Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 415

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“Meng Chuan got Building of Stars, dedicated to Primeval Mountain?” Serenity Sea King was silent.

sect has cultivated him hard, even source treasure.

If there is an ancient book, it has been given.

It ’s just that I did n’t …

“Senior brother Meng is really amazing. There are so many precious secret arts of Building of Stars, and they are not exclusive. I am willing to dedicate to sect, so that I can comprehend cultivating.” King Jianjiu was amazed, “So ambitious, really let People admire. “

“It’s really amazing.” Serenity Sea King also said, his heart was still stirring.

If I knew now …

Why and monster race pretend to be polite?

The information once revealed to the monster race, although it was released after his careful consideration, does not affect humans at all. But it still caused human losses, and even caused part of Daemon to die in battle.

Serenity Sea King once persuaded himself: “A few ordinary Daemons have negligible impact on this war. As long as they make me stronger, I will contribute ten times and 100 times to them.”

While suffering in his heart, he also vowed: “Same sect, you owe you, my Xue Ting will pay back in the afterlife. And in order to win this war, I must do so.

But now I found that it was all a joke.

“Well, at least the secret art of monster race, let me reach Paradise Realm earlier, and comprehend ‘Spring and Autumn Tribulation’ killing move.” Serenity Sea King said silently, “As for the future, there is no need to give monster race benefits Instead, you can give some false news. “

“Go in, carefully read the introduction of each secret art, and choose what you need.” Li Guan instructed, “Once you learn inheritance, come out immediately.”


Serenity Sea King and King Jianjiu responded immediately and went in at the same time.

The secret art in the Building of Stars, which was screened by Cang Yuan Founder, each made the excitement of Serenity Sea King and King Jianjiu excited.

“It’s amazing, it’s amazing, it’s more than monster race secret art brilliant.” Serenity Sea King was excited for 10000 points.

He didn’t know.

Fleshly Body Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme, which looks only one step higher than Sixth Tribulation Realm Supreme! The gap is very large.

Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme, representing legend! Represents invincibility!

Because it is difficult to find a stronger than Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme, in the long lifespan like ‘Cang Yuan Founder’, the wide range of travel, just encountered an Eight Tribulation Realm Supreme. Other life is unlikely to encounter 8 Tribulation Realm. Even if it is encountered, it is ‘invisible’. So under normal circumstances, Seventh Tribulation Realm Supreme is already ‘invincible’ in an endless vast area. And the invincible existence can get many more precious secret art.

This is also the reason why monster race 3 Emperor is so greedy for the treasure of Cang Yuan Founder.


After an hour.

King Jianjiu and Serenity Sea King were also sent away by Venerables after learning secret art.

“I hope the secret art of Building of Stars will make Serenity Sea King cultivation faster.” Qin Wu said with a smile. “Although Serenity Sea King perception is not as good as Meng Chuan and Meng An, it is very close to Manifestation Venerable.”

Luo Tang also nodded and said: “According to estimates, he is also very close to the ‘Primordial Spirit 5th-layer’, and may break through at any time. Once breakthrough can become a Manifestation Realm. We haven’t had a new Manifestation Realm in Primeval Mountain for a long time.”

“This is not in a hurry.” Li Guan said, “First let all the titled King Daemon come to the Building of Stars as soon as possible to learn, until now only learned 5 titled King Daemon, too slow.”

“You have to come in batches,” Luo Tang said. “After all, when the titled King Daemon left the guarding city, we also arranged for Guardian Divine Beast to be replaced temporarily. Guardian Divine Beast is limited … only in batches.”

“Within half a month, I can finish all the titled King Daemon in Primeval Mountain.” Qin Wu also said.


Li Guan nodded, suddenly he gave birth to induction and turned to look.

“They are back.” Qin Wu showed a happy look, “True Martial King, Peng Mu, Yun Fengzi are all back from World Gap.”


Soon, 3 silhouettes flew from a distance, and also came to Paradise Pavilion, greetings 3 Venerable.

“Master, Venerable.” True Martial King slightly bowed saluted, Peng Mu, Yun Fengzi also slightly bowed, these two are both well-known titled King Daemon 2 years ago, the strength is close to True Martial King.

“We got summon, and a treasure was born at the time, so we delayed to come back now.” True Martial King said.

“Haha, come with us.” Li Guan smiled nodded.

The three Venerables also took True Martial King, Peng Mu, and Yun Fengzi to the Building of Stars to choose secret art.

Every batch of titled King Daemons who go to study will be shocked by Building of Stars. I wonder why I have never heard of it before? Li Guan, they did not hide, and informed the news of ‘Meng Chuan got Building of Stars, dedicated to Primeval Mountain’. This made Primeval Mountain’s titled King Daemon admire Meng Chuan. They can learn this secret art, and they are all grateful to Meng Chuan.


Serenity Sea King was quite excited to return to the city of guarding.

“I learned 3 Tribulation Realm secret arts, 5 Emperor-level secret arts, and 1 Venerable-level secret art. They are all suitable for me.” Serenity Sea King can hardly hide his excitement. “Compared with these secret arts, monster The race secret art is much rougher and much worse. Such a secret secret art will be lost in human history! Fortunately, Meng Chuan found it again. “

“In this matter, Meng Chuan has his merits in present age, but he is in the 1000 autumn.” Serenity Sea King acknowledged this.

These secret arts will have a profound impact on humans in the long years to come.

Serenity Sea King closed his eyes and began to comprehend carefully.

Time passed and the night fell.

Serenity Sea King brows slightly wrinkle, with a hint of disgust in his eyes. He was immersed in the comprehend of secret art, and naturally he did not like to be disturbed.


Black mist penetrated the doors and windows and flew in, condensing into a black robe illusory silhouette.

“What’s the matter?” Serenity Sea King looked at it coldly.

“Serenity Sea King doesn’t seem to welcome me.” Black robe phantom silhouette said with a slight smile.

“Hmph, Time lineage Emperor-level secret art, so far I don’t want to give it to me. Your monster race is so insincere, why should you use it?” Serenity Sea King sneered.

“What are we going to use?” Black robe smiled unreally. “It seems that you all think that this war, the monster race is hopeless, and you want to clear the relationship?”

“Speak, what is it.” Serenity Sea King frowned.

“In order to show my sincerity, my monster race is willing to give you the Emperor-level secret art of the” half “Time lineage to you.” Black robe said unreal silhouette.

“Half?” Serenity Sea King looked at each other.

“Half, that’s also the Emperor-level Time lineage secret art.” Black robe’s unreal silhouette said, “As long as you make enough contributions in the future, you can naturally give you the lower half.”

A wave of hands.

A dark red book appeared in front of me.

“You learn first, and I take it away after learning.” Black robe said unreal silhouette.


Serenity Sea King took it, looked it over, and the idea penetrated and accepted the inheritance of this half of the secret art.

“How?” Black robe’s unreal silhouette looked at Serenity Sea King.

“Some mean.” Serenity Sea King eyes shined, “The second half …”

“Speaking of it, you have enough contribution to give you the second half.” The black robe unreal silhouette waved away the dark red books, said with a slight smile, “And this war is very early, the World Gate is still changing. More and more expansion. Our monster race is still expected to win. “

After that, the black robe silhouette disappeared.


Serenity Sea King’s face cooled down.

“A very common Emperor-level secret art, let alone a half. It is complete. It is far less than the secret art of Building of Stars.” Serenity Sea King coldly snorted, Emperor-level secret art in Building of Stars, It was put there after screening. Cultivation to Perfection, most of them can skip a grade and battling! The Emperor-level secret art given by monster race is the ordinary Emperor-level secret art.

“If you come a few days early, I’m afraid it will be exciting and comprehend cultivating.”

“As for now? Comprehend it, it’s a waste of my time.”

Serenity Sea King closed his eyes.


Inside a small paradise.

“These Daemons don’t pay much attention to my monster race now.” Black robe Bei Jiao looked at the dark red book in his hand. “Although this Serenity Sea King did not contribute, he must give this upper secret art to him first.”

“If secret art cultivating is broken, defects will gradually erupt.”

“This piece of Serenity Sea King, when it’s not in use, wait until he becomes Manifestation Realm, and it’s time to use it!”

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