Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 412

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In spring, the wild peach blossoms outside the city are blooming and the fragrance is spread.

A sloppy middle age person with a blade on his waist walking in the wilderness, laughed at the magnificent Jiang Prefecture City in the distance.

“I’m back.” Meng Dajiang’s face was unshaven, and he had been living in the wild for 3 years.


A silhouette landed in front of Meng Dajiang in the sky, it was Meng Chuan, Meng Chuan said happily: “Dad.”

“Chuan’er.” Meng Dajiang looked at his son proudly, said with a smile, “Did you go chase Monster King today?”

“Daddy, you come back today. Of course, my son who is a son has to catch up with you. As for Monster King? It’s not so urgent now that it’s ending.” Meng Chuan said with a smile.

Meng Dajiang and his son walked side by side on the wilderness road and asked, “Chuan’er, according to your letter, this first batch will cut 500 patrolling Daemons? Nowadays, the patrolling Daemons in the Great Zhou Dynasty are a total of 800. Right? “

“805.” Meng Chuan nodded said with a mixed mood, “Patrolling Daemon has been on the expedition for nearly 7 years. The Great Zhou Dynasty has sent a total of 1500 79 patrolling Daemons, 763 died in battle, and eleven were seriously injured and forced to return home.”

“Almost half of the battle.” Meng Dajiang sighed, “I patrolling these days, I find it more and more relaxed, and now it is almost difficult to meet a Monster King. Primeval Mountain public information, only to know that Chuan’er you hit Kill 1000000 Monster King. “


Meng Chuan nodded, “I was also a breakthrough in strength half a year ago, and the Monster King was detected ten times stronger than before, so I can be sure to wipe out the Monster King in the world. It is estimated that it will be almost the same in a few months.”

“I’m a father and I’ve got your light.” Meng Dajiang said with a smile. “If it weren’t for you, it would be patrolling Daemon and I wouldn’t be able to retreat for decades.”

“The loss is too heavy.” Meng Chuan said, “The losses of the Great Yue Dynasty and Blacksand Dynasty are even heavier than ours. The patrolling Daemon in the world, only 7 years, more than half of the casualties. If it lasts another ten years, I am afraid it will die. Almost. I even thought that if the breakthrough is early, there is no need to die so much patrolling Daemon. “

Meng Dajiang patted the shoulders of his son, said with a smile: “The secular world, you can’t do everything you want, you are already excellent. Many patrolling Daemons have made preparations since they have made a choice. Although they have died a lot, they can also Saved 100000000 10000 lives. “

“En.” Meng Chuan nodded.

If there is no patrolling Daemon, Monster King servant patrolling in the world, let 1000000 Monster Kings ‘hunt human’. Although Meng Chuan’s exploration is very powerful, he also has a lack of secret technique. 1000000 Monster King will kill most of the 100 people in the world, and the number of deaths is hard to imagine.

There is patrolling Daemon shocking! In order to control the loss to a very small level.

“By the way, did you say to pick up your mother at the beginning of April 4?” Meng Dajiang looked at his son, “Blacksand Paradise really agree?”

“Agreed.” Meng Chuan said with a smile. “Relax, Blacksand Paradise 3 Venerables all agreed, and they sent back and forth. Impossible regret it.”

Meng Dajiang nodded.

“Before you go, dad, you have to take care of it.” Meng Chuan unable to bear said, “You are too sloppy.”

“This is me …” Meng Dajiang looked at himself and laughed, “I am alone in the wild and really don’t care, I have to tidy up.”


Early July 4.

Meng Dajiang also lost a lot of weight, became more slender, and appeared much younger. With the Great Sun Realm body refinement Daemon, Meng Dajiang looks like he is in his 30s.


Meng Dajiang and Meng Chuan father and son 2 flew at high speed between clouds and fog, and went straight to the direction of Blacksand Paradise.

“Dad, you look much younger this way.” Meng Chuan turned to look at father, said with a smile.

“Not much different from that time?” Meng Dajiang asked.

“80-90% is similar.” Meng Chuan commented.

The shape and appearance are similar, the temperament is more calm and restrained, and the lonely patrolling Daemon’s days are also a hone for father.

“That’s fine.” Meng Dajiang nodded, obviously a little nervous. The most eager thing in his life was to see his wife Bai Nianyun, which he thought was a permanent regret. Now that he is about to realize it, he is also very excited.


At a glance, Meng Chuan saw at the foot of one of the mountain ranges in the distance, there were 2 silhouettes standing there.


Father and son 2 people landed.

Meng Dajiang’s eyes fell on the Tsing Yi woman in the distance, and the Tsing Yi woman looked at Meng Dajiang with tears in her eyes.

Meng Dajiang is not fat anymore, and there are 80-90% similarities with his wife.

Bai Nianyun is stronger, but titled Marquis Daemon 300 years lifespan. She has almost no change in appearance from that year, but her temperament is cooler.

Looking at each other, recalling rise in the mind.

Encounter, get along with each other, love each other, become a biological child … the days of love they will never forget. Due to the massacre of the monster race, Bai Nianyun did not care about revealing his identity and had to take action.

“Dajiang.” Bai Nianyun looked at her husband.

“Nianyun.” Meng Dajiang excitedly ran over.

More than 50 years.

2 couples are looking at each other.

The illusory shadow next to “humph.” Made a coldly snorted sound.

Bai Nianyun came back to his senses from his strong emotions, and even pulled Meng Dajiang, respectfully said: “Dajiang, this is my Bai Family Old Ancestor, and I don’t hurry to greet Olds Ancestor.”

“Meng Dajiang greetings Old Ancestor.” Meng Dajiang respected saluted.

Bai Yaoyue illusory shadow, looks younger than Bai Nianyun, but the cold aura makes Meng Dajiang and other Great Sun Realm Daemon tremble.

“You are Meng Chuan?” Bai Yaoyue was too lazy to look at the couple, but looked towards Meng Chuan.

“I have seen Venerable Yaoyu.” Meng Chuan bowed saluted.

“Solve 1000000 Monster King, you have great credit for humans.” Bai Yaoyue is satisfied with the nodded. “It has been a long time since I saw the outstanding younger Daemon. You have a good cultivation and entered the Manifestation Realm as soon as possible. Monster race is not so easy to stop there. . “

“Yes.” Meng Chuan responded politely.

The other party is comparable to Venerable, Venerable Li Guan level powerhouse, and also his own Mother Old Ancestor, also be polite.

Of course, it is because parents can reunite.

If Bai Yaoyue has not allowed his parents to reunite, Meng Chuan will not have such a good temper. In the future, if he is strong, he will forcibly bring mother back.

Now, since Blacksand Paradise has sincerely made friends, it is not rude to be rude.

“As for you two?” Bai Yaoyue looked at Bai Nianyun and Meng Dajiang coldly.

“Old Ancestor.” Bai Nianyun respected 10000 points, and Meng Dajiang also bowed his head to listen to the training.

“One is weak, the other is stupid. Paying attention to the so-called ‘love’ does not take cultivation seriously, and spoils Taiyin lineage’s vast resources.” Bai Yaoyue said with a sneer, “Because Meng Chuan gave human credit Great, I made an exception in Blacksand Paradise. Otherwise, with my temper, you two do n’t want to be together again in your life. “

Bai Nianyun and Meng Dajiang listened to the training without disproving it.

“I’m upset when I see you.” Bai Yaoyue turned around and waved his sleeves, and the illusory shadow merged into the mountain range disappeared.

“Let’s go.” Meng Dajiang said with a smile.

“Old Ancestor said this, you are not angry?” Bai Nianyun looked at her husband.

“We are all together, it’s okay for her to elderly say a few words.” Meng Dajiang smiled happily, and he was indeed very happy today.

Meng Chuan looked aside, watching his father’s mother score 10000 points, as if he had become an outsider.

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