Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 414

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‘Fengxuan Pass’, one of the Great Zhou Dynasty 8 major city levels.

“Huhuhu.” Goose feather-like snowflakes float between heaven and earth. People in the Fengxuan Pass are still living as usual, and even the streets are very lively.

Is it snowing?

The residents of Fengxuan Pass have long been accustomed to it. As the coldest city pass in the Great Zhou Dynasty, the customs here are very different from the outside world. Ice and snow have long been a part of people’s lives.

“We came to Fengxuan Pass for more than a month, and it was snowing almost half of the time.” Liu Qiyue said while eating hot pot in the pavilion.

“It won’t take long for you to get bored.” Meng Chuan said with a smile. “The snow here will last year.”

“At least now I think it’s beautiful.” Liu Qiyue admired, “It’s still those houses, or those branches and mud, but if there is more snow and ice, it’s completely different. Jiang Prefecture City is still summer, but here is heavy snow.”

Meng Chuan smiled.

As long as the wife likes it.

His wife is now transferred to the Fengxuan Pass, Great Zhou Dynasty 8 major city pass, of which the ‘Luotang Pass’ ‘Sword Sovereign Pass’ is guarded by Venerable. The other 6 major city levels were originally the 6 strongest titled King Daemons of present age, namely True Martial King, Serenity Sea King, White Elephant King, King Yanshan, Snow King, and Yan Fire King. Among them, True Martial King, Serenity Sea King, and White Elephant Capital have reached the “Paradise Realm”, and King Yanshan, Wind Snow King, and Yan Fire King are all named King peak strength.

As for other titled King Daemons of the present age, such as King of Eastern River, Primeval Mountain Lord, Elder Yi, Chu Family Old Ancestor, King Duyu, King Luyue, etc. each and everyone, their strength should be relatively weak.

of course……

Now, in addition to Luotang Pass, Sword Sovereign is still important! The importance of the other 6 major city levels has been reduced.

Because of these 6 major city levels, at most let the ‘4th-layer Monster King’ come in. Now in Human World, there are 100 4th-layer Monster Kings hiding, that is, 2 1000 4th-layer Monster Kings all come in, and they can’t shake human major city. monster race should also consider inheritance! Taking into account the generation of powerhouse training, it is possible to send all 4th-layer Monster King into it, which will cause ‘generational failure’.

6 Major city is off Guardian, and it also changes frequently.

Guardian Divine Beast, the awakening ancient Daemon, and the current titled King Daemon come in turn, but generally they are guarded by the “titled King Daemon”, so the monster race rarely comes to attack.

“Qiyue is normal strength and can easily defend a major city.” Meng Chuan secretly thought.

Both Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue looked up.

A stream of light landed and turned into a dark silhouette, which is the Primordial Spirit Avatar of Venerable Li Guan.

“Venerable.” Meng Chuan and Liu Qiyue both got up.

“Eating hot pot on a snowy day? Not bad.” Li Guan Primordial Spirit Avatar walked with a smile. “Add me a pair of tableware.”

Liu Qiyue is ready to turn the toilet.

Li Guan sat down and handed a detailed map to Meng Chuan: “Meng Chuan, you look first.”

He said he picked up the tableware and began to eat.

Meng Chuan looked at the map. This is a map of the entire Human World. Many of these places are densely packed and marked. There are very few deliberately marked height and depth. Some are very deep, some are very high.

“This is the connection point between World Gap and Human World.” Li Guan said, “I spent a month or two traveling around the world. I marked the connection points.”

Meng Chuan looked at the nodded: “Everywhere in the world, including the ocean. All the connection points, all connected … As if 2 rings, around Human World.”

“Monster race is now poor, and the only move is to send a batch of 5th-layer Monster King from World Gap.” Venerable Li Guan said while eating. “To send it in, first determine the connection point on the Human World side, and also Determine the connection point on the corresponding World Gap side. 2 connection points correspond to … to form the channel Path line. “

“Our 1st Step is based on these connection points to determine the position where the monster race is most likely to break.” Venerable Li Guan said, “and then wait for the rabbit! Meng Chuan Your speed is even more amazing now, as long as you hide in secret, once the enemy tries Attack the wall of the world and you can rush away as quickly as possible. “

“It’s fast enough, before they break the heavy membrane walls of Human World and World Gap 2, wrap them up.” Venerable Li Guan said with a smile, “Once they are wrapped up by your Meng Chuan, they’re done.”

“Understood.” Meng Chuan nodded looked at the map again.

“How much distance did you reach within ten breaths?” Venerable Li Guan asked.

“5000 miles.” Meng Chuan said.

“So fast?”

Li Guan eyes shined, he looked towards the map, pointing to a place, “I need you to live here often, this location is the center, around 5000, with the most connection points. And it is also in the sea area … monster race choose sea area When the breakthrough is made, the probability is also high. “

“Good.” Meng Chuan nodded.

“Liu Qiyue, sorry, let your husband and wife always separate.” Li Guan apologized.

“It’s important to deal with the monster race.” Liu Qiyue also said with a slight smile, “If you let the 5th-layer Monster Kings, you can’t come in from the World Gap. Then humans can get a long-term peace and security.”

That way.

Monster race can only hope in ‘World Gate’, and the expansion of World Gate is gradually expanding with time.

Before going beyond the limits of human endurance, Human World will peace and security.

Even World Gate, before it exceeds the limit of human endurance, may begin to ‘shrink’, the two worlds begin to move away … that monster race will never have hope.

‘World Gate’ is about luck. For monster race 3 Emperor, naturally, I don’t want to see luck.

“Meng Chuan is cultivating well and achieve Manifestation as soon as possible.” Li Guan said with a smile, “Once Manifestation is achieved, you can refine the reliance item and condense the incarnation to disperse everywhere.”

Venerable can condense each and everyone primordial spirit incarnation.

primordial spirit incarnation, no battle strength, but you can also contact urgently. It is much more convenient than the ‘messaging token’.

But the ‘reliance item’ must be Manifestation Venerable, and it must be refined by itself.

Therefore, there are many Primordial Spirit 5th-layers such as True Martial King, Meng Chuan, Huang Yao Old Ancestor, etc., before there is no breakthrough to the Manifestation (Monster Saint) level, it is impossible to refine the relief item to maintain the primordial spirit incarnation.

“I’ve only been titled King for a few years, it’s still early.” Meng Chuan said.

“Also, with your innate talent, you might reach Primordial Spirit 6th-layer first.” Li Guan said with a smile, “That way you can directly condense a Primordial Spirit Avatar.”


Sou sou.

Serenity Sea King came to Primeval Mountain.

“Master Greetings, Venerable.” Serenity Sea King was saluting to Qin Wu, Li Guan, Luo Tang in the backyard of Paradise Pavilion, and King Jianjiu stood beside him.

“You two, follow us.”

Li Guan 3 people walked in front, Serenity Sea King and King Jianjiu followed with a little doubt.

Came to a normal house, and then walked to the scroll of Cang Yuan Founder hanging on the wall. Their 5 silhouettes became smaller and smaller, and finally walked into the scroll as small as dust. King Jianjiu was shocked and looked at this extremely huge The picture scroll, and Serenity Sea King is still calm, because he has been in.

From the scroll, enter the great hall.

Come to the square again.

“How come there are 3 new buildings?” Serenity Sea King looked at the newly-built Building of Stars, Divine Pagoda of War, Mindsea Hall on the square.

“That’s Building of Stars.” Li Guan pointed and said, “Cang Yuan Founder went to Space-Time River to screen out the precious books that are suitable for the disciples of the younger generation. They are stored here. A total of 98 books are very precious . “

“The classics left by Cang Yuan Founder?” King Jianjiu was excited, but Serenity Sea King was puzzled.

After so many years, why have I never heard of it?

“The 98 classics are mainly ‘Tribulation Realm classics’ Emperor-level classics’, and very few Venerable-level classics.” Li Guan continued, “The very few Venerable classics are also out of the ordinary , And even some, Manifestation Venerable is expected to be skipped a rank to kill Emperor if he achieves Perfection. “

“Skipped a rank to kill Emperor?” King Jianjiu and Serenity Sea King couldn’t believe it.

“I’m Primeval Mountain, and I have reached the Law Domain Realm’s disciplinary. Tribulation Realm’s following classics, you can choose 3 courses.” Li Guan said, “After reaching ‘Paradise Realm’, the classics can be freely read.

“Yes.” King Jianjiu rejoiced.

Serenity Sea King listened stunned.

Read the classics freely? In recent years, I have worked hard to get 3 ‘Venerable-level’ time lineage secret arts from the monster race side, and I want a ‘Emperor-level’ time lineage secret art that is not available.

Now I am going to read the ‘Emperor-level’ ‘Tribulation Realm’ secret art?

“How come it is telling us now?” Serenity Sea King unable to bear said.

“Because before, Primeval Mountain not at all these.” Li Guan said with a slight smile, “You have to thank Meng Chuan, Meng Chuan after hardship to get the Building of Stars, and give Primeval Mountain. You have the opportunity to cultivate.”

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