Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 413

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Bai Nianyun finally turned to look towards Meng Chuan, shouting a little bit angrily: “Chuan’er?”

At the time of separation, Meng Chuan was only a 6-year-old child.

It is now the titled King Daemon of name shakes the whole world, and it has outstanding merits, that is, Manifestation Venerables are also kindly received.

How should I get along with my son?

What if my son alienates himself? After all, the child left when he was 6 years old, for more than 50 years.

“Mother.” Meng Chuan shouted with a smile.

This sound of “Mother” made Bai Nianyun completely dispel the doubts, and could not help but come to hug his son tightly. How much she missed her son these years. When her son became a relative, she couldn’t help but go, just looking at it from a distance.

Meng Chuan was equally emotional.

Mother’s appearance is almost the same as in her memory. Look at her own eyes … still so gentle, that is what mother looks at her son.

No matter when, mother is always mother.

Meng Dajiang watched the mother and son hug together and grinned. There is no regret in this life! No regrets in this life!


In the following days, Meng Chuan naturally pursues Monster Kings as usual, and wants to wipe out Monster Kings in the world.


Foot on the Bloodblade Plate deep in the ground, turning into a stream of light super high-speed flight.

Suddenly found a Monster King lair, ‘Thunder-magnetic Domain’ will naturally stimulate thunder lightning, one after another lightning thunderbolt turns a monster race into fly ash, Monster Kings are almost killed, only there is a person Bear Monster King seriously injured Run away.

“Can withstand my thunder and lightning, there is a threshold strength of 4th-layer Monster King.” Meng Chuan crossed the void as soon as he stepped, teleported to Bear Monster King, and Bear Monster King looked at the human who appeared suddenly in front of his eyes with amazement. The moment of staring—

Bear Monster King’s eyes grew dull.

After a few breaths, Bear Monster King’s eyes returned to agility, and it was extremely respectful: “Master.”

“Well, let’s rest.” Meng Chuan waved it into the Paradise Magical Bead.

One more monster servant.

Monster King with 4th-layer threshold strength is still hard to find. But such a monster servant, one is worth ten or even dozens of ordinary monster servants.

“It’s not so easy to wait for the Monster King to clear the world and want to find a new ‘4th-layer threshold’ Monster King.” Meng Chuan secretly thought, “You must seize this opportunity.”


The dark ground.

“Monster King Yucong.” Black robe Bei Jiao illusory shadow looked at Monster King in front of him.

Monster King Yucong, is a black scale snake monster with dark scale armor and dark-green eyes, very respectful at the moment.

“The situation is bad now, and we can’t save all Monster Kings. You Monster King Yucong is quite talented and very young, and is expected to step into the 4th-layer. So go to the paradise to escape.” Black robe Bei Jiao said, ” follow me.”

“Yes.” Monster King Yucong rejoiced.

Everywhere in the world.

Black robe Bei Jiao secretly contacted a monster king, all of whom the monster race thinks have potential, and they all lead to a ‘small paradise’.

A few days later.

Inside a small paradise.

“There are more than 30 10000 Monster Kings alive in the world. We only selected 95 Monster Kings.” Fire Dragon Monster Saint sighed. “I can only watch other Monster Kings being slaughtered.”

“No way.” Black robe Bei Jiao calmly said, “We have to be careful, this small paradise is our most important station and must not be exposed. So there must be less 3rd-layer Monster King brought in by the lead! We chose 95 Monster Kings, all young and extremely talented, are the most potential of more than 30 10000 Monster Kings to become 4th-layers. “

“That’s all that’s all.” Fire Dragon Monster Saint shook his head. “We lost so badly that we had no choice but to watch Monster Kings die.”

“Emperor really don’t care about these more than 30 10000 Monster Kings?” Monster Saint Zhongxuan asked.

“Never let them go back.” Black robe Bei Jiao said, “Once they go back, the situation of Human World will be leaked, so that the Monster King at the bottom of the Monster World will know how dangerous Human World is and how serious the casualties come in. I want it next time It will be difficult to mobilize the army. So these more than 30 10000 Monster Kings will have to die in Human World. “

Monster Saint Zhongxuan and Fire Dragon Monster Saint are slightly nodded.

The bottom demon Capital is a ants, although the large number makes them a little bit distressed, but Emperor’s decision, they also understand.

“We can only dormant now.” Black robe Bei Jiao said solemnly, “There is no strength and human fighting! We are slowly looking for opportunities to receive a group of 5th-layer Monster Kings from World Gap. If we can successfully lead it in … We can turn over. If 5th-layer Monster Kings ca n’t pick it up, we can only hide. ”

“Hiding all the time, hiding in the World Gate is enough, big enough, maybe there is a silver lining.” Black robe Bei Jiao said.

“You can’t pin your hopes on luck.” Monster Saint Zhongxuan said solemnly, “You have to pick up a group of 5th-layer Monster Kings.”

They have already infiltrated Human World by Possession, and they have not returned to Path.

“What about Qian Qu?” Fire Dragon Monster Saint asked.

“Qian Qu is cultivating in retreat,” said black robe Bei Jiao. “It’s good at curse, good at karmic deduction. It’s about tearing the world’s membrane wall to go to ‘World Gap’ … only you two can hope to do it.”

Fire Dragon Monster Saint and Monster Saint Zhongxuan look at each other.

Although Emperor’s support is strong, there are rewards, and you can go to World Gap to receive it, which is really dangerous. Human will definitely try to stop them.

“Wait, wait for our cultivation to reach the extreme of the 5th-layer, and then start.” Fire Dragon Monster Saint said, the strength is stronger, maybe tearing the world’s membrane wall can quickly take 3 hours. It and the Monster Saint Zhongxuan must naturally be prepared to act again.


Meng Chuan continued to hunt Monster King.

Too many Monster Kings are dying, even if there is little contact with each other, Monster Kings still know more and more.

“In Human World, it is constantly being slaughtered. It will not allow us to go back to monster world. This is not to give us a living Path.”

“The high-level leaders of monster world don’t care about our lives.”

“Hmph, at worst, go to humans.”

“Human 3 big sect, promise to give us a living Path.”

“You are really stupid, human and monster race hatred as deep as the ocean, soliciting us, I am afraid it is a trap. If we are walking right into a trap, I am afraid it is worse than death.”

Monster Kings also started to divide after being chased and killed.

Some actively surrendered.

Surrender to Primeval Mountain, Blacksand Paradise, Twin World Island.

Human Daemon is also very kind to receive, send these surrendering Monster Kings directly into the ‘paradise’, this is free ‘labor’! Among them, those with sufficient strength can also be used as ‘monster servant’ for humans. How good is it?

There are also some diehards who do n’t believe in human kindness and never surrender. They are desperately hiding in Tibet … but 99% of them will be slaughtered or collected as monster servant by Meng Chuan in the following days. Only a few poor people can become a fish. That escaped the net, panic all day long, afraid of being discovered by human.


In the winter, Meng Chuan will sweep the world.

Monster King is almost extinct, the world is gradually returning to peace, and people have finally begun the peace and security life of yearn for something even in dreams.

(End of this episode)

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