolling Daemon is needed even in the world.

“No need?” Liu Qiyue was surprised. “Even if you destroy Monster King in A’Chuan, so many World Gates, and unstable World Gates … there will still be occasional monster race infiltration, and there will still be a certain patrolling strength everywhere. . “

“Monster Kings that occasionally sneak in, the threat is much smaller. Earth Network will also monitor everywhere. And when I hunted Monster King in the world, some Monster Kings that reached the 4th-layer threshold strength were caught as monster servants by me.” Meng Chuan said with a smile, “A batch of monster servants are sent to Primeval Mountain. The overall strength of Primeval Mountain monster servant is greatly improved. Next, only a part of monster servant needs to be arranged, which is enough to patrolling the world.”

These are all monster servants selected from 1000000 Monster King.

“A large group of powerful monster servants are very helpful to Earth Network.” Meng Chuan said, “Primeval Mountain’s first batch of plans to cut 500 patrolling Daemon, my father is one of them.”

Meng Chuan opened the second letter, the letter transmitted by Monster Extermination League.

“En?” Meng Chuan was surprised to see two letter papers in the envelope, one was written in blood, which should have been written more than ten years ago. The other one is newly written.

“Chunyu Mu?” Meng Chuan looked at the contents of the stationery.

“What is the letter from the Monster Extermination League?” Liu Qiyue asked.

“My father was framed in collusion with Celestial Monster Sect. Later, Master Zun personally calculated the astronomy and explored the cause and effect, only to find out that Blacksand Paradise ‘Chunyu Mu’ shot.” Meng Chuan said.

Liu Qiyue nodded: “You and I have said this because Primeval Mountain has no way to punish Blacksand Paradise’s discipline across the sect. Plus the three major sects now work together to deal with the monster race, and it is not good to go directly to beheaded.”

“En.” Meng Chuan nodded, “Now Chunyu Mu’s son has written a letter, and there is a letter left before Chunyu Mu’s death. 2 Letters, all confirmed one thing … Chunyu Mu was instructed, It ’s ‘Marquis Wuyang’ by Blacksand Paradise. “

“Marquis Wuyang?” Liu Qiyue wondered. “That’s also Blacksand Paradise’s titled Marquis Daemon. After all, we are Primeval Mountain Daemon. It’s not easy to shoot directly.”

“At the time the framing failed, Blacksand Paradise actually found out the truth and punished Marquis Wuyang. Marquis Wuyang was also angered by Chunyu Family. Chunyu Family was very miserable over the years. Now that I know that I have become the titled King Daemon, I will tell the matter immediately.” Meng Chuan said, “But Blacksand Paradise’s punishment is not heavy. Obviously they were reluctant to deal with their titled Marquis Daemon because of my father.”

“But since I gave my father a black hand, I can’t spare him.” Meng Chuan has a killing intent in his eyes.

Liu Qiyue thought, and said softly: “Secretly?”

“My mother is coming back, there is no need to tear her face at this time.” Meng Chuan thought about the plan.

“What are you going to do?” Liu Qiyue asked.

“You will understood in a moment.” Meng Chuan said with a smile, a despicable Daemon who wanted to put a black hand on father, Meng Chuan naturally had a killing heart.


2nd day.

“Look, it’s Meng Chuan’s handwritten letter.” Bai Yaoyue handed the letter to Meng Tiange and Mi Yu.

“From Meng Chuan?”

Both Meng Tiange and Mi Yu looked at it and couldn’t help looking at each other after reading it.

“Meng Chuan made it very clear that he found out that it was Marquis Wuyang who framed his father, and Marquis Wuyang instructed Chunyu Mu.” Bai Yaoyue said.

“It was found out by him, how to deal with it?” Mi Yu asked, “It stands to reason that it was a death sentence to start against Daemon of the same race during the war. Even if you don’t kill, you can’t be lenient. But Marquis Wuyang is our Blacksand Paradise title after all Marquis Daemon … “

“Meng Chuan’s meaning is very clear.” Meng Tiange said, “He doesn’t want to offend us Blacksand Paradise, so this matter is left to us to deal with. But if we take it lightly and let go of Marquis Wuyang, Meng Chuan even if he can’t bear it now Say, there must be pimples in my heart. This Meng Chuan killed Monster King more than 1000000, so murderous, it is not an indecisive person. When I will be invincible in the whole world in the future, I am afraid that I will also turn over the old account. “

Bai Yaoyue nodded said with a smile: “If he is indecisive, he won’t write this letter. Good cunning boy, put the problem in front of us. Let’s decide.”

“So how do we deal with Marquis Wuyang?” Mi Yu said.

“Who made him harm Daemon.” Bai Yaoyue said coldly, “Recall him to Blacksand Paradise, use the illusion technique to control him, and check if he has collusion with the monster race. If there is collusion, directly execute in the name of collusion monster race. He. If he didn’t collude with the monster race, he was fined in the name of murdering his fellow Daemon, to melt the paradise and refine the divine weapon, until the day he died. “

Mi Yu, Meng Tiange nodded.

The Daemon that condenses the primordial spirit, the memory cannot be changed, and the forced illusion technique controls the interrogation. Once it is transmitted, it will arouse many powerful Daemons.

If you reach Primordial Spirit 3rd-layer, you can’t do it if you want to use the illusion technique. At least the present age Daemons cannot.


Blacksand Paradise is changing defenses. Bai Nianyun and Marquis Wuyang have been changed defenses. They also returned to Blacksand Paradise on the same day.

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