Cang Yuan Diagram Chapter 417

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The next day, Meng Chuan went to meet his parents, children and his wife, because this battle for World Gap may take a long time.

Parents are very loving now, and the pressure of human guarding has been greatly reduced. Meng Dajiang and Bai Nianyun have no task, and the couple walks together! When Meng Chuan went to see him once, he felt a little redundant.

Daughter Meng You is also quite good, not far from ‘Great Sun Realm’. It was his son ‘Meng An’ that surprised Meng Chuan. His son’s temper was exceptionally calm and his strength was amazing.

“Qiyue, you didn’t see it, An’er and I discussed with each other and performed 7 sets of spear techniques in a row.” Meng Chuan said, “Every set of spear techniques didn’t reach ‘Dao Realm’, but the formable power reached the titled Marquis. peak level. “

“Every set of spear technique is the titled Marquis peak level?” Liu Qiyue said in amazement. She hadn’t seen her son in a long time because she was guarding the city.


Meng Chuan nodded, “One set of spear techniques is that’s all, 7 sets of spear techniques can all be overstepped, and can kill ordinary titled Marquis … much more powerful than I was.”

Although I knew it early, my son got Cang Yuan Founder inheritance, but this evildoer still shocked Meng Chuan. And his son is very calm, not proud of his own evildoer.

“I go to World Gap, short for a few years, and long for decades.” Meng Chuan said, “I’m quite relieved, but you’er and An’er, you have to look after them.”

“En.” Liu Qiyue nodded, “I will often write to them sister and brother.”

“An’er’s chances are extraordinary, but the opportunities are accompanied by tempering trials, and even some of them will be cruel.” Meng Chuan said, “If you feel something is wrong, you write to Primeval Mountain and call me back. From World Gap Occasionally come back for a day or two, the impact is not great. “

As a controller, I have a deep understanding of Primeval Mountain.

Ke X 2 sect protecting treasure, what kind of inheritance does the ‘Cang Yuan Founder inheritance’ of Ranked 1st contain? What tests? Which treasure? I don’t know anything! This is the most mysterious hidden. I only know that there are many opportunities, which are the opportunities of the Tribulation Realm level. But Meng Chuan also knows that opportunities are accompanied by trials.

Like the third “Cang Yuan Paradise”, only part of the chance is known. What secret is hidden in the “One Arm” of the 3th, neither Qin Wu nor Li Guan know this, this is the secret that Emperor can only know.

Primeval Mountain has many unknown secrets.

Owned by his son, but the first inheritance.

“Okay, if something goes wrong, I will immediately write to Primeval Mountain and call you back.” Liu Qiyue nodded.

“It’s almost time, I should start.” Meng Chuan looked at his wife and hugged Liu Qiyue gently.

Liu Qiyue leaned his head in Meng Chuan’s arms and said softly: “This time it takes a few years to separate, and decades to grow. Our husband and wife haven’t been separated for so long.”

Although he used to be busy in the past, he explored every heaven and earth, but he came back at night.

Even if you guard the island, you will come back every month.

The longest time I went to World Gap last time was less than a year.

This time may be decades apart? Liu Qiyue’s mood is also very complicated.

“As long as the threat of the 5th-layer Monster King is resolved,” Meng Chuan whispered, “Let the monster race not be able to send in a large number of 5th-layer Monster King through World Gap. Then humans can obtain long-term peace and security. It’s very important. “

“I know.” Liu Qiyue replied.

Knowing how important a husband ’s involvement is, it is ultimately necessary to separate.

After a while.

“I set off.” Meng Chuan said.

“Be careful.” Liu Qiyue looked at her husband, “Go to World Gap, don’t rely on strength to be invincible. The number of monster races is greater than ours, and the background is extremely deep. It must not be so good to deal with. No matter how much you pay attention to the enemy . “

“En.” Meng Chuan nodded, “I will be careful.”


A lightning flashed across the sky and flew south.

Liu Qiyue looked up and saw that the snowflakes were still floating. I don’t know when the husband could return.


Primeval Mountain, Paradise Pavilion.

When Meng Chuan arrived, True Martial King, Peng Mu, Yun Jianhai and Dao Protector Wang Shan had all arrived.

“I’m late.” Meng Chuan said with a smile.

“Haha, we came early.” The fat white haired old man Peng Mu smiled. “We have lived in Primeval Mountain for 4 days these days, and naturally it will be a lot in the morning. Junior brother Meng … you will ‘Building of Stars’ ” Divine Pagoda of War ” Mindsea Hall ‘The three great treasures are dedicated to sect. It is really admirable. Primeval Mountain ’s generations of disciplines will benefit from this. ”

“It’s great for humans and great for sect.” True Martial King also said with a smile, “That’s why I have all gotten the benefits and learned the secret art secret technique.”


Goatee-old man ‘Yun Jianhai’ and Dao Protector Wang Shan both smiled and looked at Meng Chuan.

They are almost the strongest 2000 titled King Daemon in the last 4 years, True Martial King has the first strength, Peng Mu and Yun Jianhai also have Peak Manifestation Realm battle strength, Dao Protector Wang Shan is also Primordial Spirit 6th-layer.

Although Meng Chuan is the youngest, all four of them admire Meng Chuan quite! Meng Chuan’s credit is indeed too dazzling, and too many disciplines benefit him.

“Junior brother Meng, according to the plan, I will act with you.” Dao Protector Wang Shan said, wearing a black shirt, slightly decadent. It is the strongest primordial spirit present.

“When the time comes trouble senior brother Wang to take care of.” Meng Chuan said.

“Everyone also got the information of monster race 5th-layer Monster King.” True Martial King said, “But intelligence also has its drawbacks. Over the years, a large group of 5th-layer Monster Kings of monster race in World Gap, they have a very large number , After fighting with us several times, they started to hold a group to form a strong team. Watching World Gap’s ‘world birth scene’, some demon capitals have a little breakthrough. “

Meng Chuan nodded.

You, True Martial King, Yan Chitong including the dead Xue Feng, many people in World Gap, will have a breakthrough.

“Monster race counts 100 5th-layer Monster Kings, among which nearly 5 have reached the” 190th-layer peak “.” True Martial King said, “In these years, in the World Gap, these 5th-layer peaks have extremely high A few have taken a critical step and have the strength to match Monster Saint. Some may even become ‘Monster Saint’ at any time, but the World Gap environment cannot bear Monster Saint, so temporarily endure. “

“Many Monster Kings are so advanced, we are all impossible.” True Martial King said, “Only a small part can be detected, so the information is flawed, you can refer to it, you can’t believe it.”

Meng Chuan and the others are nodded.

True Martial King has been in it for several years, and belongs to the strongest kind of battle strength. His words are naturally more convincing.

“World Gap is a great opportunity for our titled King Daemon.” True Martial King sighed, “overwhelming majority 5th-layer demon Capital has entered. Over the past few years, many strengths have broken through. And we humans … mostly have to guard City can only go in very little, and the benefits you can’t get can’t be compared with monster race. “

“We have a small number, and it’s too dangerous to go in too weakly,” Peng Mu said. “Instead, we are dispatched by those who are strong enough, even if we kill Undying Monster King, self-protection is enough.

“Well, before I go in, I need to remind again, be careful of ‘Peacock Monarch’.” True Martial King said, “Brother Wang Shan can try it with Demonic Awl, can you deal with it. There is no need to try other methods. If so ‘ Demonic Awl ‘can’t kill it. If he finds it, he will run away immediately. “

Meng Chuan and the others nodded.

According to the information collected, ‘Peacock Monarch’ is indeed terrifying, True Martial King once played against it, and was completely crushed by the Peacock King. Fortunately, True Martial lineage secret art body protection was extremely powerful before it was carried down.

Of course, now True Martial King’s strength breakthrough, and the Tribulation Realm treasure, have the confidence to deal with Peacock Monarch.

But for the entire human titled King Daemon, only True Martial King has the confidence to deal with Peacock Monarch.

“It’s all together?” Venerable Li Guan, Qin Wu illusory shadow, Luo Tang illusory shadow came.

“Master, Venerable.”

True Martial King, Meng Chuan, etc. each and everyone are saluted.

“Let’s go now, Blacksand Paradise and Twin World Island are sending teams today,” said Venerable Li Guan.


Everyone came to the top of the nameless mountain. When Venerable Li Guan waved his hand, hong long long smashed the world’s membrane wall one after another, and also burst the membrane wall of World Gap.

“Go here, be careful.” Venerable Li Guan, Qin Wu, Luo Tang all watched.


5 people are nodded.

After flying into the hole one after another, proceed to World Gap.

“This is the strongest titled King Daemon team we can send from Primeval Mountain.” Venerable Li Guan said, “I hope all can return safely.”

Qin Wu and Luo Tang 2 were slightly nodded, and they all looked at the opening of the world’s membrane wall gradually closing, and they could only look forward to it.

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