Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 411

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Blacksand Paradise, beautiful scenery.

Marquis Wuyang flew to Bai Yaoyue’s pavilion, and suddenly a Tsing Yi woman came out of it. It was Bai Nianyun.

“Junior sister Bai.” Marquis Wuyang shouted politely.

Bai Nianyun glanced at Marquis Wuyang, and slightly nodded left without saying a word.

“The son became the titled King Daemon, and he became more arrogant.” Marquis Wuyang murmured, and then entered the pavilion.


Marquis Wuyang saw Bai Yaoyue, and also saw the illusory shadow of Meng Tiange and Mi Yu.

Because Blacksand Paradise normally only has ‘Bai Yaoyue’ real body to oversee, Meng Tiange they are all illusory shadow here. It is rare that 3 Venerables can show up at the same time.

“Master Greetings, Venerable.” Marquis Wuyang respected saluted.

“Marquis Wuyang ……” Bai Yaoyue said, his voice illusory, as if coming from above 9 days, Marquis Wuyang listened and lost his eyes.

Bai Yaoyue is the most evil Manifestation Venerable in 1000 years, and primordial spirit innate talent is also quite high. Now it has reached Primordial Spirit 6th-layer. Although she did not spend much thought on the illusion technique, her illusion technique is enough to control the primordial spirit in a short time. 2-Layer’s Daemon.

“I ask you, have you colluded with Celestial Monster Sect, colluded with monster race.” Bai Yaoyue said directly.

“Monster race is powerful and can’t see the hope of winning. Naturally, you have to leave yourself a living Path.” Marquis Wuyang numbness said.

Meng Tiange heard the complexion changed, and unable to bear said: “Now the situation has changed greatly, can you plan to sever contact with the monster race?”

“Want to help you disciple?” Mi Yu sound transmission said.

Marquis Wuyang is Blade and Spear Hall lineage, Blade and Spear Hall’s powerful Daemon, most of them are Meng Tiange’s discipline.

Marquis Wuyang numbly said: “Although 1000000 Monster King is resolved, I also see hope of winning. But World Gate is still slowly increasing, and the monster race may also win. It is safer to leave an extra path. Monster race has no evidence anyway, can identify me .Sect does n’t dare to provoke the public to anger. Without evidence, the illusion technique forces me to interrogate. ”

“Humph.” Bai Yaoyue face turned cold.

“Shameless.” Mi Yu sneered.

Meng Tiange shook his head gently.

“Collect monster race, what did you do?” Bai Yaoyue continued to ask.

“I only revealed some of the news. Three of them are quite creditable, and the monster race is rewarded. The monster race is quite generous.” Marquis Wuyang said numbly, but every sentence was from his heart.

“Go to death.” Meng Tiange said directly.

Bai Yaoyue and Mi Yu are both nodded.

The powerful Daemon, no one wants to be controlled by the illusion technique, and all secrets are explored. This is a matter of anger!

After all, overwhelming majority Daemon, there will be some secrets that do not want others to know, just want to hide forever.

This time it was also because of Meng Chuan’s affairs, and Marquis Wuyang did conspire with Daemon, so the illusion technique forced to control the interrogation, which was also watched by three Manifestation Venerables at the same time.


Monster race had an absolute advantage before, and there was no hope of winning.

Countless Monster Kings hiding the sky and covering the earth, more and more powerful Great Monster Kings keep coming in. In the face of ‘death’ and ‘temptation’, the top management of human also understands that all Daemons are absolutely loyal. There will definitely be some secretly colluding monster race!

In this regard, there is no way for human senior executives to conduct a ‘big cleansing’.

Because they do n’t know, how many Daemons are colluding? 20%? one third? I don’t know, they dare not really clean. Moreover, they are also afraid of major cleansing, causing human infighting. I am afraid that the monster race hasn’t started yet, and there are countless casualties inside the human. This may also be a thing that the monster race is looking forward to.

And these collusive Daemons, as long as they are well utilized, are also a battle strength!

As long as humans keep important information, they are kept more careful. Those Daemons still need to carry out their missions without the obvious betrayal, to kill Monster King without any complaint, and to protect humans.

Regardless of those who collude with Daemon’s mind, if they make good use of it, they must also serve humanity.


Marquis Wuyang was secretly executed.

Although it was not widely publicized, the powerful Daemons of Blacksand Paradise also knew the news, knowing that the ‘Marquis Wuyang’ colluded with the monster race, the evidence is conclusive, and the three Manifestation Venerable jointly decided to execute it.

“Traitor.” Loyal Daemons was angry and disdainful.

“Be more careful.” Those who colluded with the monster race are more vigilant and have various thoughts.


“Collect monster race, execute?”

Jiang Prefecture City Meng Chuan saw the letter and felt the sincerity of Blacksand Paradise.


Primeval Mountain.

A spaceless vortex appeared in a cave of a nameless mountain, and a handsome young man came out. It is 70% similar to Meng Chuan, but it is also more beautiful. Be considered to combine the advantages of parents.

“Meng An.” A woman in a pale white clothed robe was waiting outside, even shouting.

“Sister.” Meng An looked at the elder sister and couldn’t help smiling.

“It’s been too long for you to retreat this time, for 3 months.” Meng You unable to bear said.

“I’m not saying that, the end of March, I will come out.” Meng An said.

Meng You said with a smile: “I know, there are so many things you can’t tell elder sister me.”

Sister and brother cultivating together on the mountain. After a long time, Meng You also found out the speciality of his younger brother.

The strength of the younger brother is very strong. She has never been aware of the limit of the strength of the younger brother. At least this year ’s 23-year-old Meng An is already the Great Sun Realm Daemon, and shot several times in the Peak of Dao Discussion, easily defeating other Great Suns. Realm Daemon disciple. A senior brother with the strength of ‘titled Marquis Daemon threshold’, who had visited with the younger brother when he visited, was also defeated by the younger brother.

And the younger brother has to retreat every year. No one can disturb him during the retreat and he cannot be found.

“During your retreat, a major event happened.” Meng You looked at Meng An and said.

“What major event?” Meng An was surprised.

“Dad and mother, both become the titled King Daemon.” Meng You looked at the younger brother, said with a smile.


Meng An was surprised.

Father and mother, both of them become the titled King Daemon? When is the titled King Daemon so easy?

“And father and mother, should have been the titled King Daemon for several years.” Meng You said, “Dad has been secretly hunting Monster King in the world, causing monster race dogs to jump off the wall. Monster race sent ‘Monster Saint’ to assassinate. My father and mother, they can both skip a grade and battling Monster Saint. In that battle, the monster race was defeated and fled. And the news spread all over the world, and Primeval Mountain was also open to the public. It turns out that father has killed 1000000 Monster in these years. King. “

“Beheaded 1000000 Monster King?” Meng An was surprised by 10000 points. “Dad him alone?”

“Well, this is public, and the Imperial Court titled King’s book also makes it clear that there is no fake.” Meng You exclaimed, “The entire Primeval Mountain is boiling, and there are often same sects who visit our sister and brother Yes, you ’re good and have been closed. I was so annoyed that I did n’t dare to participate in the Dao Discussion Assembly. “

Meng An heard nodded.

Secretly thought in my heart: “Human faces the threat of monster race. Under this catastrophe, I was also made an exception and became Cang Yuan Founder True Disciple.”

This is another big secret of human.

Through the Trial of Reincarnation, all generations have become Cang Yuan Founder’s next generation disciplines, but only normal ones.

And if the talent is evil to the point of unimaginable, it is expected to become Cang Yuan Founder ‘True Disciple’. Meng An’s innate talent is not as high as that, but because human beings are facing catastrophe and cultivation efforts have increased, he also directly became True Disciple of Cang Yuan Founder.

Can resist, will fly into the sky. But the resistance will lose the ‘True Disciple’ identity, and even sever the cultivation path.

For example, he will retreat in March every year, and he will carry out mysterious ‘Reincarnation Heart Training’, a total of 3 times, which is also called ‘9th Reincarnation Heart Training’. As long as it fails, it will have a great impact on the mind, the cultivation path will be greatly hindered, and may even interrupt the cultivation path.

Every 3 years, the ‘Myriad Spear World Annihilating Tribulation’ test is also conducted, a total of 3 times, which is also 9 years.

These 9 years … was the 9 years he laid the foundation.

Once you get through it, you will have the strongest foundation in human history, surpassing all seniors such as Cang Yuan Founder, and belong to the strongest Great Sun Realm Daemon in history.

And this is just the foundation period, there are a series of arrangements behind it, and there is even hope that ‘True Disciple’ will do. Meng An must bear the burden, this Path is destined to be very difficult.

Stay through, dazzling Space-Time River.

Can’t get through it?

Let yourself die.

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