Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 416

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An island in the south.

“Hua hua wow.” The sea water gently hit the beach, Meng Chuan walked barefoot on the white beach, and in the distance there were seabirds flapping their wings.

This is where Meng Chuan lives in seclusion. There are several ‘connection points’ within 5000 miles of him. Coupled with the fact that it is far away from the land, the probability of monster race choosing to enter ‘World Gap’ from this area is extremely high.

“This southern island, there is no snow all year round. The ‘Fengxuan Pass’ that Qiyue guards, but it often snows.” Meng Chuan smiled, he also went back to spend one day with his wife every month, although the distance between them was severe tens of thousands of li, For Meng Chuan, it was a short while.


Meng Chuan sensed the summoning signal of the summon token in his arms.

“Primeval Mountain?” Meng Chuan was a little puzzled, followed by a flash of electricity across the sky, and went straight to Primeval Mountain.

Normal flight. After 5 minutes, Meng Chuan came to Primeval Mountain and landed in Paradise Pavilion. As one of Primeval Mountain’s highest status ‘controller’, many places can be accessed directly.

“Meng Chuan is here.” Li Guan, Qin Wu, and Luo Tang were all sitting there waiting. Li Guan pointed to a stool beside him, “Sit.”

“Master, Venerable.” Meng Chuan sat down and said with a smile, “What’s the matter to me.”

“We intend to give ‘True Martial King’ a Tribulation Realm-level treasure weapon.” Li Guan said, “This matter is of great importance and naturally requires your consent.”

“Tribulation Realm treasure weapon?” Meng Chuan listened carefully in his heart.

Venerables have this proposal, there must be a reason.

Qin Wu explained: “True Martial King has been in the World Gap for 8 years, and has to build the Stars secret art comprehend for more than half a year, and now has a breakthrough, reaching” Paradise Realm late stage “, his True Martial lineage is good at skipping A grade and battling battle, even if it is the titled King Daemon. The strength is enough to match Monster Saint Jiuyan. He is not Manifestation Venerable, but much stronger than the ordinary Manifestation Venerable. If it is equipped with a Tribulation Realm treasure weapon … battle strength Will be greatly increased. Enough to match Monster Saint Jiuyan of Dark Red Prison. “

“Get the Monster Saint Jiuyan from Dark Red Prison?” Meng Chuan was secretly surprised.

Without Demonic Awl Secret Technique, he and his wife could not beat the monster Saint Jiuyan who got the ‘Dark Red Prison’.

Has True Martial King achieved such strength?

But it’s normal to think about it.

Paradise Realm’s cultivation is divided into four levels: early stage, Middle-Stage, late stage, and Perfection, and it is also perfecting the self’s paradise.

Different secret art systems are different. For example, Building of Stars’ “Descent of the Golden Lotus”, although it is Venerable-level secret art, can be cultivated to the point of Paradise Realm Perfection, but it can be skipped a rank to kill Emperor! It’s a very secret fighting art.

True Martial lineage is naturally not as good as “Descent of the Golden Lotus”, but it is also very powerful, reaching True Martial lineage of ‘Paradise Realm late stage’, comparable to the normal system of “Paradise Realm Perfection”, even if it is subject to title The influence of King Daemon’s body is also enough to match Monster Saint Jiuyan.

“I agree, no opinion.” Meng Chuan nodded, it’s a good thing that you have one more battle strength.

“Good.” Li Guan nodded.

Meng Chuan is also a controller, and he has nodded to agree on this matter.

“Over the past six months, the monster race has not damaged the walls of the world and is obviously preparing.” Li Guan continued, “and we can’t just watch them prepare.”

“They have been hiding all the time, what should we do?” Meng Chuan asked.

domain probing is not omnipotent.

Like a small paradise, it is very good at covering up, so the monster race’s nest, Celestial Monster Sect’s nest, Meng Chuan has not been found so far.

“We thought about it.” Qin Wu said, “Monster race relies on the fact that there are enough 5th-layer Monster Kings. Once they dive into Human World, they are dark, and we are bright. Their numerous 5th-layer Monster Kings can be separated. Everywhere! In particular, some of the extremely powerful 5th-layer Monster Kings can easily kill ordinary titled King Daemons. They can also kill the titled Marquis Daemon. “

Meng Chuan nodded.

Human titled King Daemon, there are strong, but also a lot of weaker. Ordinary titled King cannot hold the city, let alone titled Marquis Daemons. Then Human World will usher in a catastrophe.

“Since the monster race is not in a hurry to be picked up by World Gap, we will go first.” Qin Wu said, “Send the strongest human titled King Daemon in, chase and kill all Monster King.”

Luo Tang also said: “If those powerful 5th-layer Monster Kings were killed, most of them were killed! Even if they are connected to Human World in the future, the threat will be much smaller.”

“Kill first, kill as much as you can.” Li Guan also said, “With the secret art secret technique of Building of Stars and Mindsea Hall, we have such strength.”

“True Martial King will hold a Tribulation Realm treasure weapon, and also cultivating the ‘Demonic Awl’ secret technique.” Li Guan said, “He alone is enough to walk unhindered in World Gap.”

Meng Chuan nodded agrees.

After cultivating Demonic Awl Secret Technique, True Martial King’s deterrent will be terrifying.

“You also go in.” Li Guan said, “You are alone, you have more than self-preservation, the killing power is still weak. Monster Kings Magical Power are different, monster race Emperor will also vigorously cultivate the core powerhouse. Protector Wang Shan will act with you. “

“Dao Protector?” Meng Chuan’s heart moved.

Primeval Mountain has 2 Dao Protector, Dao Protector Wang Shan is not strong in frontal fighting.

“He Primordial Spirit 6th-layer, these days also cultivated several Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, also cultivated Demonic Awl forbidden move.” Li Guan said, “He cooperates with you, meets a strong enemy, Dao Protector first displays Primordial Spirit Secret Technique. The two of you are together enough to walk unhindered in World Gap. “

“Yes.” Meng Chuan was immediately confident.

His fighting strength, combined with Dao Protector’s Primordial Spirit Secret Technique, is indeed walk unhindered.

“Peng Mu and Yun Jianhai and they form a team.” Li Guan said, “We Primeval Mountain plan 3 teams, True Martial King alone, you and Dao Protector Wang Shan, and Peng Mu and Yun Jianhai. Both are enough World Gap, even if it is really in a special situation, can’t be beaten … It is sure to save lives. Twin World Island and Blacksand Paradise, I also contacted them, they are not as good as us, but they also sent 5 titled King Daemon! 5 titled King Daemon … I plan to let them learn the secret art secret technique of Building of Stars and Mindsea Hall after they set up ‘Heart Oath’. Meng Chuan, don’t you have any opinion? “

“Set up Heart Oath, then it doesn’t matter.” Meng Chuan nodded, “I agree.”

Five teams, Twin World Island, Primeval Mountain 3, and Blacksand Paradise, all have greatly increased their strength after receiving a powerful secret technique.

“In addition to the Daemon participating in the World Gap campaign, I have discussed with you and your Master … Open Mindsea Hall and Building of Stars to Blacksand Paradise’s” Bai Yaoyue “so that she can also come to cultivate.” Li Guan said, ” Of course, it will let her set up ‘Heart Oath’ in Mindsea Hall, so that she can’t threaten me Primeval Mountain. The main reason is that she may have to rely on her to deal with the monster race in the future. After all, on the potential of cultivation, she is the highest in the present age Manifestation Venerable. “

Qin Wu also nodded and said: “For this war, I can help her. But definitely let her set up Heart Oath.”

“Venerable people are very considerate, I naturally have no opinion.” Meng Chuan nodded.

“OK.” Li Guan nodded, “Meng Chuan, you go back and rest for some time, it is estimated that within a month, you will set off to enter the World Gap. Fighting World Gap, I am afraid it will last a long time.

“Understood.” Meng Chuan looked forward to it.

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